Joe McElderry’s First Kiss Tells All


It didn't take long for X-Factor winner Joe McElderry's past to come forward following the young singer's revelation that he was gay on Friday.

Sean Ryan, a trainee hairdresser and model, went to UK's Sun tabloid to talk about how he was the singer's first kiss after meeting him backstage at the X-Factor audition:

"I got up to go home. I turned round and he made the first move and kissed me. It was definitely the first time he'd kissed a guy because he told me. He said he'd kissed a few girls but never had sex. It was a long passionate kiss. But that was all that happened and I left…He was shy and turned away when I leaned towards him. I could see he had the uncertainty I had felt at his age….[A week later they did kiss] Joe opened the door in pyjamas. His mum was out so we lay on the settee and kissed and cuddled. We didn't ever get any more intimate than that…He's been brave. It can't have been easy doing that in the public eye."

Over the weekend McElderry expressed gratitude for all the support he's received since coming out.


  1. yonkersconquers says

    What a hateful b’stard to run directly to The Sun with his kiss and tell story. No style at all.

  2. Rob says

    Atta boy, Joe. You’re an outstanding young performer. Good luck with your showbiz career.

  3. Chris says

    I have a feeling the Sun already had this guy’s story ready, but went to Joe’s management first so they could get an exclusive coming-out interview. Sorry if that sounds cynical, but it seems to be how these things generally work.

  4. TampaZeke says

    You guys make it sound like the guy came forward with some sleazy, disgusting tell all.

    I thought his story was very sweet and reflected very well on McElderry and it backs up his story about his recent realization of his sexual orientation.

    Some of you act as if ANY report on a person’s gay life is sordid, shameful and inappropriate.

  5. Billy says

    Tampazeke — yep, they’re the same gays who think stating someone’s gay is the same as releasing sex pictures. The story was tame and, you’re right, incredibly sweet. I didn’t really believe Joe when he said he actually didn’t know he was gay — but to hear someone else say that and follow it up with a sweet story, well, it melts my cold and bitter heart.

  6. Anon says

    Hmm…”kiss and cuddle” in my vocab means deep kissing and clothed grinding..which is sometimes the hottest thing there is. 😉

  7. Chris says

    I know it’s not a sleazy kiss & tell story, but it still looks as though this guy going to the press may have been what forced Joe to do a coming out interview (which was plastered as front-page news in the most widely-read newpaper here in the UK).

    I just don’t like the idea of a 19 year-old boy being forced by circumstances to come out in such a public manner, particularly if his interview is accurate and he’s only accepted it himself very recently.

  8. Jon B says

    It’s not any mention of a gay person or gay sex is shameful, it’s the act of going to the tabloids and sharing personal information that the other person might prefer remain private.

  9. lika says

    Some of you are dumb as hell. There’s a difference between an article about someone being gay… and an article about someone telling someone else’s private information. If you don’t understand that, sit down, have some tea and think.

  10. just a guy says

    such a cute story! yeah, kiss n tell generally not cool. BUT there r not enuf cute gay stories like this. better open n sweet than trashy hidden and shamed. bravo boys. be good to yourselves.