Joe McElderry’s First Kiss Tells All


It didn't take long for X-Factor winner Joe McElderry's past to come forward following the young singer's revelation that he was gay on Friday.

Sean Ryan, a trainee hairdresser and model, went to UK's Sun tabloid to talk about how he was the singer's first kiss after meeting him backstage at the X-Factor audition:

"I got up to go home. I turned round and he made the first move and kissed me. It was definitely the first time he'd kissed a guy because he told me. He said he'd kissed a few girls but never had sex. It was a long passionate kiss. But that was all that happened and I left…He was shy and turned away when I leaned towards him. I could see he had the uncertainty I had felt at his age….[A week later they did kiss] Joe opened the door in pyjamas. His mum was out so we lay on the settee and kissed and cuddled. We didn't ever get any more intimate than that…He's been brave. It can't have been easy doing that in the public eye."

Over the weekend McElderry expressed gratitude for all the support he's received since coming out.

Posted August 2, 2010 at 8:35am ETC by Andy Towle
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