News: Queen Latifah, Drudge, Roy Horn, Digg, Joe McElderry

Road X-Factor winner Joe McElderry just came out, but his personal website still hasn't.

LatifahRoadQueen Latifah cuddles up to Jeanette Jenkins.

RoadJudge Vaughn Walker's personal life debated after Prop 8 ruling.

RoadEmpire State Pride Agenda PAC's endorsement of Eric Schneiderman for NY Attorney General angers ESPA board member Stuart Appelbaum. Appelbaum: "I was surprised and disappointed by the Empire State Pride Agenda PAC’s decision to endorse Eric Schneiderman…This endorsement was not made by the ESPA Board; nor was the Board consulted…I have endorsed Kathleen Rice, who has a longstanding record as a champion of LGBT rights as Nassau County District Attorney…"

RoadDrudge continues to taunt Janet Napolitano.

RoadCovert mob of Conservatives censoring Digg: "a highly organized underground collective of right-wing partisans using an assortment of tactics, from tried-and-true spamming methods to the vilest and most dishonest tricks, in order to not only spread conservative disinformation throughout the internet, but to censor and suppress anything resembling a liberal opinion."

RoadThe Situation gets a tragic new hair-do.

RoadRosie O'Donnell's talk show to air on Oprah's network.

Facebook RoadFacebook, Skype, and YouTube ads from the Mad Men era.

RoadIndian Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil launches gay magazine: "Gohil’s pet project is

Fun, his editorial effort to target straight women and gay men. 'The magazine also appeals to straight women, basically anybody who loves men,' explains Gohil. 'The other gay magazine, Bombay Dost, talks about gay empowerment and HIV-related issues. But this is a magazine which speaks of the lifestyle of gay men. We’re focusing on fashion, fitness, gizmos and relationships.'”

RoadThank You for Your Love: a new single from Antony and the Johnsons.

RoadActor Neil Morrissey to play gay sperm donor in new BBC sitcom.

Road"Porno Pete" LaBarbera's Truth Academy for young gay haters was apparently an epic fail. "According to our sources, there were between 20-30 people in attendance. This was shocking, considering there was a large roster of notoriously anti-gay speakers."

RoadArizona Senate candidate Rodney Glassman once said that the toughest thing he'd have to do as a Tucson City Councilmember would be "to sit next to an openly gay councilmember.”

Horn RoadRoy Horn accused of sexually harassing his male assistants — apparently there's a video.

RoadTom Hardy on his past addictions: "I thought I'd have a little bit of a party, and I'd end up high and frightened, in places that scared me. In a blackout I could end up anywhere. I might wake up somewhere the other side of London, or in another country. Or in bed with someone I didn't know, not knowing how I got there. Bleeding."

RoadNY Rep. Pete King: Prop 8 decision helps Republicans: "I'm certainly not going to make it an issue. I think the way it helps Republicans is that … it shows an attempt by judges or people considered the political elite to impose their social views on the American people without the opportunity to vote."

RoadMixner to Obama: step up to the plate. "For the President, an enormous amount is at stake surrounding this issue and it goes far beyond marriage equality. Is the President going to seize this moment in history and become a great leader or will others have to lead him? Is he going to be remembered as Harry Truman or more like those Senators in the 1960's who walked a fine line attempting to appease all sides in that great epic struggle for civil rights?."

Posted August 6, 2010 at 2:20pm ETC by Andy Towle
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