News: Queen Latifah, Drudge, Roy Horn, Digg, Joe McElderry

Road X-Factor winner Joe McElderry just came out, but his personal website still hasn't.

LatifahRoadQueen Latifah cuddles up to Jeanette Jenkins.

RoadJudge Vaughn Walker's personal life debated after Prop 8 ruling.

RoadEmpire State Pride Agenda PAC's endorsement of Eric Schneiderman for NY Attorney General angers ESPA board member Stuart Appelbaum. Appelbaum: "I was surprised and disappointed by the Empire State Pride Agenda PAC’s decision to endorse Eric Schneiderman…This endorsement was not made by the ESPA Board; nor was the Board consulted…I have endorsed Kathleen Rice, who has a longstanding record as a champion of LGBT rights as Nassau County District Attorney…"

RoadDrudge continues to taunt Janet Napolitano.

RoadCovert mob of Conservatives censoring Digg: "a highly organized underground collective of right-wing partisans using an assortment of tactics, from tried-and-true spamming methods to the vilest and most dishonest tricks, in order to not only spread conservative disinformation throughout the internet, but to censor and suppress anything resembling a liberal opinion."

RoadThe Situation gets a tragic new hair-do.

RoadRosie O'Donnell's talk show to air on Oprah's network.

Facebook RoadFacebook, Skype, and YouTube ads from the Mad Men era.

RoadIndian Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil launches gay magazine: "Gohil’s pet project is

Fun, his editorial effort to target straight women and gay men. 'The magazine also appeals to straight women, basically anybody who loves men,' explains Gohil. 'The other gay magazine, Bombay Dost, talks about gay empowerment and HIV-related issues. But this is a magazine which speaks of the lifestyle of gay men. We’re focusing on fashion, fitness, gizmos and relationships.'”

RoadThank You for Your Love: a new single from Antony and the Johnsons.

RoadActor Neil Morrissey to play gay sperm donor in new BBC sitcom.

Road"Porno Pete" LaBarbera's Truth Academy for young gay haters was apparently an epic fail. "According to our sources, there were between 20-30 people in attendance. This was shocking, considering there was a large roster of notoriously anti-gay speakers."

RoadArizona Senate candidate Rodney Glassman once said that the toughest thing he'd have to do as a Tucson City Councilmember would be "to sit next to an openly gay councilmember.”

Horn RoadRoy Horn accused of sexually harassing his male assistants — apparently there's a video.

RoadTom Hardy on his past addictions: "I thought I'd have a little bit of a party, and I'd end up high and frightened, in places that scared me. In a blackout I could end up anywhere. I might wake up somewhere the other side of London, or in another country. Or in bed with someone I didn't know, not knowing how I got there. Bleeding."

RoadNY Rep. Pete King: Prop 8 decision helps Republicans: "I'm certainly not going to make it an issue. I think the way it helps Republicans is that … it shows an attempt by judges or people considered the political elite to impose their social views on the American people without the opportunity to vote."

RoadMixner to Obama: step up to the plate. "For the President, an enormous amount is at stake surrounding this issue and it goes far beyond marriage equality. Is the President going to seize this moment in history and become a great leader or will others have to lead him? Is he going to be remembered as Harry Truman or more like those Senators in the 1960's who walked a fine line attempting to appease all sides in that great epic struggle for civil rights?."


  1. Rodney says

    Is there anything that doesn’t anger Applebaum? Isn’t he the same guy that threw a fit when Brian Ellner was hired? Sounds like he really doesn’t like it when he doesn’t get his way.


    I commend Queen Latifah for wanting to keep her life private. Her sexuality beaming across the globe could overshadow her talent, a tactic that should be employed by Hollywood elites until the rules change. Matt Bomer and A. Cooper included. Very tactful people.

  3. Anonymous says

    This thing with ESPA is very disappointing, particularly after the Ellner fiasco. Board members need to keep their mouths shut and resolve these issues internally — this public airing of differences is unprofessional. People who do this should be off the board, I think.

    At the same time, HRC is running around pretending like they can do ESPA’s job better with their NY Marriage Initiative, hiring Ellner in an “in-your-face” gesture and sending out competing endorsements on NYS races — traditional the purview of ESPA, while having the arrogance to ignore ESPA’s experience in Albany and long efforts here first in moving the Assembly and then in getting the Senate to this point. All of this distracts HRC from spending time and effort on the NY Congressional races, where we have vulnerable House seats. I think donors in NYS should think twice before giving more money to HRC.

  4. Wes says

    SSCHIEFRSHA, I respect their right to be private but at the same time I don’t see anything preferable about it either. I also appreciate those who chose to be open about discussing their private lives. Nothing tactless about it.

  5. JimSur212Jim says

    Applebaum, as a union leader, has a different agenda than most LGBT rights activists. I urge gay people to support Schneiderman, or anyone BUT Rice. I don’t think prosecutors make the best Attorney Generals. She stood with other DAs in delaying the reform of the Rockefeller Drug laws and is absolutely an extremist nut when it comes to DWI. Schneiderman has a more diverse life experience to bring to the job than that of a “career” prosecutor (the worst kind i.e. see Rudy Giulliani).

  6. TANK says

    Yeah, so now tom hardy’s tap dancin’ by implying that the only way he could’ve had sex with a man is if he were raped. BRONSON! Take that, sex appeal! curl up and die!

    ha ha ha

  7. QQ says

    Matt Drudge is a typical closeted gay homophobe who taunts other possibly gay people as a way of attacking himself because he has poor self-esteem and would dearly love to cmoe out of the closet if he only had the courage to do so. If you’ve ever listened to him speak, it’s obvious he’s gay. Even if your gaydar is broken and in the shop, you’ll still get a 100 percent reading on the scale.

  8. rascal says

    @SSCHIEFRSHA – The rules only change when those who would otherwise abide by them refuse.

  9. walter says

    peter king is a fucking asshole and i can’t wait to vote against him. he is so out of step to including voting against help for 9/11
    first responders for political reasons. it is time for people of nassau county to throw this scumbag out on his fat ass.

  10. Brian says

    I cannot believe that you are quoting The National Enquirer as a credible news source. This is a sad day for electronic journalism…

  11. jamal49 says

    Privacy really IS dead, isn’t it? Queen Latifah, a wonderfully kind woman and a good actress, has a very private moment violated by a scumbag photographer and then that very private moment is shamelessly sold to the highest bidder to be shown to an increasingly voyeuristic public.

    Did I need to know about her private life? Hell, no! Her private life is her business, not mine. She has never trashed or bashed LGBT people. She has chosen to live a necessarily discrete life. I respect that. Too bad others do not.

    As for Matt Drudge, it is amazing that this closeted, self-loathing twerp still gets away with his phony, second-rate, Walter-Winchell-In-Gayface-drag impersonation. Elsa Maxwell is more like it. (Sorry, kids, look it up.)

    But, the question needs to be asked: where is that “pay-day” shot of Matt discretely blowing rough trade through truck-stop glory-holes all across America?

    Why hasn’t someone stalked that miserable wanker until he is publicly exposed as a very closeted gay man who has made himself very rich by providing a very public forum on the Internet for the increasingly deranged right-wing to spew its anti-LGBT, anti-Obama, anti-democracy venom on a daily basis?

    Where is the reporting on the, shall we say, “former partnership” between Matt Drudge and Andrew Brietbart; you know, the one where those two champions of all that is ingloriously right-wing played footsie for several years until their not-so-friendly divorce, I mean, “business-related falling out”?

    Matt Drudge has done much more harm to LGBT people by his “discretion” than Ms. Latifah has done by hers. In fact, Ms. Latifah has done no harm to LGBT people at all.

    I guess in this age of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other, narcissistic, “social” media–where even the most shallow and mediocre of people can proudly display their shallowness and mediocrity for all to see–this is to be expected.

    Not everyone who is famous wants to have their private lives scrutinized or exposed; neither should their expectations of privacy be so routinely and cavalierly dismissed.

    However, anyone who is famous should not expect to have their private lives unscrutinized or exposed when their public persona and actions are anti-gay but their private life is lived as a gay person.

    And yet, it is Ms. Latifah who is exposed in such an unseemly and tactless manner. She earned the right for us to allow her that discretion. People like Matt Drudge have not.

    Although the late Andy Warhol’s apocryphal comment that “in the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes” has come to realization, the ideal of “fame”, or what “being famous” means, has been perverted beyond recognition.

    What needs to happen is to activate the alarm on the 15-minute “fame-timer”. For much of the “banal-ocracy”–those cretins who think fame is a birthright, that privacy is sooooo 20th century and who will do anything to satisfy their neurotic need to be noticed–15 minutes of fame is way too long.

    15 nanoseconds would be more preferable.

  12. TANK says

    oh noes! I hope this doesn’t jeopardize “last holiday: the musical”…I don’t think that there’s an interpretive dance that could effectively express my dismay if that were to happen.

  13. TANK says

    Red devil, derek, angry black, or whatever sock puppet you go by now, what’s with all this hostility and bad grammar? The bad grammar is understandable from you, considering that you’re uneducated and stupid…but woe unto he who dares criticize latifah? That just doesn’t add up, much like obama’s position on marriage equality.