Orlando’s Parliament House Faces Foreclosure


Orlando's longtime gay resort, The Parliament House, is facing foreclosure:

"The owners of the landmark on Orange Blossom Trail are in court fighting papers filed by Compass Bank. Right now, the business is in receivership which could become foreclosure if owners cannot continue paying on the loan. The hotel has been open in Orlando since the 1960's."


  1. tweedle says

    In the 80’s and 90’s P-House was an excellent place to stay if you were promiscuous. A total whore-shack. I imagine that it is still that way.

  2. George says

    At some point late 90s or early 00s it was sold to breaders that gave the place a power douche and fixed it up….well best they could. Still balcony bingo was played but not like in the 80s.

  3. MajorTom says

    My cousin, who lived in Orlando, took me there once in the mid-90s. We had a walk around the place, which seemed about as wild as the legends suggest. We then went to the drag show that took place in their on-site theater. I can’t remember the headliner’s name, but she was brilliant. Funny as all hell. It’s a shame to see it go.

  4. says

    I went there for the first (& last?) time during this year’s Gay Days. It is def still a shady hook-up shack, though bingo’s not my scene. Lots of fun; hopefully it pulls through!

  5. pParkerT says

    whore-shack? Isn’t that the name of one of the sweathogs?

    In the mid-eighties, they had the best drag show anywhere. It’s a shame to see them go.

  6. DaveNY says

    Too bad, had lots of fun at P-house! but I can’t say I didn’t see this coming. What with the failed Gardens, and then each year gay days events looked like no money was being put into it.

  7. D.R.H. says

    For the 5 years that I lived in Orlando the only reason I would go to the P-House was to laugh at the filth and disgusting fags who thought they were in some gay paradise. I felt like scrubbing my eyes with bleach after leaving there from the things I observed. The foam parties were especially entertaining. A plywood pen filled with foam and whorish little twinks getting fucked by disgusting old men, in plain sight. What a treat! The DJ that played the same tired shit over and over and over. The restaurant that wanted so badly to be classy and the patrons that were convinced that it was. The pool where the same twinks mentioned earlier would tan in their fluorescent thongs. The gift shop with dildos as big as bowling pins set out in the window. Ah, the memories.
    A stroll on the balcony was just as fun. A door left invitingly open so that passersby could join in on the orgy taking place inside or just watch from the doorway. So charming.
    I would always leave there puzzled as to why, or how, people could sink so low and lose so much of their self-respect. Was I any better for being there?
    No, I’m NOT sad to see it go. I hope they level the place and with it all the debauchery and filth that came with it. Gay men are worth so much more and that place was the very worst representation that we could possibly have had.

  8. Will says

    Though I never did any of those things mentioned by DRH, I just wat to add what a sad person DRH is. A person’s sexuality is theirs to practice, for themselves, not for the approval of the sneering sex-o-phobes. Not your style, good for you, but get off the cross, we could use the wood for something else.

  9. acorlando says

    As someone who actually lives in Orlando, I am saddened by PH’s troubles. It would seem that their foray into the timeshare business (with The Gardens, an upscale vacation club) just as the economy was tanking did them in.

    For those who don’t know the owners, Don and Susan are the best straight allies the local glbt community could have. They have opened up their business and their pocketbook time and time again to give back to the community. I hope they can see their way through this.

  10. GayGuy says

    Not even you can get a gonorrhea or an HIV is the worst place ever to meet a guy that you can be with, all my worst experiences with guys, started at that bar, I hope in God for them to close 4 EVER. Quality gay guys deserve quality gay bars, not hook up bars.

  11. TANK says

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Been a couple times, and a couples times is too many times. Nasty rash of a place. Filled with the kinda guys that you wouldn’t wanna bring home to mum. DWB=drugs whores and booze. Sorry to see it go…wait a minute! No I’m not. But as jimmy breslin said about times square becoming commercial, I’ll take the whores over disney.

  12. says

    My first gay bar, my first drag show, my first time getting my ass pinched on a dance floor, and countless late-night omelettes in the diner… so many GOOD memories of the P-House.

    If you had bad experiences there, well… how can you blame the BAR? I mean, REALLY.

  13. D.R.H. says

    Will, I am sad for you. Really. You’re the reason we don’t have rights. You’re the reason people see us as disgusting perverts and hedonists. If those people want to act that way, then by all means, that is their right. But it’s my right to call a spade a spade. And when grown men throw every shred of self-respect and self-control to the four winds then how can they expect anything less than a response of complete disgust from “sex-o-phobes” like me.

    By the way, I LOVE kinky shit, I’m just smart enough to do it behind closed doors so people can’t hate on me.

  14. Kyle says

    I’ve been only once, during GayDays with my boyfriend, and believe me, once was enough. What a sleazy, downtrodden, nightmarish experience filled with characters straight from the underworld. I felt like I needed a long hot shower after visiting, and felt violated, like I had been raped. (and believe me, I always believed you couldn’t rape the willing)

    If it does go under, it needs to be burnt to the ground and then the ground needs to be blessed by a priest to reverse all the unholy acts performed there. LOL.

  15. Kyle says

    Praise the Lord, have mercy Jesus! Don and Susan are the biggest canadian carpetbaggers – they put Debbie Reynolds timeshare business under and Don thought he could run a timeshare scam on the gay community here but all he did was take all the gay communities money and not pay any bills. It will all come out when the receiver goes through his books and finds out the money dissapeard, Maybe Don and Susan will too?

  16. Mrs. Nita says

    for all of you talking abot God and have mercy you must not have the ability to comprehend the Word past what mommy and daddy taught you. I am female and you all are so ignorant to categorize the poeple who went there. I pray you ask God to forgive you. Noone is perfect except God and HE alone created ALL of us in His image. I love my brothers and sisters; gay, straight, or whatever or whomever you are. WHY because God told he to. It’s a sad day when people try to throw The name of Jesus up to condemn…and we know that is not who He is. Look at your own faults before speaking on someone elses. And just because noone else can see it, remember the one who counts does…JESUS

  17. says

    A plywood pen filled with foam and whorish little twinks getting fucked by disgusting old men, in plain sight. What a treat! The DJ that played the same tired shit over and over and over. I just wat to add what a sad person DRH is. A person’s sexuality is theirs to practice, for themselves, not for the approval of the sneering sex-o-phobes.

  18. Brad says

    You go Will…you find what you look for no matter where you are…my partner and friends have gone almost weekly to dance for the last three years, and dance is all we do. Perhaps, Mr. DRH was looking for the wrong things…since this is all he could write about. Talk about SAD.

  19. Tiffany says

    Screw you all that hate this place… This is a great place, to have fun without judgmental pricks like you!! if you dont like it, dont go! Dont even drive by… There! all your dumb problems are solved!!! I bet we could get the community toegether to help as much as poss!

  20. Ken says

    I have indeed read the various comments some state the very facts, a shit hole in most aspects I had good times there sad to say It,s mostly likley the end, They failed to put any money into it, they are still prominsing clients who have made reservations that it will be buisness as usal only if they can Pay back the 7 milliaon they owe the bank, where is it going to come from, most likley it will be closed down befor Xmas sorry for the clients
    who have made their deposits.

  21. Bill says

    Bitter queens. The PH is an older, somewhat run down bar.hotel. The owners have done a good job keeping up on the maintanance of the old building, yet there is not much you can do. This is a bar, guys cruise in bars. There are not any other gay bars that are in Orlando that are nicer. If you can not meet a gay to date here, it is you- not them – I have many friends who have had lovers for yrs that they met there. In regards to diseases, keep your legs closed and you won’t get one –