1. sparks says

    It’s wonderful to see when government officials can let their hair down, so to speak, and enjoy festivities like this. I’m really happy for Icelanders.

    In too many other countries and towns, gay pride preparations for a mayor means making sure there is adequate security force in riot gear to protect participants. And in far too many places gay citizens still can’t celebrate openly at all.

  2. Joehio says

    He makes an attractive woman. Reminds me of that lady who used to do the Palmolive dishwashing liquid commercials and would say “You’re soaking in it.” (I may be the only person here old enough to remember those).

  3. lookyloo says

    He seems like a good guy but is he going as a lesbian for gay pride? I’m not sure how a man dressing in drag is showing support for the gays. Oh.. wait.. I get it. It’s because all gay men like dressing up as women. I forgot.

  4. says

    Reykjavík Gay Pride is about celebrating diversity and breaking down the arbitrary rules society has set on how the sexes are supposed to act and present themselves. By appearing in drag, Jón is doing his part in that battle. Reykjavík Gay Pride was attended by 80.000 people this year. The country’s population is 320.000. That’s 25% of the entire population. Suffice it to say, the majority of participants is not gay or lesbian.

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