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Seth MacFarlane Sounds Off on Prop 8, Transgender Controversy

Details posts an interview with Seth MacFarlane which appears in its new issue due August 10. MacFarlane touches on a variety of topics, including Proposition 8 and the show's transgender controversy.

SethMacFarlane_VArticle Details: Family Guy tackled gay marriage in its fourth season—two years before Prop 8.

Seth MacFarlane: The ridiculous thing about something like Prop 8 is that it will be overturned. They put something like $40 million into that campaign, and they might as well have just bet all that money on the Red Sox. It's wasted money because that civil-rights battle will be won eventually. They'll just have to sulk in a corner and accept the fact that gays will be able to marry each other. Every civil-rights conflict—black people, women—comes to an end in the right way.

Details: You predicted that another episode—about a transgendered character—would make the LGBT community happy. It didn't.

Seth MacFarlane: That surprised me. I don't meet a lot of stupid homosexuals. They seem to be a pretty smart bunch. But it seemed that they were not picking up on the fact that it was a very sympathetic portrayal of a transsexual character.

Details: Maybe the fact that Brian barfs his guts out when he realizes he's had sex with a transsexual threw them off.

Seth MacFarlane: Hey, we're still Family Guy.We're not suddenly going to become 7th Heaven. Actually, I guess on 7th Heaven they would probably burn the transsexual at the stake. Let me think of another example. We're not Mr. Belvedere. Look, Brian happens to be a heterosexual character, as I am. If I found out that I had slept with a transsexual, I might throw up in the same way that a gay guy looks at a vagina and goes, "Oh, my God, that's disgusting." It's just the way we're biologically wired. They should give that another look.

Read the entire interview, which touches on MacFarlane's mega-salary, the White House Correspondent's Dinner, and the Arizona immigration law, HERE.

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  1. A quote (which I'm about to bastardize) comes to mind:

    It's always funny until it's about you.

    Grow the fuck up people and learn to take a fucking joke. Geez!

    Posted by: Stephen | Aug 4, 2010 10:41:25 PM

  2. Why even watch Family Guy unless you are a frat boy? It is only funny or intelligible if you are a frat boy, which is to say if you are a smug, privileged guy who thinks you understand the world better than everyone else does. The show was made by and for frat boys. It's whole "yes-this-joke-is-mysoginist-but-is-also-a-loving-reference-to-oldschool-broadway-musicals" seems interesting and complex to only one type of person: you guessed it, frat boys. And the thing about frat boys is they have equal contempt for all people who aren't like them. And they are too vain and well-socialized to really care enough to hate transexuals.

    This is all to say, Seth doesn't seem to me a worthy target.

    Posted by: david | Aug 5, 2010 12:13:29 AM

  3. OMG, Nic's comment is exactly spot-on and bears repeating:

    "what is more absurd than a dog throwing up after having sex with a transsexual? fuck you if you can't take a joke."

    Seth is a huge ally.

    Posted by: Rey | Aug 5, 2010 12:17:26 AM


    Posted by: RED DEVIL | Aug 5, 2010 1:35:19 AM


    OMG! Who the fuck talks this way in real life? ha ha ha ha...I think a tornado forgot a trailer park.

    Posted by: TANK | Aug 5, 2010 1:51:09 AM

  6. My favorite of Seth's shows is American Dad. They've done a bunch of "gay" themed episodes which i feel have been very pro-gay. They had Francine be the surrogate for their gay neighbors across the street, Stan realized being gay wasn't a choice in a hilarious episode about the Log Cabin Rebublicans. So if he doesn't do pro gay episodes on Family Guy, he does do them on American Dad. Which is his best show anyway.

    Posted by: Tyler | Aug 5, 2010 3:09:07 AM

  7. With friends like this, who NEEDS enemies!

    Posted by: Matt | Aug 5, 2010 8:24:34 AM

  8. With friends like these who needs enemies? Indeed, with posts like posts like those who needs enemas? Get a grip boys… We’ve got to hang together or surely well all hang separately. In the meantime, I’ll take every opportunity to laugh out loud and proud with the knowledge that nothing is funnier that a sacred cow.

    Posted by: Dave | Aug 5, 2010 10:35:33 AM

  9. Seth doesn't make jokes about gays to hate them. He makes them just as he makes them about certain religions and races and such. He's not causing any problems. It's not like he would actually want to offend people.

    Hetero boys will always be the same. If a kid was bashing you and you asked him why, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't say, "I saw it on Family Guy. And if I do things I see on TV it makes me cool for all the kids at school. Herp derp."
    And if he does, let's face it. Family guy has material on everything. There's no way there hasn't been at least one joke on that show that relates to everyone.

    And even if Seth were to change his ways on the show, which by the way would ruin the show seeing as Family Guy lives off of the jokes it makes and changing it would just throw it in the shitter, is this really the only show that makes fun of people?

    You could be bitching about all the same stuff about South Park. Just about every ignorant teen boy I know that watches Family Guy also watches South Park. Not to mention South Park does far worse than Family Guy on the same topics.

    Okay, I've released enough of my mind on you people. Have a nice protest or whatever it is you're gonna do to complain about this.

    Posted by: Tortoise | Aug 10, 2010 2:26:52 AM

  10. Transphobes Are Morons

    Posted by: HAM | May 17, 2015 2:42:45 AM

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