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Tea Party 'Diversity' Rally Attracts Gay Teabaggers


On Saturday, the Uni-Tea rally took place in Philadelphia. It was meant to demonstrate the "diversity" among members of the Tea Party, TPM reports:

"Apparently, Uni-Tea wasn't only bridging the racial gap. Brendan Kissam and Matt Hissey wandered into the event carrying signs that said 'proud gay conservative' and 'freedom is fabulous.' They said they were 'the Gayborhood's envoy to the tea party.' The pair said the tea party is welcoming to their minority group, too. 'The Tea Party is accepting of everybody,' said Hissey, adding that 'Skin color diversity -- that's not real diversity. Everyone here has a different life experience.' Hissey recognized that the tea party 'might be against gay marriage,' but that's ok, he said, because he is too."

Apparently, with fewer than 500 in attendance and few non-Whites to be found, it was a major fail: "If you're the kind of tea partier who'd like to see that abounding not-racism result in some actual demographic diversity in the movement, the Uni-Tea rally appeared to be a borderline disaster."

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  1. Fuckwits.

    Posted by: FizziekruntNT | Aug 2, 2010 1:44:15 PM

  2. I usually try to respect other people's opinions, but in this case, I second the fuckwits motion.

    Posted by: Brendan | Aug 2, 2010 1:46:45 PM

  3. UGH! Morons!

    Yes, lets bond and associate ourselves with a group of people that by large loath gay people and do everything in their power to suppress ANY form of gay rights or protections!

    Posted by: Matt | Aug 2, 2010 1:48:41 PM

  4. 'Skin color diversity -- that's not real diversity. Everyone here has a different life experience'

    That quote disturbs me. Take out the words "skin color" and replace it with "sexual orientation" or "gender" or "socio-economic status" or "religion" and it's just as disturbing.

    I absolutely hate it when white people disregard my skin color as just genetics and nothing more. With any skin color comes a host of prejudice, bigotry and hate, culture, history, and pride. My skin color as well as my sexual orientation and my gender and my religion and my nationality along with a host of other things too varied to list here are all part and parcel of who I am as an individual. Don't write off a part of me simply to make yourself feel better.

    Posted by: Stephen | Aug 2, 2010 1:50:37 PM

  5. ....such delusional idiots......

    Posted by: Casper | Aug 2, 2010 1:51:27 PM

  6. "Brendan Kissam and Matt Hissey wandered into the event ..."

    These are made up porn names, no?

    Posted by: Philo | Aug 2, 2010 1:52:11 PM

  7. OK, the moronic gay homophobes aside, the most significant thing being illustrated here is that, in a city that is only 42% white, the Tea Party was still unable to display the diversity that it claims to possess. That's why you have to say things like, "Skin color diversity -- that's not real diversity. Everyone here has a different life experience."

    (Demographic Source:

    Posted by: RyanInSacto | Aug 2, 2010 1:54:30 PM

  8. Fuckwits describes it succinctly.

    Posted by: yonkersconquers | Aug 2, 2010 1:55:09 PM

  9. Kissam? An uncommon name and that of one of America's oldest wealthy families, the In-Laws of the Vanderbilts. Google of news reports of the vent suggests this guy is supposedly a student/bartender though.

    Posted by: Clay | Aug 2, 2010 1:55:34 PM

  10. I think they should have been honest and said, "We'd like marriage equality, but we'll give it up so long as we don't have to pay our taxes or be around brown people." Because frankly, that's what they meant. Anyway, as I said earlier about GOProud, thanks for posting these photos so that we all know who not to sleep with.

    Posted by: ChristopherM | Aug 2, 2010 2:00:58 PM

  11. At least their pretty...& stupid...

    Posted by: dane | Aug 2, 2010 2:05:45 PM

  12. Kissam on one of his Facebook profiles says he's a bartender at Tavern on Camac one of my favorite bars in Philly. Hopefully they have more than one bartender next time there. Wouldn't want to tip a jerk like this.

    Posted by: Tim W | Aug 2, 2010 2:06:07 PM

  13. Kissam and Hissey? SRSLY? Wonder if they can name anybody from the "gayborhood". Sounds like a set up to show how "welcoming" the tea baggers are....and if it is found out to be a ruse then the name choices are very homophobic.

    Posted by: Larry | Aug 2, 2010 2:10:37 PM

  14. conservative plants

    Posted by: Shawn | Aug 2, 2010 2:14:06 PM

  15. Firstly, thank you all for the supportive comments. I truly cherish them. Now, a few things. Before slandering a whole movement, try attending one of their events first. There was no one at the rally who was rude or unkind to Matt and me. In fact, more than a dozen men and women, black and white, came up to us and thanked us for attending. These thanks were often followed by supportive stories of gay and lesbian friends and family. Secondly, I'm a barback, not a bartender; so, Tim, you don't have to worry about me waiting on you. Thirdly, Clay is right; Kissam is one of America's oldest, yet least common, surnames. Have a great day!

    Posted by: Brendan Kissam | Aug 2, 2010 2:15:42 PM

  16. Look, I can't stand the Tea Party crap either, but there needs to be political diversity among the gay community, too. We've been the Hallelujah Chorus for the Democrats for too long. They take us for granted (except when they need $$), and the Republicans have no reason to talk to us.

    It always makes me laugh that this community preaches tolerance until it comes to gay Republicans or conservatives.

    Posted by: LincolnLounger | Aug 2, 2010 2:15:51 PM

  17. Brendan, I hope you get gay bashed.

    Posted by: crispy | Aug 2, 2010 2:19:06 PM

  18. brendan, since you posted... i'd like to ask... and this is genuinely a question i have for all gay republicans...

    how can you be gay and support groups that want to limit your rights? don't you want to legally marry someone someday?

    Posted by: dave | Aug 2, 2010 2:22:47 PM

  19. He doesn't want full equality (including the right to marry) for gay people. That's the only way this could work. I expect he'll be back in a moment to tell us why we shouldn't ask for the moon when we can have the stars.

    Posted by: yonkersconquers | Aug 2, 2010 2:33:22 PM

  20. Crispy, I hope you get a life.

    Dave, thanks for asking. I'm not a one issue voter, first off. My views on most things line up much better with conservatism and libertarianism.

    On the topic of marriage, here's my view. Marriage's purpose is to provide a social contract between man and wife, so that their children can benefit from having both biological parents around. Granted, not all couples with children marry, not all married couples have children, and gay couples can raise children, too.

    Marriage, though, should be a private and religious/social affair, not a governmental one. We should revamp the tax code to have everyone file singly. As for visitation, pension beneficiaries,et al, we need to go to contract law. The government should uphold any contract that two people willingly enter together, including setting up power of attorney and inheritance.

    For a movement that wanted government out of their bedrooms, Gay Inc. sure does seem all too eager to have Uncle Sam back in there.

    Posted by: Brendan Kissam | Aug 2, 2010 2:35:07 PM

  21. It's not true, btw, that the gays are knee-jerk democrats. Just, they're (for the most part, saving exceptions like the ones being contemplated here) not stupid.

    The Tea Party, insofar as it has a gay rights platform, stands in complete ideological opposition to our very existence (as if to be gay was an ideology and not a fact of life).

    You have to be thick as a row of planks to join them. And of course some are.

    Posted by: yonkersconquers | Aug 2, 2010 2:38:13 PM

  22. Gee, Brendam, I have attended tea-party events. And, they are mostly white, overweight and clueless. The tea-party isn't a movement, dear. It's a tantrum. "Gay conservative" is an oxymoron. I mean, if you want to parade around with tea-bags dangling from your lavender visor, well, go for it, girl! But, if you want respect, you'd better come up with some good reasons for hanging out with the very people who would kill you given half the chance.

    Posted by: jamal49 | Aug 2, 2010 2:40:59 PM

  23. Well at least they tried. If the Tea Party focused on reversing the SOCIAL Conservative image of the GOP, maybe they could attract more diverse people.

    Posted by: Billy | Aug 2, 2010 2:41:07 PM

  24. Problem is many ignorant people dont accept power of attorney, its like trying to use an American Express card in a place that only takes Visa or Mastercard. Marriage is like a VISA card where its accepted in more places than an American Express card.

    And even when people say oh they will be happy with Civil Unions, they end up rejecting Civil Unions (see Hawaii).

    Posted by: Matt Munson | Aug 2, 2010 2:41:16 PM

  25. My apologies, Brendan. I take back what I said. Rather, I hope that one day you fall in love and your partner is gay bashed. And you are refused visitation.

    Posted by: crispy | Aug 2, 2010 2:43:40 PM

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