Towleroad Guide to the Tube #723

CHANGING TIMES: If only it were a piece of cake! A new clip from Keith Hartman.

BLACK TIE BEACH: The latest from NYC's Improv Everywhere.

DAVID WILSON: An interview from a new documentary project, Marriage Equality: Byron Rushing and the Fight for Fairness, which "follows Massachusetts State Representative and Civil Rights Movement veteran Byron Rushing, who together with a group of progressive Black clergy and activists, successfully won the hearts, minds and votes on the emotionally divisive issue of same sex marriage..

TWEENER: Federer hits another through-the-legs shot on day one of the U.S. Open.

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  1. says

    Changing Times vid:
    -ahhh, perchance to dream.
    David Wilson Interview:
    -yet another criminal action towards
    same-sex couples.

    Both made me cry.

    Black Tie Beach:
    -Por que? Those formals must have been
    pretty uncomfortable all wet…

  2. dpbfeb says

    This video makes me very sad but also very angry. Not sure where they found him but if this 2 min video clip was played in California Prop 8 it would have failed. It reaches out to Gay, Straights, Blacks and Whites. This is the point. He was arrested and then wasn’t even told that his partner had died.

    13 years people. But straight people can be married for a week and have it recognized. This video should be passed on to every Myspace, Facebook and Twitter page.