1. MarkDC says

    Gallivan is clearly portraying a character in those videos. That means he understands NO MAN is that Gaytarded in real life.

    This obvious fact is lost on Ethan who is gratingly, wince-inducing faggoty. I’ve never heard a more egregious Gay Accent (elongated vowels, over-annunciated consonants).

    Ethan is so Gaytardedly self-absorbed (cuz it’s all about him) he doesn’t even notice Gallivan looks embarrassed and enervated.

  2. NoSleep4Sam says

    What’s wrong with a gay accent? Some people sound like that. And those are the guys I tend to date. You don’t have to “pass” for straight all the time and while I don’t go for sequin headbands all the time, the voice is kind of cute.

  3. MARKLA says

    Wow MarkDC – thanks for your homophobic comment. This is the last place I’d expect it. That’s why I come to this website, so I can get away from homophobes like you. Guess us “wince-inducing, egregious Gay Accent (elongated vowels, over-annunciated consonants)” faggots will have to go somewhere else.

  4. says

    Dear MARKDC,

    This is Ethan here. Ethan from Doin’ It With Ethan.

    My friend Marc told me that my interview with Brian Gallivan was being featured on Towleroad so of course I came here to check it out.

    Now, I realize that I’m not everyones cup of tea (too gay of an expression?) and that’s fine but what I wasn’t expecting was to be berated for my “wince-inducing faggoty” or my “egregious Gay Accent” on a Queer website. So, this is what I propose: Be a guest on my show. Everyone who comes on my show teaches me something (ya know, cuz it’s all about me) or brings me somewhere that they love. I want you to teach me how to loose my faggot accent.

    It’ll be fun. Do you have the balls? If you do, email me:

    Hope you’re well!


  5. says

    Brian Gallivan has been really busy lately. He’s recently completed work on Laguna Playhouse’s The Second City: Can You Be More Pacific?, a show that had him camped in Laguna for the entirety of its run. He’s been balancing shows at The Second City, iO West, and Upright Citizen’s Brigade, where he performs with The Smokes and Soundtrack. And, when he isn’t in shows or doing various film work, he’s writing, writing, writing.

    Oh, and he’s the Sassy Gay Friend.

    If you’ve been hiding from the internet for months, you may not be familiar with Brian’s hilarious creation, an entity that has blown up into a full fledged Internet meme.

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