1. DavidW says

    Time to fight back and maybe that’s the only way they will respect you if you give it to them in their face. No more lying on your back and letting them abuse you anymore!!

  2. Kate says

    LOL he actually kisses his bassist every night in his show. Might have had more oomph to it due to the WBC though. 😉

  3. Philo says

    The guy in the protest video looks like Michael Cera, and the girl with him sounds a lot like Kathy Griffin.

  4. says

    Wow, over 2000 people on one side of the street waiting to get into the concert and over 200 on the other side protesting for his right to be there! In Missouri?? Adam may not want to be a “spokeperson” for the community but he certainly is spreading his message of love, tolerance and acceptance. You go boy!

  5. reynoldo says

    You know Miss Seacrust wishes Adam would have slipped him the Lambert slong.

    Poor Ryan, she always gets cock blocked on the show.

  6. Seacrestfallen says

    In your face and down your throat Westboro. Lovin it yet? problem is, these folks just play dead, they will arise again and spread their ugliness where they can and like fertiziler, hope something grows.

  7. Chris in Seattle says

    I saw Adam live in Seattle and he never kissed the bassist even though I was expecting it from everything I read. Still, a very good show even without the man on man action.

  8. Wicked Glitter says

    SEACRESTFALLEN is right, those evil bastards will resurface, and I hope when they do they get the same response as they got at Adam’s concert. I went to their Homepage, and they list were they’ll be picketing next. They are just plain evil. The fact that they didn’t have the balls to show up at Adam’s concert proves how effective the counterprotest was. They’re nothing but cowards who are brainwashing their chidren to spread their evil. The next time I read their homepage I hope they plan on coming closer to where I live. I’ve been wanting to get in their hideous faces for over a year now.

  9. Glenn says

    I thought he didn’t want to be gay role model or some such…wasn’t that the whole Out letter controversy?

    Evs. I find him so famewhorish that even his talent gets drowned by such shenanigans.

  10. kathy says

    I am glad someone stuck up for Adam. The last time WBC had a picket they were carrying God hates fags and Jews signs.This has to bother him, he is so much more than a famewhore as suggested by Glennie above.

  11. quinn says

    Someone describes the Phelps family as “grifters” and that is the perfect description of them. They obtain money through illicit means which is definitely against socially acceptable means. Suing the father of the fallen veteran was deplorable. It is obvious that ignoring them does not work. Giving them a taste of their own medicine mixed with humor/ridicule seemed to work. Good job counter-protesters! The young man who organized it should be applauded. Every one knows you should not mess with Adam Lambert – his fans are fierce!

  12. JLM says

    Adam Lambert always stands up for Love and it is terrific that his fans are standing up for Adam and the gay community in genral. Adam has balls of steel; he takes crap from Westbro and from the gay community and always handles it with kindness, grace, and humor.

  13. Amy says

    Some church they are if those Baptist freaks didn’t have the guts to show up to the concert. I would have been there in a heartbeat!