1. It's About Time says

    I know it’s a cliche, but it is just like a Jewish collaborator in a concentration camp.

    I’m glad KM came out. Now let’s see what he does next. Write a book and name names? Announce his marriage plans?

  2. Bart says

    Who would want to be around this guy who happily was the Republican doormat, a person who knew who he was and yet allowed utter scum like Karl Rove wipe his feet all over him day after day, year after year. Especially to elect, arguably, the worst president in this country’s history (no easy feat with Herbert Hoover, Woodrow Wilson and Warren Harding.)

    Would I ever go to a fund raiser this horrible creepy guy is holding? Would I want to shake his hand? Congratulate him for coming out? No. I wouldn’t.

    I’m not going to congratulate someone for doing something they SHOULD do. Sadly, this creepy worm is now going to get WAY too much press, WAY too much attention, and people who want to be close to his “connections” will cozy up to him.

    One thing: Melhman’s connections HATE us.

  3. Brett says

    This is just not true this elections cycle. I haven’t heard one Republican candidate run on anti-gay anything. I know the Gay radicals must have their bogey man but at least attack the right group; the dwindling in power religious right. No Repub is even fighting the ultimate demise of DADT; they are focused on real problems. Our country is facing; what could be; its worst crisis since the Civil War so all I care about this election is our economy…. I am voting anyone who is in office out and ultimately want the Bolshevik in Chief out in 2012.

    If this economy goes down again it will be a full on depression and will likely lead to a semi-world war. Gay marriage will be the least of our worries.

  4. Philo says

    Mehlman will probably continue to support anti-gay Republicans (like Ben Quayle this year) and go to some pro marriage equality fundraisers at the same time. So he came out of the closet and went into the Log Cabin. Big deal.

  5. nic says

    @BRETT, “bolshevik in chief”? “semi-world war”? ahaha! you slay me. and your use of semicolons…. stop, stop, already. you’re killing me, dude.

    thanks, i needed a laugh this morning.

  6. says

    @Brett: it was the eight years of Mehlman’s pal Bush that brought the economy to this sorry crisis which had already blown up when Obama took office, Now the Republicans have no plan whatever to deal with the economy, they even want to continue the disasterous tax breaks/gift to the wealthy.

    As for Melhman, he has had his thirty pieces of silver and he will be known henceforth as the greatest traitor of them all.

  7. jomicur says

    @Brett: So, this year, the targets of heir hate-mongering are immigrants and Muslims. That’s better, in your mind? One variety of hate is better than another? Oh, I get it. You’re a Republican, right?

  8. Reality bites says

    brett “bolshevik in chief”

    LOL Obama is not even 1/2 the liberal FDR was

    compared to FDR, Obama is the god of capitalism

    I wish Obama was 1 iota the raving liberal u fascist nazis (fascism is government run for and by big biz as defined by musolini a fascist)claim he is

    Obama is enabeling the dismantling of the New deal and the Great society that true liberals created. The New deal and the great Society that saw america rise in glory, power, and wealth that reagan, bush sr, clinton, bush jr, and obama (clinton and obama slower and less so than the rethugs but still doing it) are leaching off of while destroying what made america great

    That rant over, ill take the capitalist in chief moderate conservative Obama over anyone the rethugs toss up

  9. Guy from DC says

    @ Brett, so we’re not in the crossfire of their current attack in MOST states, but anti-gay positions continue to pollute both the national and state GOP party platforms. Does the fact that we MAY not be enemy #1 matter? We should know better, as the chief victims of these cheap tactics in 2004 and 2006, and should stand up and protect the Latino community and Muslims who are now similarly under attack.

    Second, I think that Mehlman being closeted is a joke. While in office as RNC Chair and loudly denying being gay, he wasn’t very discreet about his orientation in DC. For example, I once had the misfortune of sitting behind him and his partner/boyfriend at the Verizon Center at an Elton John concert. That particular evening, “straight” Mehlman wore a pink sweater and spent the concert feeding popcorn to his date. Could he have been gayer? Maybe if he had blown him on the spot. I fought the urge to read him the riot act for being such a liar and selling us out for a few electoral votes. I think Savage was kind…Mehlman shouldn’t be welcomed into the fold without more contrition.

  10. Dave says

    Don’t be fooled boys… this is simply a GOP ploy to seem less gay-hating by wheeling out this asshole as the latest gay-GOP-jag. “Don’t hate gays… hate the Muslims!” No thank you.

  11. John says

    The Republicans are probably going to ride this scare campaign to victory in November. Just as they did in 2002 and 2004. Racism and homophobia are both useful weapons in that regard. And the GOP knows exactly which buttons to push to get the white people sufficiently pissed off about some existential “threat” to vote for the vile, disgusting bigots they always nominate. Sadly, they are going to get a significant chunk of the LGBT vote this year too. Because white gays are just as terrified of Mexicans and Arabs as the rest of the white people. Mehlman alluded to this himself in The Atlantic piece.

  12. TANK says

    Jeez, dan’s looking all of his forty-five years…don’t have makeup? Or CGI for that?

    It was important to bring up the death squads (who would murder gay people and women), and still do in Iraq. Don’t ever forget that this is islam for a great many muslims.

  13. booka says

    Yes Virginia, there were gay ‘birthers’. Though most of them were executed by Obama’s Death Panels, after the total collapse of the Economy (it was sorta like the Civil War). There also used to be something about Gays in the Armed Forces, but everyone lost interest.
    Now that I proved what a smartass I can be, I think it important to point out the Woodrow Wilson was a damn good President (until his stroke), and anyone saying otherwise is a cunt.

  14. jexer says

    I swear…. it plays like reality telivision.

    “Next time on Survivor GOP Big Tent Island… which minority group will be voted into reviled exile! Tune in, it might be you!”

  15. says

    Once more, Keith Olbermann uses sleazy sex columnist Savage to comment on a Gay Rights story. It’s insulting. Would porn star Vanessa del Rio be called on to comment on a news story about Puerto Ricans? Or would a foulmouthed Black comedian like DL Hughley be called on as panelist to discuss racial controversies? Oh wait . . . didn’t a cable news outlet TV actually do that recently??? These producers at CNN, MSNBC, FOX, etcetera, certainly aren’t shy about showing their disrespect for minority communities.

  16. Esurb says

    He used homophobia to tip Ohio and the 04 election, condemning the country to a second term of Bush, a depression, two wars, thousands of US deaths, many thousands of Iraqi deaths, unbelievable misery for millions of people. There is no just payment for his vile, complete betrayal. No apology is essential, because none could possibly serve. Damn him!

  17. Mark says

    Let’s see, homophobia got Bush elected in 2004.

    Then the DNC said that Kerry lost due to gays pushing for marriage.

    That’s the Democrat’s homophobic framework on events anyway.

    So then Mehlman’s coming out functions as a signal for how overdue both parties for consciousness raising about homophobia and politics.

    Anything less will keep this stuff in play.

    So, here’s what Mehlman and his buds could be advocating for:

    The Mehlman Center for the Eradication of Homophobia in Politics.

    Years ago LGBT people all over the country worked with police departments to educate police about homophobia. Now we have better community relationships.

    Looks like time to do the same inside the Capital…and Mehlman has the personal contacts to begin that process, at least on the Republican side of the aisle.

  18. Dillon says

    Mehlman coming out is a huge publicity stunt. Ken’s homosexuality was DC’s worst kept secret for ten years and now it’s trying to convince people that he just came to accept that he’s gay. Bullshit! There’s gonna be a book coming or some other stunt that required getting his name back in front of the public. Remember that he just purchased a $3.77 million dollar home in NYC – so he’s gotta hit the streets with a story to stir up some interest (money) again. I’m buying absolutely nothing this worthless piece of crap of a human being has to sell. His apology is too little too late.

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