Watch: Dan Savage and Olbermann on Ken Mehlman, GOP Hate


In a segment about Republican hate, Keith Olbermann covers the Ken Mehlman coming out, and discusses with Dan Savage the damage Mehlman did as RNC Chair and Bush campaign manager.

Says Savage (my transcript):

"It is tragic and it is a particularly gay tragedy because we have the option of coming out or not coming out, living with integrity, or not living with integrity, selling our souls as Ken Mehlman did, or not selling our souls. And it's Ken Mehlman's personal tragedy but it's also the damage he inflicted, the role he played, it's inexcusable. He has a lot of amends to make. More than one fundraiser. Hopefully he is confronting not just his own conscience but people in his own political party, his so-called political allies about their homophobia, about the Republican party's homophobia."