1. fern says

    I have no plans to support anything Eminem does. Ever. He not only promotes hatred and violence towards gays but also women. I have no time for that hypocrite. And if he changes his tune becuase his hatred becomes unfashionable, it in no ways excuses that he did it when he could get away with it.

    Disappointed Towleroad is promoting this guy.

  2. Bob says

    Fuck Eminem. He’s still a piece of shit homophobe. The only reason he “endorses” gay marriage is because that’s the hip thing to do. I will never like him. He’s phony. And you are all pussies for letting him off the hook.

  3. scar2 says

    I totally relate to this video. Thankfully, my situation never escalated to violence but it was abuse nonetheless. Yes, Eminem hurt a lot of people. He’s now making amends as part of his ‘Recovery.’ I work with addicts & I’m glad he’s got an outlet for this. Hopefully, he won’t be making another ‘Relapse’ cd.

  4. Brian in Texas says

    This is a great song and has a great message; just because someone once may have held homophobic or bigoted views doesn’t mean they cant change.

    So were never to accept someone who makes amends and wants to be open minded now?

  5. RONTEX says

    Agree Brian, if we want people to change, we have to believe the are capable of it, otherwise, we can’t move the dialogue forward.

    And great song and video too.

  6. says

    As with Madonna, Elton and other in the “entertainment” world…these artists will change as public opinion changes…but more importantly it is all about the money, reaching a wider audience and we “homosexuals” are part of this equation…

  7. Robert says

    Consider it like an apology for what they done by changing their mind on the subject. They could easily continue to preach hate, OR they can at least preach equality with a scarred past. What would you people like?

  8. Randy says

    I hate Eminem like I hate Mel Gibson, but there is no denying that both are artists, and good at what they do.

    That said, there are other people I spend my money on. Eminem and Mel aren’t getting a dime.

  9. Asher says

    Uggh, it’s really getting aggravating how the gay community always has a stick up it’s ass 24/7.
    That being said, I do find it a bit funny that Rihanna decided to do a collaboration about domestic violence with a man who wrote a song about horrifically murdering his wife.
    That being said, if she didn’t have a problem with it, why should I?

  10. gwyneth cornrow says

    I respect Eminem’s politics and his artistry. As far as I know, he’s never adopted a right-wing position on anything and has even been game about playing along with the misconception that he’s homophobic (remember his stunt with Bruno at some MTV awards show?). This is a good song, with a good message.

  11. sebastien says

    I see a couple having a row, who shouldn’t be together.That’s it.I don’t see an important message there . I agree with M and BREN. If it’s to do anything against domestic violence, it’s a miss. On top of that, I am fed up of Rihanna and her parading in every show to say she was abused, you can’t really compare her story to a beaten wife who stay with a man because she’s scared.Eminem, I’m not gonna even talk about him and find weird that one day you promote his video and the next you call him an homophobic bastard to boycott. Make up your mind!

  12. hoydengirl says

    I think this video is appaling. It does nothing more than sexualise violent relationships. Have you listened to the lyrics she sings? I don’t even understand how this video can be said to be AGAINST violence in relationships.
    Btw, Sebastien, you make some good points, but you loose me when you say that Rhianna parades her abuse about, she’s avoided the subject for a long time and has addressed it only when pushed to, also I don’t think you can judge how scared his violence made her.

  13. JNJ says

    So I imagine that all of you sitting on your throwns have never, ever done anything you regret. And maybe not even regret, but once educated and enlightened, changed your point of view. Oh, how mighty you are – I bow down to your existence – you are so pure I’m not worthy to read your post. Shut the fuck up.

    Eminem is a mega talent. I will support anyone who stands beside me – whether they have always done so or just joined the fight.

    The video and song sends a clear message about domestic violence without even thinking about it. It’s real, relevant and depicts exactly what a violent relationship (from both parties) feels like – continued abuse – time and again. Makes you think. The fact that Rihanna was the perfect choice for the song – makes it all that more of a believable story. Pure genius.

  14. Wes says

    I’m sorry, could someone link to this ‘apology’ from Eminem? I seriously must have missed it. He just last year singled out three openly gay celebrities to call faggots on his album (and yes, it even says ‘faggots’ in the lyric booklet)

    I’m willing to forgive him if he’s willing to actually acknowledge wrongdoing, but I haven’t seen that. Link please. Don’t act like I’m self righteous for expecting that, at the very least.

    And btw, 50 cent is donating bone marrow to a cancer victim. Are you going to post that story because of its positive message? How about Mel Gibson’s charity contributions?

    I know its hard for some people to hold two thoughts at the same time, but I appreciate Eminem for giving a positive message when he does, and resent him for spreading awful messages when he does.

    As for the song, its very meh IMO. Strictly from a musical perspective. But I’m not really into Eminem’s style and Rihanna I have always found mediocre.

  15. Greenthumb55 says

    Any fag who likes or supports eminem is a hypocrite of the lowest order. I wish he’d get shot or something. Music is like candy…to get to the good part, you have to throw out the RAPPERS.

    I remember when that piece of audio feces “without me” came out years ago and gay bars started playing it I would walk out of them an never go back. Total hypocrisy.

    And rihanna is, and always will be, a complete no talent ass clown.

  16. dws says

    Just wondering what some of the people defending Eminem see as the message of this video?

    After one quick viewing, to me, this is a glorification of macho bullshit and perpetuates the notion that men have a right to think of women as possessions. And that women like it that way. (“I like the way you lie.”)


  17. Bryan Harrison says

    Taken to its inevitable extreme, capitalism creates a universe where everything is a product – every thought, all feelings, each and every atom, every triumph and every tragedy, reality, abstractions, anything at all that you can imagine – it’s all for sale.

    From there, it’s no distance at all from the world where everything has a price tag to the universe where everything _is_ its price tag. We know the price of everything and the value of nothing because viewing the world through a cash register has deprived it of all possible value.

    So here we have another entertainment product glamorizing the worst in human nature for profit – an abused person marketing her abuse. See how sexy it is when people with amazing faces, perfect bodies, and an army of stylists knock the shit out of each other? Isn’t it gorgeous to dance on the sidewalk as your house burns down? (The kids are presumably still inside.)

a powerful message about domestic violence.” Yes, but that message is “I have productized my suffering, and if you’d like to share in my oh-so-glamorous degradation, you can buy it for the low, low price of…”

    It’s 2010 and there’s no shame is having sex for money: sex workers, after all, can provide a useful service and give good value. The word “whore” should be reserved for those who sell their souls, and ours along with them.

  18. TomJ says

    M&M will have to do two things to ever get me to even glance in his musical direction:

    1. Stop with the adolecent scowl. Enough already. Grow the fuck up.

    2. Speak out, loudly and repeatedly, for some kind of acceptance of Gay and Lesbian and Trans and Bi people in the Rap & Hip Hop community. Be as harsh and BLUNT as you are about other things. And do it again, and again and again. You haven’t done nearly enough. You’re rich – spend some money for some causes – and make it known.

  19. daws says

    I didn’t like the video and the song is okay. I’m over Eminem. I don’t have anything against him but his music has grown stale for me. I still like Rihanna though :)

  20. barto says

    Here’s the thing about this song: no one wants to like it. Eminem has said and done things to piss off the entire world. But it’s good. It’s better than anyone wants it to be. So deal.

  21. says

    I took a different view from Love The Way You Lie, I think it is in the perspective of the woman. Typically when abuse happens the woman feels like they are doing something wrong, like it must be warranted.

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