1. Joe says

    Ha, Andy could not handle those gals at all.

    What kind of craziness are they creating on Bravo?

  2. srsly says

    Is this the cast that they were saying got paid more money to create more drama. Enough with all this phony bullshit!

  3. GOD says

    This Andy dude is so annoying, why does he feel the need to constantly grin like he just robbed a bank?

  4. Mike says

    Stupid trashy “moms” spending money they don’t have and ganging up on Danielle who obviously needs some therapy. Gee Bravo – way to go, making money off the mentally unstable.

  5. rjp3 says

    Andy Cohen is a pathetic human – and an even worse example of what being gay can do to someone.

    Just sad –

  6. nyrkr says

    Tank, you really need help from a mental health professional if you think that comment was in any way amusing or appropriate. You and the people in your life have my sympathy.

  7. James Hood says

    We nominate Andy Cohen for WORST GAY ROLE MODEL OF THE DECADE and WORST EXCUSE OF A HUMAN BEHAVING. and anyone who thinks he’s cute–man, they really need to re-examine their criteria. UGH.

  8. D.B. says

    I used to think that Andy Cohen was kind of smart and funny, but somewhere along the way he (and his shows) crossed the line — he’s now nothing more than the tacky host of a freakshow. He should be ashamed.

  9. TANK says

    How could anyone think that andy cohen was smart and funny? He’s the byproduct of luck and whoring…totally. He’s the very bottom of the barrel. Apparently, he’s an A gay, though…and he’s so stupid, that I couldn’t be like…you worthless cunt to him…I couldn’t do that…because he’s a dumb motherfucker…

  10. TANK says

    and you know what, markles, you’re absolutely right. I’d rather shoot myself than have it any other way, though…and believe you me, it’s not totally out of consideration.

  11. TANK says

    But it’s not just that andy cohen’s the product of whoring…after all…his parents…and if I were a father who had andy cohen, I’d be like,” Oh my god, I’ve got the most worthless braindead moron for a kid…what the fuck…what am I going to do? Oh, that’s right, I’ve got connections…I let this worthless piece of shit live out his worthless piece of shit years somewhere with a salary…” can’t balme the rents!

  12. Costas says

    My Greek professor is in _LOVE_ with Andy Cohen and trash TV!!! He can’t stop referring to it in our political science/anthro class.

  13. says

    Cannot stand Andy Cohen. Gives himself an over the top self indulgent talk show which is essentially a 1/2 hour commercial for Bravo programming. Remember when Bravo started Project Runway? You just know they are going to give that crazy lady (Danielle) her own fucking show because apparently being a psychopath should be rewarded with more attention.

  14. just sayin says

    when there isn’t a big enough table to flip, try the biggest tool in the room.

    i think the interesting thing is that bravo is shooting themselves in the foot with this programming. i would venture to guess that a lot of bravo’s core audience stopped watching bravo once real housewives of atlanta came on. trashy television wasn’t their core audience’s cup of tea. and then they came out with more and more trash.

    it’s true that they’ve gained a lot of viewers, but their core demo (urban, liberal, educated, east-west coasters ) is slipping away with every show like this. bravo is a lot trashier now at a cost to some of bravo’s new shows like work of art, which is a really, really good show.

    it will be interesting to see which demographic andy decides to program to…he’s still a tool

  15. Randy says

    Crap. First I had to sit through a 30-second commercial ad, and then it says the main video isn’t even available in my area.

  16. gr8guyca says

    1) Bravo is lucky that they “cast” Danielle. Otherwise, it would have been a boring season.

    2) While everyone here writes about how much they hate the show,
    they bothered to watch this clip and then comment. That’s called being involved with a program – whether you like that program or not.

    3) That involvement is what builds ratings. And, in the end, that’s all that Andy Cohen and Bravo care about. Ratings equal revenue.

    4) Mass television is basically a delivery vehicle for advertising. If people didn’t watch the show, advertisers wouldn’t buy the ads. And Bravo and Andy Cohen would be out of business.

  17. John Normile says

    It’s funny the bitchy comments here are almost as fucked up as the bitchy comments on T.V.!

  18. mmc says

    To some of you nasty posters…leave Andy Cohen alone!!!He’s a nice guy whos giving our sick society what they want.The disgusting name calling has to stop.It shows ignorance and your lack of character.If you don’t like the show , change the channel.Bravo has some shows I don’t watch and some that i love.I love RHONYC even though they can be crazy, love Top Chef for so many reasons,Stop the foul mouths posters ….you are disgusting!!!

  19. Itsactingpeople says

    Get a grip gentlemen. It’s scripted acting with a double dose of drama. You think the cameras just coincidently catch the cat fights and cell phone conversations. The drama is all about the conflicts.

    I heard Danielle is not coming back for another season. That won’t generate much conflict since the remains of them are all family related. I guess Kim “G” is the new outsider?

  20. Aron says

    I’ll take the trash-talking and fights on Jersey Shore over these skinny witches any day. At least the JS kids can laugh at themselves.

    Snooki & J-Wow vs. Danielle & Theresa! That’s what I wanna see.