1. Bart says

    Glenn Beck has some really serious mental issues and more and more they are peaking through. This other self-diddler, Gutfeld, well, he’s so excited by his fifteen minutes of fame, he came like three times in his pants just watching this.

    These guys are the steamroom circle jerk team captains.

  2. Dan says

    Bart: “These guys are the steamroom circle jerk team captains.”

    Eew ew ew! You’ve nearly ruined steamrooms for me there!

    These bozos are priceless – although I give them credit for combining their fear/hate of both muslims and homosexuals in a single meme!

  3. alex dilucca says

    Fascism with a shock-jock face. I don’t get why these clowns are hating on the Cordoba House–here this center opens trying to promote mainstream, moderate Islam and they immediately jump on it and lump it with the extreme fringes of the religion.

    That said, “Suspicious Packages” is pretty funny.

  4. Towle a hack says

    Actually, Gutfeld and all of the Red Eye guys are pro-gay, pro gay marriage, &c. (I doubt that’s true of Beck, but you tarred with a broad brush up there.) Why is he labeled a homophobe? Because he doesn’t agree with you about every damned thing? Because he has principled objections to liberal governance theory generally?

    If he is a hater because he doesn’t revere all of your sacred cows, then you too are a hater, because you spew constant vitriol at many things that those who disagree with you consider good and valuable. If you think the world works in such a way that you, personally, get to determine what things are good to hate, and what bad, and that everyone must follow your lead … well, then, you’re not just a hater, and a hypocrite, and a child — but also a hack.

  5. Towle a hack says

    BTW, when will you report on the blatant hypocrisy and genuine homophobia demonstrated by the Cordoba House leaders’ response to Gutfeld’s plans, eh? Rather than feeding your readers slanted, biased, empty-adjective-laced pablum?

  6. tonyx says

    Towle A Hack — what self respecting human would spend time defending people who take a paycheck from Fox News.

    They know who they are in bed with and they know they endlessly work to make straight people afraid of gay people.

    There is NO defense for working for Fox News in ANY capacity.

  7. asdf says

    Really, Greg Gutfeld is pro gay marriage?

    Fox overnight host Greg Gutfeld — in his “Greg-alogue” segment — says Ellen should keep her wedding to herself, and that speaking about it is equivalent to talking about your “bowel movements.”

    Who’s a hack now, dickhead?

  8. asdf says

    @Hack: Do you mean Cordoba House’s response that Gutfeld can build anything he’d like? Or do you mean the part where they’re protesting in the streets and filing lawsuits about his proposed gay bar?

    It must have been the first because the second DIDN’T FUCKING HAPPEN!

  9. Towle a hack says

    ASDF —

    Heh. Thanks for demonstrating exactly the sort of hackery that I’m talking about. Here is the full response:

    @greggutfeld You’re free to open whatever you like. If you won’t consider the sensibilities of Muslims, you’re not going to build dialog.

    Note the second sentence that you ignored. The Cordoba House leaders make clear that having gays or a gay bar near them “won’t consider the sensibilities of Muslims.” Now surely, and definitely by Towle’s oft-expressed standards, that’s straight-up homophobia. Moreover, where is the Cordoba House leaders’ obligation to show sensitivity to the sensibilities of the vast majority of Americans who would much prefer that the Cordoba House be put *anywhere else*? Why must sensitivity be shown to Muslim sensibilities, while Muslims need show no sensitivity to the sensibilities of others?

    So, as I suggested, we have, right in that second sentence you — like a hack — ignored, we have both the homophobia and the hypocrisy. But thanks for ignoring it, and demonstrating my point for me.

    Meanwhile, Gutfeld has said many times that he’s pro-gay-marriage. His two co-hosts are repeatedly and vocally so.

    As to the guy above who thinks anyone who works at Fox News is beyond redemption or defense: why? Because they report what you consider to be slanted and biased news? Then Towle’s beyond defense as well. Or is it because many there disagree with you? If so, is the rule you’re enunciating that *I* cannot defend people who *you* disagree with? Well, if that’s true, then by your own lights, *you* cannot defend people who *I* disagree with. That doesn’t sound like a very workable system.

  10. asdf says

    He was talking about the fact that Muslims don’t go to bars to drink, not that it’s a gay bar, you fucking retarded lunatic.

    And likewise, you ignore the numerous other tweets where he continued to iterate that they had no problem with the location of the proposed bar. Unlike, say, you unthininking teabagging dicks who continue to file legal challenges to an Islamic community center.

    And while I’ve been able to provide an exact quote demonstrating Gutfeld’s homophobia and aversion to gay marriage, you’ve yet to offer any proof to your repeated lies that Gutfeld is pro-gay. So STFU!

  11. Towle a hack says

    ASDF —

    First, on what grounds do you suggest that the response was related to the drinking aspect of the bar, rather than to the gay aspect? Even if your interpretation were true, the tweet still demonstrates the Cordoba House leaders’ hypocrisy and their own insensitivity — but, moreover, there’s no reason to accept your interpretation.

    Second, you’re showing your hackery again, my friend. First of all, putting the words “bowel movement” in scare quotes is hardly providing an exact quote that makes someone’s position clear. And, in fact, you did not exactly state Gutfeld’s position, but wholly mis-interpreted it. He was comparing *all* “public exhortations of love” generally — not *gay* exhortations of love specifically — to bowel movements. The actual sentence: “For me, public exhortations of love are no different than telling everyone how great your bowel movements are since switching to All-Bran — no one gives a [bleep] except you.” See: *no* demonstration that he’s anti-gay-marriage, no homophobia. He did use Degeneres and De Rossi as an example, but if one believes that gay love and straight love are equal and indistinguishable, then one must concur that using them as interchangeable examples to make a generalized point about all love is wholly acceptable.

    Thanks, get again, for making my point for me.

  12. Towle a hack says

    Oh, and just to make this perfectly, inarguably clear: Gutfeld said *in the very same segment you “quoted” above,* that (and I quote): “As you know, seeing Ellen happy makes me happy, for everyone should be happy with the one they love, be they straight, gay, transgendered, bicurious, master, slave, S&M, or even Belgian — especially Belgian, those miserable bastards deserve it.”

    Just keep making my point, ASDF. Thanks.

  13. asdf says

    You really have a hard-on for this guy, doncha? Maybe if you show up to a Fox sponsored tea party with the biggest gun there, he’ll let you blow him. Good luck with that.

  14. asdf says

    No, you’re just an unthinking dick who’s going to believe what you want to believe, despite all evidence to the contrary, simply because you find the guy attractive. And arguing with retards is and always will be a fruitless endeavor. Stay stupid.

  15. asdf says

    You produced no evidence. You meekly provided a poor, misguided interpretation of a quote that is clearly anti-gay. Gutfeld’s comparison of Ellen Degeneres’s marriage to talking about a bowel movement is little more than a comic way of saying gays shouldn’t flaunt their sexuality. And your argument that he’s saying so for ALL marriages is bogus considering he’s never used the same quote on his show for any straight marriage, much less his own.

    You said “Gutfeld has said MANY times that he’s pro-gay-marriage” … yet you brought no other quotes to the table.

    And you chose to ignore the most pivotal point of my argument… which is that the leaders behind the Islamic community center aren’t protesting or making any attempt to block his proposed gay bar, which is exactly the opposite of what you teabagging douches are doing.

    You lose. But I suspect you’re used to that.

  16. Tom says

    Dearest Andy,
    The phrase “Ground Zero Mosque” you used in the title to this report was coined by sensationalist reporters who were too lazy to mention that The Islamic Cultural Center is two and a half blocks away from the site of the former Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. Aside from a swimming pool, the Center will have a gym, restaurants, numerous auditoriums, daycare and other truly “community” facilities, as well as a mosque. Anyone who has ever tried to rent or buy property in New York City knows that traversing two and a half blocks there can seem to be visiting worlds apart.
    The Islamic Cultural Center, at a mere 13 stories, will be dwarfed by its surrounding buildings & certainly so with regard to the Freedom Tower, which is actually at “Ground Zero.”
    And, just in case you were wondering, I was one of the first people to go to the top of those marvelous Twin Towers shortly after they were built in 1973. I also made it a point during my college years to take my friends from Europe to visit the observation deck at the South Tower. One of my brothers was married at St Paul’s Chapel years before the debris & dust of the cowardly act of terrorist war covered the chapel in dust & fragments of office paperwork. The memory of that devastated site still brings tears to my eyes as I’m typing these words. My tears would really flow, however, if we allowed a few thousand maniacs who are worldwide terrorists to achieve what no foreign army has ever won: the defeat of the US Constitution’s Bill of Rights.

  17. DavyG says

    Greg Gutfeld isn’t a homophobe. How absurd. He and the rest of his Red Eye co-hosts very much support gay marriage. After that, it’s okay to make fun of gay people – we’re not immune from being made fun of, and as long as the person making those jokes accepts gay people as equals, there can be no problem with that.

    I have to agree that Andy Towle comes across as a shameless hack in this instance. Gutfeld is right to be annoyed at the Cordoba House’s attempt to preach tolerance to Americans. It’s offensive – America is a paragon of freedom and tolerance. No other country has so many ethnicities and religious groups that get on so well with one another. Jews are fleeing France because of the anti-Semitism of that country’s Muslim population, while Muslims are protesting the return of British soldiers in English ports. If anything, Islam needs to take a few lessons in tolerance from America. Islam should read de Tocqueville and the US Constitution and Vaughn Walker’s recent Prop 8 judgment. Anywhere that Islam is instituted as the medium through which a country is governed (Sharia law in Iran, or Wahabism in Saudi Arabia), religious tolerance is penalized, homosexuals are murdered and women are oppressed. Fundamentalist Muslims in Iraq torture homosexuals in ways that are too upsetting to think about, while extremists Muslims in Afghanistan throw acid in the face of girls who have the temerity to attend schools and be educated. In all fairness, Americans are the least in need of being preached to about tolerance!

    And so, Gutfeld’s gay bar idea is excellent. If it had been Maddow or Olbermann proposing to build a gay bar next to an Evangelical church, you, Andy Towle, would be singing their praises from the rooftops. How is this different? Because Beck and Gutfeld are right-wingers? Because the Left is so afraid of offending Muslims for some bizarre reason (see: the deafening silence from the Left when Salman Rushdie had a fatwa placed on his person for the grand crime of writing a novel)? Is it because Gutfeld’s idea is “obnoxious” or something? You never have a problem with Dan Choi’s obnoxious disruption of Los Angeles’ traffic (even though L.A. county has filed briefs in favour of overturning Prop 8 and L.A.’s mayor is among the most pro-gay). Grow up, Towleroad.

  18. jamal49 says

    Greg Gutfeld is the unfunniest “comedian” ever and “Red Eye” is the most god-awful, unfunny program on television EVER. Where the hell did this dickwad Gutfeld come from?

    Of course, there was that “pursing of the lips” moment by Beckie early in the clip. Made me think Beckie was about ready to say “well, isn’t THAT special!”

    For the record, the proposed cultural center (which is what it is) will have a small mosque as part of the overall mix of conference rooms, teaching classes, inter-faith studies, etc. that will make up this cultural center. Also, let’s get this straight: the proposed site for this “Islamic Cultural Center” is several blocks east of “ground zero”. It is not anywhere near “ground zero”.

    One tires of Beckie and Ms. Sarah and other cheap, headline-grabbing, pandering conservatwits yammering on about the “ground zero mosque”. What is being proposed is no such thing.

    It isn’t a mosque and it isn’t at “ground zero”.

  19. Mikey says

    Never seen Red Eye, nor heard of Mr. Gutfeld, but the clip came across to me as a way to make fun of two groups that Fox news viewers dislike. And clearly, there is not going to be a gay bar next to the mosque, so this is just a way to inflame viewers, which is the specialty of Fox.

  20. says

    Straight guys making unfunny locker-room jokes about fags? Color me surprised.

    I’m so over being mad at Glenn Beck that I’ve resorted to just dismissing him out of hand completely. He’s a non-entity and completely irrelevant to me anymore. He has his audience on his side of the Universe and I stay on my side of the Universe.

    As for this Gutfield character and his idea of building a gay bar next to the mosque at Ground Zero, I will repost what I said earlier:

    File this in the circular Filing Cabinet under “I’ll Believe It When I See It.” Thanks.

  21. Brian says

    I hate them both, but “Suspicious Packages” and “Ram-ad-an” (did you catch that one?) are pretty good. Even a broken (and I mean, REALLY FUCKING BROKEN) clock is right twice a day.

  22. Kyle says

    Islam is evil. We are at war with it. We need to do anything and everything at our disposal to get back at those people, including opening a gay bar at ground zero. If they are opening a mosque at ground zero, all bets are off.

    The only thing those people understand is violence. We must remain vigilent and on guard at all times. They are not civilized human beings. Islam is chaos. Islam is evil.

  23. Rob says

    “Where the hell did this dickwad Gutfeld come from?”

    He was born in the Republican city of San Mateo, California. He graduated from the arch-conservative University of California – Berkeley. And, before working at Fox, he wrote for the Fascist Right Wing website, The Huffington Post.

  24. between1 says

    i can imagine that if either beck or Gutfeld found this site they would be lauphing their asses off, this is the reason they say so many controversial things; its to see the tight asses squirm in indignation. people take things to seriously. and in doing so the hypocrites and idiots are exposed.

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