1. Shawn says

    A hate crime prevention attachment isn’t related to defense? It’s defending our minorities! And as for the waiting-to-take-the-biased-survey BS, why can’t he just look as the numerous countries that allow gays to serve openly:

    Czech Republic
    New Zealand
    South Africa

    There’s your survey!!!

  2. David says

    Dear Mr. McCain:

    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…………. _.·´

    Rodney Glassman 2010 – Replace McShame.

  3. ravewulf says

    Yeah, yeah. Go boil your head, why don’t cha.*

    *(Indirect quote from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Chapter 4 The Keeper of the Keys)

  4. Drew says

    He’s like a Manchurian candidate for Westboro Baptist Church or something and sometimes I wonder what he really thinks inside that head of his, considering his age and generational beliefs. Oh to be a fly on the metamucil bottle in his kitchen.

  5. Rich says

    He’s a senile, ancient dinosaur fossil that needs to be permanently put out to pasture. He’s flip flopped on stuff more than a fish out of water.

  6. jpeckjr says

    John McCain is in an August 24 primary against at least one opponent who is more conservative than he is. His objection is not on policy grounds but on making sure his constituents know he is opposed to anything that might be favorable to GLBT people. His use of the phrase “social agenda” repeatedly is code for “gay agenda.” It’s more important to fight the gay agenda than it is to support our troops!

  7. TANK says

    Feeling frisky, DE?

    Anyway, this is about old one note mccain, and jpeck nailed it. He’s trying to outbigot his opponnent for the white disgruntled wingnuts/voters who carry guns and grudges in his home state of areichzona. He’s pounding his chest, bellowing, “I’M THE STRAIGHTEST HATER AROUND! LOOK AT ME BE BIGOTED! RAWR!” It’s just too bad he didn’t have a young gay republican aide (they don’t come out until after years of self loathing, flagellation and gay bashing participation…like aaron shock…so young gay republicans don’t really exist) that he could have beaten senseless on the senate floor to really show how intolerant and homophobic he is to the “good” white christian narrow minded racist, obese, homophobic, sexist, tenthers that make up his constituency. C’mon, gay republicans, take one for the team…let john mccain perform a hate crime on you! And come onto him, too…in front of a camera…very scripted (hit all of the basher excuses, pardon the pun)…except the pain–let him seriously injure you.

  8. walter says

    the man looks like a corpse now he should find a coffin and climb in pull the cover down and disappear forever. he is obsolete and is making despert effort to hold on by his finger tips.

  9. TANK says

    They filled up the tree because you didn’t build that garshdarnedblastedhootinahollersumbitchyeehawwww…. *authentic frontier gibberish* FENCE.

    JD Hayworth is ten times worse, though…plus he’s got the IQ of creamed spinach.

  10. SteveMD2 says

    Ship this jerk back to the Hanoi hilton.

    Here he was, the presidentail candidate of the taLibangelicals. Our party of Moral values and God.

    Well, he ditched the wife who waited 7 years for him to return. So he could marry a woman worth a couple hundred million, own is it 8 homes – he admitted he didn’t know………

    And most likely his own jet plane – $10 mil ia the entry price in that biz….

    And during the 2nd debate with Obama, he pointed to Obama, and referred to our now President at “that one”

    I’ve lived enough in the south, and 30 years in MD – a border state that still has plenty of slavery wishers, to know that that statement

    “that one” is to ths southern religious talibangelicals nothing but a put down towards a black man –

    Eg – youre not even worth a name.

    Reminds me of the nazi fanatics – who kept meticulous records of their mass murders of the Jews, likely they thought that they would proudly display those records after they murdered the world.

    But for germany’s gays, they kept very few records.

    Because the gays were the lowest of the low. Not even worth admitting those people had existed.

    Go to Hell Mr. McCAin – go to hell – you that whore bitch Palin who should be walking the streets of new york, and most of your own party of God – where the only difference between you and the taliban is the brand name.

    And for my grandparents siblings who never left eastern Europe. And were never heard freom again after WWII. My parents never talked about them, but a cousin seems to know the basics. Except even their names are lost.

  11. Matt26 says

    @Shawn, I live in one of the countries you listed. Hopefully US is soon in the list, too.
    @RJP3 Yes, can you imagine McCain and Palin in the WH? Scary.

    Perhaps US Senate (rep. side) should jump to the year 2010.

  12. BobN says

    Gosh, I sure hope some group of gay conservatives has a fund-raiser for the anti-gay party coming up so that McCain’s wife or daughter has a good reason to stand up and say how much they like us.

  13. Rafael says

    What a disgraceful way for Sen. McCain to end his career, he doesn’t have many more years left and I just can’t see how he can redeem himself. An “I’m sorry” seems in order.

  14. Jerry12 says

    It is so sad; Mr McCain has been a looser all of his life. With due respect for his years as a “prisoner of War”, please do not forget that the other guy’s pilot was a better pilot than Mr. McCain. Unfortunately, other politicians are better at their jobs than Mr McCain.

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