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John McCain Enraged Over DADT, Hate Crimes on the Defense Bills


Senator John McCain (R-AZ) obstructed Senator Carl Levin's (D-MI) attempts to schedule floor debate on the Defense Authorization bill for when the Senate returns from its one month recess, because he's angry that last year hate crimes was attached to the bill, and this year "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is attached.

Those gays!

"Filled up the tree! Filled up the tree!"


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  1. And when he's SUPER angry...he does THE ROBOT!

    Posted by: Toto | Aug 6, 2010 12:51:59 AM

  2. Ship this jerk back to the Hanoi hilton.

    Here he was, the presidentail candidate of the taLibangelicals. Our party of Moral values and God.

    Well, he ditched the wife who waited 7 years for him to return. So he could marry a woman worth a couple hundred million, own is it 8 homes - he admitted he didn't know.........

    And most likely his own jet plane - $10 mil ia the entry price in that biz....

    And during the 2nd debate with Obama, he pointed to Obama, and referred to our now President at "that one"

    I've lived enough in the south, and 30 years in MD - a border state that still has plenty of slavery wishers, to know that that statement

    "that one" is to ths southern religious talibangelicals nothing but a put down towards a black man -

    Eg - youre not even worth a name.

    Reminds me of the nazi fanatics - who kept meticulous records of their mass murders of the Jews, likely they thought that they would proudly display those records after they murdered the world.

    But for germany's gays, they kept very few records.

    Because the gays were the lowest of the low. Not even worth admitting those people had existed.

    Go to Hell Mr. McCAin - go to hell - you that whore bitch Palin who should be walking the streets of new york, and most of your own party of God - where the only difference between you and the taliban is the brand name.

    And for my grandparents siblings who never left eastern Europe. And were never heard freom again after WWII. My parents never talked about them, but a cousin seems to know the basics. Except even their names are lost.

    Posted by: SteveMD2 | Aug 6, 2010 1:34:45 AM

  3. John McCain is a lying senile sack of shit who dishonors everyone in uniform.

    Posted by: Frank | Aug 6, 2010 1:46:53 AM

  4. Is McCain melting? I love how he slides into a second topic because its all about THE GAYS COMING TO GET YA! HAHAHAHA! Funny old man...

    Posted by: princely54 | Aug 6, 2010 2:41:37 AM

  5. McPain needs to spit out his chewing tobacco before he speaks.

    Posted by: Bear | Aug 6, 2010 3:00:05 AM

  6. McCain should just have a heart attack and die, oh wait he doesn't have a heart to begin with!

    Posted by: Dawnell_do | Aug 6, 2010 3:24:01 AM

  7. @Shawn, I live in one of the countries you listed. Hopefully US is soon in the list, too.
    @RJP3 Yes, can you imagine McCain and Palin in the WH? Scary.

    Perhaps US Senate (rep. side) should jump to the year 2010.

    Posted by: Matt26 | Aug 6, 2010 4:11:03 AM

  8. Sad, bitter old man. America's King Canute? Oh wait, Canute was actually a King.

    Posted by: Sean R | Aug 6, 2010 4:59:31 AM

  9. McCain is a cock-blocker & an asshat, but coming from Arizona it figures ;o)

    Posted by: Dak | Aug 6, 2010 6:04:58 AM

  10. ::



    Posted by: Chapeau | Aug 6, 2010 6:38:26 AM

  11. Meghan, control your dad, please. Here's a brochure for the Shady Rest Retirement Home. Thanks.

    Posted by: bobbyjoe | Aug 6, 2010 6:41:47 AM

  12. My head hurts just listening to this stupid ass argument. I just kept running 'gabby hayes' old movies throught to keep it from actually exploding.

    Posted by: aleabeth | Aug 6, 2010 7:01:08 AM

  13. thought= through out

    *rolls eyes and yawns*

    Posted by: aleabeth | Aug 6, 2010 7:03:06 AM

  14. i miss the old mccain. sort of. this is some real douchebagery.

    Posted by: jgm22 | Aug 6, 2010 9:03:39 AM

  15. Gosh, I sure hope some group of gay conservatives has a fund-raiser for the anti-gay party coming up so that McCain's wife or daughter has a good reason to stand up and say how much they like us.

    Posted by: BobN | Aug 6, 2010 6:22:08 PM

  16. What a disgraceful way for Sen. McCain to end his career, he doesn't have many more years left and I just can't see how he can redeem himself. An "I'm sorry" seems in order.

    Posted by: Rafael | Aug 7, 2010 1:50:03 PM

  17. It is so sad; Mr McCain has been a looser all of his life. With due respect for his years as a "prisoner of War", please do not forget that the other guy's pilot was a better pilot than Mr. McCain. Unfortunately, other politicians are better at their jobs than Mr McCain.

    Posted by: Jerry12 | Aug 7, 2010 8:40:21 PM

  18. The older he gets, the angrier he gets.

    Posted by: John | Aug 10, 2010 10:08:52 AM

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