1. Bart says

    Tampezeke – I noticed the same thing and it’s not something I would normally notice. It’s creepy…but considering the woman they are supporting, the ultra-ignorant, anti-common sense, anti-anything intelligent Sharron Angle, no surprise.

    I have to say, as the gay parent of two adopted children, though I know there isn’t much reality to anyone ever taking away my kids, just hearing the thought expressed aloud sent a chill down my spine. I can honestly say, if anyone ever came after my children, they would have one ugly fight on their hands.

    And to think any of these hateful cretins are actually raising children (who more than likely hate them for who they are and what they stand for…) is even more stench-worthy.

    Amazing, with a half a million children in foster care in this country, where are all these “good American citizens” and why aren’t they stepping up. If they are worried about people like me raising a child, you would think they would actually put their money, time and energy where their mouths are. But they won’t. Because they really aren’t good people who care. Hate is immobile.

  2. jexer says

    Curious. The word ‘decimate’ may actually be appropriate in this case. If marriage equality becomes commonplace, and one in ten people are gay, then one in ten marriages will likely NOT be opposite-sex marriages. 😉

  3. says

    I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again… as a foster child who was bounced from one home to another [christian, upstanding and straight] and was severely abused… Fuck. these. people… and the horse they rode in on!

  4. daws says

    “Love will find a way.” Preach it, Laura! These hateful bigots are going to lose like those in the past. It’s been a slow and arduous process but we’re getting there. History will not look kindly on these fools.

  5. says

    “Keith Olbermann is one of the strongest progressive voices in the traditional media, and reliably friendly to GLBT civil rights issues. His Countdown is MSNBC’s highest rated show, and his designated stand-in during his nights off is out lesbian political news analyst Rachel Maddow. In an exclusive interview with, Olbermann told us that he doesn’t know whether or not the Republicans will try using gay issues as a wedge this year, but he’s pretty sure it won’t work if they do.

    “”The sense I’m getting from a lot of quarters among the Republicans is well, we can do all this stuff now and we’ll just make people’s opinion of us worse,”” he said. “”This isn’t going to happen for us this time. We have spent all of the capital that the party has. We’ve damaged the brand. Let’s not go nuclear on this because we will just provide material to reelect a Democratic president, Senate and House in 2012. And if they’re thinking in those terms, there is at least the possibility – maybe a third, maybe a quarter – that these sort of kitchen sink strategies on these issues will not happen, because it will only come back to hurt them in severe fashion.”””

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