1. 24play says

    MN Forward is not an “anti-gay PAC.” It is a garden variety Republican-leaning pro-business PAC that supports politicians who are in favor of cutting taxes and generally anti-labor.

    Yes, the first politician MN Forward has supported, Republican MN gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer is indisputably anti-gay. But that is not why MN Forward is running ads on his behalf. MN Forward takes no stand on social issues.

    It’s called journalism, Andy.

  2. Jonathon Edwards says

    24Play: if they are supporting a candidate with anti-gay positions then they are supporting a candidate with anti-gay positions which makes them anti-gay. the friend of may enemy….its called logic, 24play. If a=b and b=c then a=c. I think most of us learned that in junior high.

  3. says

    I think in the case of Target and Best Buy people need to realize there are other options out there. All one has to do is look. Now if this were Wal-Deathstar, I mean, Wal-Mart, people may have had a tougher time going. But even with Wal-Deathstar, there are other options. You just have to REALLY look. However, with Target and Best Buy there are PLENTY of options out there where you and I can take our hard earned cash and spend it. All we have to do is look.

  4. 24play says


    Towleroad was one of Obama’s biggest cheerleaders during the 2008 campaign. As a candidate, Obama clearly was in favor of escalating the war in Afghanistan and opposed to same-sex marriage.

    Is it therefore accurate for me to refer to Towleroad as an “pro-war blog” or an “antigay blog?”

    No, it’s not. Those particular policy positions had nothing to do with Towleroad’s tireless support of Obama. (In fact, I’m sure the website supported Obama DESPITE those positions.)

    It’s neither fair nor accurate for Towleroad to label MN Forward an “anti-gay PAC” when Emmer’s antigay record had nothing to do with the group choosing to support him.

  5. ricky says

    24PLAY — Emmer’s antigay record did not stop MN Forward from supporting him – tell us – is there anything he could have done that would have prevented them – and Target and Best Buy — from supporting his candidacy – would an anti-Jewish stance do it, anti-African American, how about anti-Christian position – would any of these positions have been enough to prevent MN Forward from supporting this candidate – or does his “pro-business” stance trump all – MN Forward, Target, and Best Buy knew EXACTLY what they were getting – the fact that they are without any honor, decency, or dignity now in defending their actions – just shows why they love Emmer so very, very much.

  6. JT - the original says

    I think it’s just a bit ironic that the leading candidate on the DFL (Democratic) side to challenge Mr. Emmer is Mark Dayton whose family started Target.

  7. Single-issue voter says

    Gasp! But that must mean that… Mark Dayton ALSO hates gay people and wants to kill them and wear their skins in the annual Arbor Day Parade!!

    24play is correct. MN Forward is not an anti-gay organization. Feel free to boycott Target, rail against Emmer, etc., but at least be rational and intellectually honest in your arguments.