1. Matt says


    how could you know if this is nonsense or potential security threat? Do you work for FBI? CIA? Well?

  2. Wayne says

    Wow! These two are simply insane! And of course, they’re from my fine state of Texas. No evidence, just gossip, but let’s take it to national television, throw out the “FBI” several times, pretend that we’ve done “research” even though none is presented, and let’s call it a fact. That’s a wrap. Yes, these guys are insane.

  3. Miss JuJu BeBe says

    Well Matt are you one of those faggot rightwing GOP BITCHES???? Don’t question him bitch it’s hi blog you don’t like it…TAKE YOUR ASS SOMEWHERE ELSE!

  4. Alco says

    When you have no proof, just get angry.

    Also what’s up with the southern accent comment? Lol

  5. crispy says

    Aren’t all babies “terror babies”? Hah, just kidding. I love babies, I really do. I just can’t eat a whole one at once.

  6. Lexxvs says

    If there are Middle Eastern people going to America to give birth and then getting them back to their shit holes with their breed, is for economic conveniences. If the numbers of those doing so is huge –as well, I don’t know really how hard is for them to actually get to travel to the States- a very few of them could be tempted by terrorist for doing stuff. But not as an orchestrated plot I guess, but just to take advantage of the situation. As he mentioned, are converted Muslims turned fanatics that being already Americans are more than willing to give the terrorist helps. America has a massive and heterogenic population. You don’t need such a special operation.

  7. hmp says

    Matt, what a douchey comment..

    If I accused you of being a terrorist without evidence, would anyone even consider it?

    jeez.. conspiracy theory is easy and appeals to people like you.

  8. Bart says

    Anderson, let these idiots talk. They make themselves complete douchebag lunatics. I’m sure they’ve dug bomb shelters under their house and have their children wearing helmets and have taught them never to talk to people “who ain’t white.”

    How do these people get into government? He’s nothing short of foaming at the mouth crazy. They want to keep America safe…how do we keep America safe from these assclowns?

  9. Rad says

    Rachael Maddow ripped this argument down last night, as well, pointing out that in each instance of some wing-nut spouting off the “Terror Baby!” plot, they are all quoting the same hearsay from “…an ex-FBI informant!”. The FBI knows of no such plot or person.

    The problem is this; delusions feed their own frenzy until the likes of Anderson Cooper step into the fray.

    The worst, most embarrassing matter here is; these are our elected leaders. How in the HELL did they ever get there? The second worst thing to consider is this; 2-4-8 years from now, THESE people will be considered moderate and sane.

  10. sparks says

    I felt so badly for Anderson while watching this. I’m glad he made the point that as a former judge, Gohmert (Gomer haha) should respect the process: you can’t build a case without evidence.

    I must concede, however, that in the court of public opinion, there are many republicans more than willing to believe and spread conspiracy stories with no evidence.

    “Help us fill the hole, Anderson!” – that did give me a chuckle. If I was a religious person I’d be praying that Gohmert would be the very next republican to get caught with a rent boy or in a public restroom getting frisky.

  11. jim says

    you guys, matt’s comment up top was satire. as if andy were Anderson Cooper, and Matt were the crazy congressman… but, I dont have any hard evidence of that… so…

  12. Patric says

    Wow, anyone wanting to learn all they need to know about the modern Republican party should watch this video (or read a statement from Tony Perkins). This guy knows that he can keep making the same outrageous statements, designed to induce fear in easily manipulated individuals, over and over again, without proferring a single piece of relevant evidence, and the voters back home will eat it all up (just like Perkins, Gallagher and Brown repeatedly saying, without btw being challenged by most members of the MSM, that “[t]he social science data is overwhelming and clear – children do best when raised by a mom and dad” when in fact they had the opportunity to present evidence on that point in the recent Prop 8 trial and the Judge rightly concluded that the data in fact shows that children raised by LGBT parents differ from other children in none of the indicators of healthy, well-balanced children). This is why critical thinkers have left the Republican party in droves in recent decades.

  13. Chris says

    I don’t think much of Matt’s comment, but I think Miss Juju Bebe’s is just as bad, in another way. The over-antagonistic, with us or against us, ‘you stay on your side I’ll stay on mine’ mentality is precisely what has poisoned political discourse in the US. Disagree by all means, ideally throw in a reasoned argument, but the all-caps insulting tirade serves no purpose but to convince your foe that you aren’t worth listening to and to boost your own ego. Not only is it pointless, but from the point of view of moving forward on any issue it is harmful.

  14. Lue says

    @Lexxvs : “If there are Middle Eastern people going to America to give birth and then getting them back to their shit holes with their breed, is for economic conveniences.”

    So, I take it you’ve never been to the Middle East? Where is your civility being so rude?

  15. tonyx says

    amazingly stupid people are here and in great numbers — and they vote for each other

    very sad

  16. chris says

    Who is this dumb idiot? Another Texas Republican – – imagine that.

    STFU Congressman Gohmert – you are a moron.

  17. Matt says

    “jeez.. conspiracy theory is easy and appeals to people like you”

    Remember 9/11?

    Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

  18. anon says

    There are two sides of stupid here, probably in cahoots. First is the conspiracy mongers trying to get airtime and the second is CNN for giving them airtime. Oh, lets add a third for those viewers who soak this all in.

  19. Matt26 says

    That’s one theory. Wonder how long it took them to form it? A second? A decade? No evidence? Really?!
    You’re right, her face doesn’t move.

  20. says

    Unfortunately, there is no challenger to Mr. Gohmert this November, so we can look forward to another two years of his antics.

  21. says

    Anon (“CNN for giving them airtime”) is absolutely correct. The problem here is not Gohmert — just another rightwinglunatic™ — it’s that the so-called mainstream media gives them all the free airtime to spout their nonsense that they want. Where was a representative from the FBI to plainly, calmly state that there is no evidence of such a plot? Where was someone from sanity-land to state that Gohmert is simply playing to his base and resorting to the same scare tactics that won them the 2002 midterms and 2004 general elections? I happened to see the segment (in the gym, sound off, reading the closed captioning and lips as best I could) and Anderson lent Gohmert credence by simply allowing him to spout this inane theory with only minimal challenge to his credibility. I kept wondering why Anderson didn’t simply cut him off and say when you’ve calmed down and stop yelling, you’d be welcome to bring your evidence back.

    The part that got me was when Gohmert brought up 9/11 and blathered about not taking the signs of pending attack seriously. WTF? Was Anderson asleep? When presented with serious evidence (“BIN LADEN DETERMINED TO ATTACK INSIDE US” said the Presidential Daily Briefing in August, 2001) the republican’s president was quoted as saying “Okay, you’ve covered your ass…”!

    So, if you’re a republican, you can ignore concrete evidence actually presented by the FBI and CIA, and everybody agrees that “nobody saw this coming” as Condi Rice said. But if you’re a Democrat, you’re supposed to take the word of an anonymous source quoted by a raving lunatic and suspend the Constitution?

  22. TANK says

    you’re gonna sit there and tell me that the gummi bears don’t have the secret to gummiberry juice?! I just told you that they do, anderson! And then you have a former FBI agent tell you otherwise?! They’re bouncing here and there and everywhere, anderson! I know this because I’ve seen ’em…I’ve seen ’em at night, when I close my eyes…in bed…how they got into my room is something ONLY the underwear gnomes can answer! Don’t you get it? This country’s at risk.

  23. Modern Meet says

    Debbie Riddle and Louie Gohmert and by default the entire Republican Party bowing down before the altar that Timothy McVey created in Oklahoma City! Who are the real terrorists? Wake up! Get rid of these people!

  24. michael says

    I hate that CNN is allowing wingnuts (Republicans) the opportunity to vent with no proof. I feel like CNN is doing it just to make themselves look “impartial” or “fair.” Note to CNN: please stop — these people are complete idiots. Unless your goal is to show that there are idiots in the world, then fine, otherwise, it’s tiring.

  25. peterparker says

    @Andy Towle: I hope you will allow the racist comment by ‘GRABBINNEWSCUM’ to stay so that his bigotry will be on permanent display.

  26. jamal49 says

    @MATT Just as AC asked both Congressperson, I’ll ask you: What evidence do you have? Any web sites with evidence? Verifiable, quantifiable proof? Any FBI, CIA or even DHS alerts regarding “terror babies”? Any empirical evidence? Or are you one more of the anecdotal troglodytes, those people who thrive on hearsay, internet gossip, made-up facts, Faux News, paranoid assumptions, lunatic conspiracy theories and just plain, old stupidity? I don’t what kind of tea y’all been drinkin’, but I think somebody musta slipped you and millions of other conservatwits a mickey.

  27. jexer says

    The vicious cycle:

    Lobbyists back stupid politicians because they do what they’re paid to without thinking it through.

    And Stupid people (of which there are frighteningly many) love to vote for stupid politicians.

    Big businesses likes having lots of unemployed stupid people around because it lowers their labor costs… so they bribe the stupid politicians to make stupid decisions like cutting funding for public education.

    Which guarantees that children grow up into stupid people who will vote for stupid politicians.

    With all these people staggering around in want for brains… it’s as if the zombie apocalypse has already begun. 😉

  28. TANK says

    That’s right…the zombie apocalypse is at hand. Load up on chainsaws and beef jerky…and shotguns.

  29. TANK says

    And the underlying implication coming from gomer…t’s syphilitic mind is that you can’t trust the government to have reliable information about threats to national security (the crazy survivalist conspiracy theory mantra)…which means that you can’t trust gomer…t, as a representative of the government. He’s basically arguing against himself.

  30. Joe says

    Anderson again shows such restrain in his unwillingness to roll his eyes and say “Shut the fuck up.”

    That guy is ridiculous, and I can’t believe anyone would vote for him.

    Also, I found it really funny how he kept talking about a “gaping hole.” I think he made his three prepared sentences last 10 minutes. Ugh.

  31. greg says

    @ Jamie

    The congressman had already spouted his theory on the floor of congress, it was out there and needed to be debunked and exposed as fables before it spread further.

    AC360 is not lending credence to this guy. The “representative from the FBI to plainly, calmly state that there is no evidence of such a plot” was on the night before, a former high ranking FBI who’d been in charge of international operations in many terrorism hotspots up until 2008. Gohmert came on this show as a response. They showed a clip of the FBI guy on this broadcast as well and Anderson quoted him when talking to the congressman. It’s not as though Gohmert would have let another panellist speak anyway, so it was as well that the FBI guy’s segment had been totally separate. 360 had also already gotten a statement from the FBI, and Anderson challenged Gohmert with facts and logic when he got some words in around the irrational ranting without screaming like a nut himself.

    If Anderson had cut Gohmert off he would have cried to everyone about how he’d been treated unfairly by the liberal press and he had a great case to back up his claims if he’d just been allowed time to explain himself. This way he was given rope and hung himself. To anyone remotely reasonable he looked ridiculous, unhinged and full of complete nonsense. He’s become an internet laughingstock and a reminder to discouraged liberals why it is important to make sure the repubs don’t regain power.

    Anderson was classy, calm and rational even when he was dressing the guy down, and Gohmert came off really badly. There’s a reason this interview is all over the liberal blogs and not on the right wing ones – it was an embarrassment for Gohmert and the right.

  32. kevin G says

    All of the illegal immigrants coming to America pregnant to have their babies are being paid by taxpayers, says Louie Gohmert, Texas congressman, and Debbie Riddle who’s the state representative.Here is the proof: Terror babies- Sleeper agents in diapers threaten U.S. security. Next they become sleeper agents back in their own country and return to the U.S. as adults to attack.

  33. says

    All of the illegal immigrants coming to America pregnant to have their babies are being paid by taxpayers, says Louie Gohmert, Texas congressman, and Debbie Riddle who’s the state representative.Here is the proof: Terror babies- Sleeper agents in diapers threaten U.S. security. Next they become sleeper agents back in their own country and return to the U.S. as adults to attack.