1. Cory says

    Mockumentary or not, plastic is AWFUL for the environment. I can not believe with all the recent environmental disasters that people are still using plastic; in bags, food storage, products. Not only does it not biodegrade, recycling plastic produces tremendous pollution. DO NOT BUY PLASTIC. Bring reusable cloth shopping bags when you grocery shop, request paper bags if you need them, and write your local and federal officials to write laws demanding that corporations use less (if any) plastic in their products and product packaging. Having worked in retail for such companies as Banana Republic and Apple, the amount of daily waste from processing new shipment is astonishing. Bags of plastic wrapping for each shirt, tie, dress, plastic on the buttons, dozens of cardboard boxes, and NONE of it is recycled. Some malls pay for recycling but most do not. Imagine the amount that is thrown away per store in this country, world, and imagine the waste.

    Sorry for the rant on a mockumentary, over the years I’ve become increasingly passionate on environmental issues and I want to educate as many people as possible to hopefully make a difference.

  2. Reverse Polarity says

    Garland, the FutureStates video is great, but is much, much too long. This one makes the same point, with class and humor, in a fraction of the running time. It wins bonus points for brevity.

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