World’s Only Documented Albino Humpback Whale Reappears


Migaloo, the only documented albino humpback whale in the world, thrilled cruise passengers on Saturday, when he was spotted off Cairns, Australia:

Migaloo  "The famous whale enjoyed clear skies and low winds and dived repeatedly into the blue depths before surfacing every 10 to 15 minutes
GBR Helicopter Group director Deborah Ross said the footage taken by cinematographer David Farmer and pilot Chris Rose, of Chris Rose Flying Films, would be given to the BBC, which is producing a documentary on Migaloo.
'We’ve made it a professional goal to make sure we get Migaloo recorded so we can help protect him because he is so precious,' she said.
'This is the first time Migaloo has been filmed anywhere professionally in the world.'"

Migaloo, which means "white fellow" in one of Australia's indigenous languages, was first spotted in 1991, when he was believed to be less than 5 years old.



  1. shannon says

    STUNNING???? Albinos in nature means something is WRONG with it! It is GENETIC DEFECT! Albinos die sooner….have more genetic issues…and cannot reproduce….nature is ensuring that they do not carry that gene over…..that is not “stunning” nor beautiful! In fact when you see white cats…they are almost aways DEAF!…Come on dudes!

  2. Mark says

    How phenomenally ignorant you are, Shannon! Virtually none of your rant is true. Albinism is a genetic deviation, and in prey species it can shorten lifespan for the obvious reason that the individual will lack natural camouflage. There is also increased vulnerability to skin cancer and often vision problems. But that’s the full extent of it. Your faux-Darwinist rant is mostly empty of rational content. Kindly do your research before you spew at us again.

  3. Timzilla says

    Well, call me Ishmael. I think Moby Dick would have been a much better name. Still, what a glorious creature. Let’s hope those bastard Japanese whalers don’t meet up with him—and if they do may they go the way of Ahab.

  4. Dev says

    Wow Shannon, I think that is the exact same thing the bigots say about GLBTQ people. How someone managed to get a whole paragraph wrong is beyond me.