About the Banner #44


This was my sort of "good-bye to summer" banner, shot with an iPhone on the Sayville ferry to Fire Island over Labor Day weekend. I've been so impressed with the photos that new iPhone can shoot.

On a side note, this is what it looked like in the other direction.

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  1. Zlick says

    I think i commented before that i didn’t care for the facial distortion effect when you stretched that very vertical photo to fit a really horizontal banner.

    Love the new taxi banner, though. And most of them.

  2. chris says

    Count me among the fans of that — and pretty much every — banner. I’d never have looked at the original photo and seen the potential for it to work so well as a horizontal. Kudos, and thanks!

  3. Tom S. says

    I’m sure you know this, but if you have an iPhone 4, turn the HDR on when you take a picture and the quality will be AMAZING. When you take a High Dynamic Range photo, three photos are taken: a high saturated one, a low saturated one and a normal photo. The iPhone then combines the three to give the best quality.

  4. MT says

    Anyone who has been on that ferry must have instantly recognized that picture. It certainly sums up all the happy memories from the summer.

    Its been my favorite banner so far.

  5. tbeth says

    You’ve had so many amazing banners, but #44 has to be my favorite. I’ve never been on the FIP ferry, but it was instantly recognizable, and that shot puts me there almost physically every time I see it. Sorry, but for me the distortion effect enhances the sense of motion and the mood.

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