Air Force Chief of Staff Norton Schwartz: Implementation will Be Professional ‘If’ DADT is Repealed

At the Air Force Association's fall conference over the weekend, senior leaders answered questions about military policy. Air Force Chief of Staff Norton Schwartz was asked about "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" repeal'.


Said Schwartz:

"If the law changes, there is no doubt in my mind that all airmen in the U.S. Air Force will implement the change professionally, thoroughly and effectively."

Schwartz also praised Defense Sec'y Robert Gates' working group survey:

"The working groups have looked at the various issues that might entail should the law change — everything from billeting to entitlements to personal displays of affection to you name it. That effort … will allow us … to take a much more thoughtful, targeted and effective approach to implementation…But there is one bottom line on all of this. … The standards of conduct do not change, period."

Shouldn't that be when the law changes, and not if?


  1. Tone says

    I hope they don’t stigmatize gay and lesbian soldiers even further by segregating them in separate barracks.

  2. Steve says

    Sure, put the gays all in one location. That’s the best way to minimize “homosexual conduct” :)

    I wouldn’t worry too much about that. They’ll quickly realize that it’s not feasible. Even people like Gen. Conway have toned down their rhetoric to “maybe we should allow people to opt out of rooming with gays”.

  3. ravewulf says

    I would bet he’s speaking to the problems with congress in the immediate present (and not to the future or other possibilities) by saying “if” and probably didn’t consider his word choice further. If he were to emphasize the “if,” that might be cause for concern, but I don’t think this is.

    Just have to remember that people don’t always pay attention to their word choice and that they may not mean it the same way we may take it.

    That said, if you are concerned about it, ask for clarification.

  4. Steve says

    Schwartz has always been against repeal. But unlike some other generals, he has kept his opinion to himself most of the time. And when he said something, it was factual and civil. This is pretty much what you’d expect him to say.

  5. jason says

    Robert Gates’ “working survey” is a sham of a survey that is designed to put a road-block in front of our attempts to repeal DADT. It’s a fraudulent survey that has been conducted in a questionable, discriminatory manner.

    At heart, it’s not even a random survey. It fails the first test that any good survey needs to pass – ie the test of randomness.

    Thirdly, the Democrats have no intention of repealing DADT. The Dems have been a party to this fraudulent survey and deserve to be punished at the polls.

  6. 24play says


    Um, isn’t DADT repeal a far-from=foregone conclusion, as evidenced by the coming vote in the Senate this week—a vote that has been covered extensively on Towleroad over the past week?

    Seems like “if” is the correct adverb, Andy. Sorry it pains you so to hear it.

    But keep on stoking those fires of faux outrage. Aravosis can’t possibly do it all himself.

  7. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    @David: He’s 59 years old; you should look so good at his age. He’s another picture:

    You know what I notice? Look at all the campaign ribbons on his chest. And what have you done with your life? You probably only have the Jealous Queen medal (it’s a little pink crown with a green streak).