1. J says


    Then you are just as retarded as that porn star if you follow that. I finally watched the show after hearing all about him. I don’t get it? He is just yet another stereotypical fashion gay. Snooze. Sorry folks, I like real people with real bodies.

  2. John says

    He’s cute, he has a nice body, and most of the time I love his style. But when he opens his mouth on The Rachel Zoe Project I just want to cram a sock in his mouth. I feel like I’m listening to a 7th grade mean girl, so annoyingly queeny and pretentious. I don’t think anyone would argue that he is not fun to look at though…

  3. says

    This young man I would count as a good friend, good company and just fun to be around. If you believe otherwise, dash your negativity; step back from your preclusions to reveal an unreasonable judgment against a truly good soul.

    The Gay community has always had personality icons especially in the fashion and entertainment industry; this is the result the gay spirit expressing itself and may not be the result of sexual orientation (although it often is). Can we talk about the “metro-sexual” personality type?

    Let’s face it, Men are the true Peacocks of our species; many elite men of the 17th Century were more than a little affected in their approach to dressing and would not be seen without their face make-up and a powered wig.

    All throughout the 18th Century and well into the 19th century there were more than a few “Dandies” out and about expressing themselves with facial hair and hats and colorful clothing.

    In the 20th Century we are aware of some names that are synonymous with flamboyant. Please remember Oscar Wild, Salvador Dalí, Walter Liberace, Peter Raymond, Paul Lynde, Andy Warhol, Richard Penniman, Elton John, David Bowie, Paul Raven, George O’Dowd, Sylvester James, Prince Nelson and Michael Jackson.

    Call me bold but I would add Brad Goreski to this list and I’m sure his career will remain as flamboyantly prominent as those mentioned above!

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