1. Chad says

    He’s perfectly caste here. He looks just like so many of my construction worker neighbors here in my blue collar socal town. I heard he brings a lot more to the job than most though. Is this true?

  2. Tonic says

    Actually, while some of the tattoos are appealling, I think they could use more color.

    Tattoos are great no matter how you feel about them: it either filters out those who hate them or are closed minded, or filters out who you go for (if you hate tats).

  3. Terrance says

    Mmmmmhhhhh – I dunno….

    From a Lance Bass (1990s boyband/”90210″) type twink to an ageing Vince Vaughn-type….

    ..I dunno about the tats: they’re done by *everyone* who says they’re non-conformist, so I guess the tats are to conform (perhaps maybe I’ve just seen too much porn: all the boys in it are before/after tattoo experiments)…

    …overall not quite the direction I would’ve taken, but hey he had to “grow-up” at some point (no such thing as a “40-year-old twink”)

  4. reality bites says

    he looks way better with age then the ugly little gremlin in his 90210 days

    Tats are disgusting, and only get worse with aging sagging skin. Tats r also a sign of a person who needs to talk to a therapist about not feeling comfortable in their own skin, being naked, being exposed, and being completlly vulnerable thus their hiding themselves under tats

  5. justiceontherocks says

    Never seen a body that looks better because someone drew on it. This one is no exception.

    All the money people waste to say “see me see me.” A little self esteem and they wouldn’t need it.

  6. Tonic says

    Definitely agree that it would be loser like to ink yourself to conform. Those are easy to spot. However, a hot guy with artful tats that mean something to him is fuckin’ hot to me. To each their own.

  7. Tonic says


    Sounds like you’re projecting the reasons YOU would need in order to get a tattoo. However, if we studied the number of those working in the visual arts (and probably creative jobs in general), I would BANK on the results being that there is a greater amount of inked individuals. The link being art and expression.

    That being said, I’m sure there are tattooed people with individuals, but no more so than the vanilla peeps.

    Aggh. I can’t believe I’ve commmented this much on a page about the 90210 guy.

  8. Buster says

    Ok, I’ll admit that one or two well-chosen, well-placed tats can be hot on the right guy. But this kind of “if one is good, ten are better” approach is sad to me. I still haven’t seen a man with multiple tats who wouldn’t look better without them (I’m looking at you, David Beckham!). And it seems sort of adolescent and uninteresting to assume that you’re really gonna want the same 10 drawings on your body for your entire life, anymore than you’d want to commit to wearing the same piece of clothing forever.

    As a gay men, I’m attracted to men, not the cartoons they can cover themselves with. (Also, doesn’t it seem likely that these tattooed guys are the same ones who covered their high school notebooks with skullheads and band stickers?)

  9. johnny says

    A few well-designed tats, OK. Big, horribly drawn lightening and wing tats? Not only ugly on this guy (or any guy) but as another poster said, sad. The sad part about bad, unfortunate ink is that most of it is applied when the wearer is young and impressionable and (possibly) drunk. When they are 40 and looking in the mirror I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes. And I have a very good friend who is in that position right now, covered in ink and wondering “Why the fuck did I do that?”.

  10. johnny says

    One more thought: If an artist is really great, they don’t usually work in a tattoo parlor. Sadly, very few great artists work in them. Very, very few.

  11. TANK says

    Tattoos suck, and people who have them are ugly by default. Blah blah blah, white trash, blah blah blah, boxy older body that looks like shit, and face that looks booze/drug worn.

    Now children, it’s true that not everyone with a tattoo is uneducated white trash, but tats are still a reliable perdicter of socioeconomic background and personality type…and none of it’s genuinely pretty.

    Christ, nod, I wasted this post…everyone did my job for me.

  12. Drew says

    I missed the transformation apparently, but he’s damn fine now. He does pull off that construction-worker-vibe quite nicely.

  13. Joe says

    I’ll admit that from time to time I find a guys with a ton of ink and a sort of rough attitude hot, but this doesn’t do it for me.

    I think the tats are just too middle of the road. If they really wanted to make him skeezy they should have gone with full sleeves. That would have been really hot. What he has now just isn’t enough, so he looks kind of lame.

    Of course, DH cast for middle aged women, not college aged gay men so…

  14. Just Turn Off the Lights says

    Before I could make a judgement call on his tats I’d have to see him completely naked (to be fair about it). And I think from many angles and possibly all night long.

  15. eellysha says

    Why always someone has to think and critices other’s decisions? If a guy wanna have his body covered all up with tattoos , is his own decision and I am sure he will do it because he want’s it and he likes it. I don’t think he or she will care other opinions. Un contrare, I find unatractive and truly now, first look at yourself and critices yourself. Someone here said something about people with tattoos not being being confident …etc etc. My dear friend, I have 3 small tattoos. I make sex with my light turned on. And I feel pretty damm much confident in myself. Tattoos are art. And if there is something to comment on, is you , why not having a tattoo, why so judging? Maybe because YOU are the one with some issues? Cmon guys!!!