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Christine O'Donnell: Homosexuality 'is an Identity Disorder'


Think Progress reports on more unspooling of Delaware GOP Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell's anti-gay positions:

"O’Donnell has said she “cannot understand” why gay people are offended by homosexuality being called a 'deviant sexual orientation,' and has claimed that gay people are 'attacking the very center of what is America — freedom to have different views.' But in a 2006 quote uncovered by the Washington Post’s Greg Sargent, O’Donnell took an even harsher stance: 'People are created in God’s image. Homosexuality is an identity adopted through societal factors. It’s an identity disorder.'"

O'Donnell spoke over the weekend at the Values Voters Summit.

Watch it, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. She is on the fringe. I predict she will lose.

    Posted by: Harry | Sep 20, 2010 7:53:01 PM

  2. Christine O'Donnell is personality disorder!

    Posted by: Clark | Sep 20, 2010 7:53:32 PM

  3. Give me one reason I should devote Nineteen minutes and 25 seconds on this whack job.

    Posted by: Rodney Wollam | Sep 20, 2010 8:02:25 PM

  4. I would LOVE to see what her sister's reaction to this one is.

    As much as I love the attention she's getting because she is making the Republican Party/Tea Party look BAD, I fear that the more Republicans we see on the national stage helping define the party voice is bad for us. While it gets Democrats in office, it makes it easy for them to say "Well, even if we do nothing we aren't that crazy." It's because voices like hers are so prominent that Obama and Democrats don't feel they need to move. If there were moderates in that party they would.

    I hope people like O'Donnell are a dying breed and I can only hope O'Donnell's run for office makes it hard for the GOP to side with the tea party/put anyone up as crazy as her again. Sadly, though I think this might just be the start for a few more years.

    Posted by: Joe | Sep 20, 2010 8:04:18 PM

  5. i want to grab the biggest dildo i can find and smack her in the face with it.

    Posted by: Rob | Sep 20, 2010 8:06:17 PM

  6. The level of political discourse on the right wing of American politics simply cannot get any lower. The real question is how long it can stay this low.

    Posted by: Hunter | Sep 20, 2010 8:38:51 PM

  7. @Rob: Best.Comment.Ever.

    Posted by: RyanInSacto | Sep 20, 2010 8:39:13 PM

  8. But, but, but her LEZBEEN sister says that she isn't anti-gay.

    I think she's only anti gay MEN. She doesn't seem to have any issues with lesbians, like her sister, and her sister seems to believe that being anti-gay MALE doesn't make you anti-gay as long as you don't attack the lesbians.

    They're both brain-dead losers!

    Posted by: TampaZeke | Sep 20, 2010 8:42:54 PM

  9. ugh

    can we stop with the Christine O'Donnell posts already, Andy? I'm not sure where this sudden fixation is coming from, but leave this bitch behind where she belongs...

    Posted by: sheismakingmybrainhurt | Sep 20, 2010 8:52:08 PM

  10. Fair enough - IMO Christianity is a personality disorder.

    Posted by: Evan | Sep 20, 2010 8:59:33 PM

  11. So let me get this straight...she can't understand why we as americans would share our disapproval of her views that are clearly meant to "put us down" as human beings...

    Umm last time I checked we had the right to freedom of speech...

    Religious zealots/republicans/tea party/crazy are the biggest self-contradicting hypocrites I know of...

    Posted by: JJ | Sep 20, 2010 9:05:23 PM

  12. Narcissists are (a) extremely sensitive to personal criticism and (b) extremely critical of other people. They think that they must be seen as perfect or superior or infallible, next to god-like (if not actually divine, then sitting on the right hand of God) -- or else they are worthless. There's no middle ground of ordinary normal humanity for narcissists. They can't tolerate the least disagreement.

    In fact, if you say, "Please don't do that again -- it hurts," narcissists will turn around and do it again harder to prove that they were right the first time; their reasoning seems to be something like "I am a good person and can do no wrong; therefore, I didn't hurt you and you are lying about it now..." -- sorry, folks, I get lost after that. Anyhow, narcissists are habitually cruel in little ways, as well as big ones, because they're paying attention to their fantasy and not to you, but the bruises on you are REAL, not in your imagination.

    Posted by: I'm Layla Miller I Know Stuff | Sep 20, 2010 9:58:19 PM

  13. I love that you used this looney pic of her :)

    Posted by: Uluwehi | Sep 20, 2010 10:00:30 PM

  14. I am SO tired of dealing with fucking stupid people... especially those who want to dictate civil laws in our country. I don't give a shit if you pray to an albino moose god... the United States is not a theocracy! Do not spew your CHOSEN religious beliefs on anyone else.

    Posted by: David in Houston | Sep 20, 2010 10:04:33 PM

  15. Christine O'Dipshit is a perfect example of a Christian. Empty, angry and ignorant. No redeeming value whatsoever...

    Posted by: Robert In WeHo | Sep 20, 2010 10:06:44 PM

  16. This woman is completely crazy. I agree she is a personality disorder

    Posted by: Stephen | Sep 20, 2010 11:11:48 PM

  17. She looks like a blow-up doll straight boys use to fulfill their prurient needs when they can't get a real woman.

    Posted by: Kyle Sullivan | Sep 20, 2010 11:27:56 PM

  18. Her sister says she's not homophobic. Denial is not just a river in Egypt!

    Boy, is freaking messed up.

    She's going to lose, trust me.

    Posted by: FunMe | Sep 20, 2010 11:46:31 PM

  19. Oh, if Missy isn't sure what's going to happen to her next, she should good "Dr. Laura" and "gay" and "biological error".

    ZAS you Satan Christine witch!

    Posted by: FunMe | Sep 20, 2010 11:48:17 PM

  20. This stupid bitch isn't qualified to say what is or isn't a mental health disorder. Just because she thinks her magic sky fairy called 'god' tells her that what she says is right, the American Psychiatric Association as well as the American Psychological Association would beg to differ, not to mention anyone with half a brain.

    Posted by: Ian | Sep 21, 2010 12:44:27 AM

  21. Being a Republican is know personality disorder, that only a good ass whipping can fix!

    Posted by: Dawnell_do | Sep 21, 2010 1:14:09 AM

  22. Bet she can't understand why people call her crazy either.

    10 bucks says that she's just bitter because her ex-bf dumped her for that hot guy sitting in front during high school.

    Posted by: BlueTears | Sep 21, 2010 1:14:38 AM

  23. Beauty Queens and opportunists looking for TV jobs need to be exposed & removed from public office & politics.

    Posted by: that'sright | Sep 21, 2010 1:21:33 AM

  24. Hey Christine, how's that sistery lesbiany thing workin' out for ya?

    Posted by: Chunks | Sep 21, 2010 1:52:51 AM

  25. I am not an American so I am not sure but didnt Bush, a republican, cause all of the problems she lists at the start of her speech????????
    she is such a fucking retard, get a brain america!

    Posted by: sully | Sep 21, 2010 6:30:07 AM

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