1. Dback says

    Ron Howard has directed some of my favorite films (“Splash” “Cocoon” “Parenthood” “Apollo 13″ “Frost Nixon”) as well as some real clunkers (“Willow” “The Missing” “How The Grinch Stole Christmas”), not to mention the mediocrities (“Night Shift” “The Paper” “Backdraft” “Gung Ho”). This definitely looks like a lower-tier film–a crass, obvious comedy dressed up with A-list stars who should know better, but needed money to remodel the dining room or for their kids’ college fund.

    At the time of “Swingers,” I thought Vince Vaughn was a comedic wonder; however, with “Made” and “Old School” and this, he’s going to the pointless-homophobia well one too many times. How depressing.

  2. David in Houston says

    Has there EVER been a movie where Vince Vaughn hasn’t spewed some inane homophobic crap? The second I see him on the screen, I just want to punch him in the face. Then there’s Kevin James. Does ‘I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry’ ring a bell?

  3. Danny says

    Queen Latifah should be ashamed of herself. Not only does she not stand up for who she is, she sits there while they use “gay” as another word for “uncool, lame”. All for money. A real class act.

  4. Jim says

    Wow… so lame. The word “gay” isn’t even really used anymore in this way after all the public service announcements and such. Vince Vaughn is a charismatic guy, but he had better climb up a little bit higher up the food chain with his career. The thing I’m upset about is Queen Latifah sitting there with this term “gay” used in a derogatory way. She should know better!

  5. JH says

    I thought Ron Howard was better than this, and I’m not talking about the possible quality of the movie. Always had a lot of respect for him, but I’ve lost a lot of that after watching this trailer.

  6. Travis says

    If this is what straight people think of comedy, then I hope for their sake, they don’t kill all the gays. We’re the ones that bring comedy and drama to new heights. Totally depressing trailer.

    All characters, except for Channing Tatum, are on my shit actors list.

  7. tony x says

    Vince Vaughn is a closeted bisexual.
    Queen Latifa is a closeted homosexual.
    Kevin James made an infamously homophobic movie.

    Do you think any of these self serving scumbags care about anyone else or a gay joke in their movie ??

  8. scar2 says

    I actually hope that this movie is better than what the trailer suggest. Maybe the remark is supposed to show the idiocy of the character? This is supposed to be Winona Ryder’s comeback movie. I remember reading she beat out Uma Thurman & Kate Beckinsale for the role. It’s supposed to be a juicy part but she’s hardly on the trailer. Hopefully a better trailer will be coming soon.

  9. jexer says

    My bet? Kevin James’ character is secretly gay, only out to his “wife of convenience” and they’re both sleeping with other men. Vince’s character finally confronts Kevin’s, finds out, struggles with it and then accepts his gay best friend for who he is, finally freeing him from the cycle of lies and becoming a much more P.C. douchebag in the process.


    Would that make the “it’s so gaaaaay” schtick in the beginning okay? Meh, I’ll probably netflix it eventually and find out.

  10. Hank says

    Seems designed to make loutish fat middle-aged sraight white american men feel like they are fun , interesting, cool, cute when they dance, and attractive to skinny starlets- it will probably make money, since there’s a LARGE target audience for that fantasy.

  11. TANK says

    Actually, this looks FUCKING UNWATCHABLE. Got that, pretender? Kevin James is a fat sack of excrement, and hopefully they’ll pull this out of a tailspin by having him put the moves on a cheesecake, because apparently that’s the only way that talentless idiot can get a laugh.

  12. says

    these actors, writers, and producers are desperately trying to figure out a way to just blow the lid off the dump and get seriously homo.

    i know not many of the other posters will agree, but the advertising world knows all about trends, and movie people are ready to step in to address those trends. but in the meantime, before America reaches 55%-60% acceptance (but their target audience already more strongly supports gays) they’re gonna put out some painful ka-ka that is so bad it can be mistaken for homophobia.

    ***it is actually mock-homophobia*** that poses as comedy.

    they must learn to be comfortable to drop the mock part of the whole formula and everything will be just fine, just fine!

  13. cathy thomas says

    Vince Vaughn is clearly a homophobic creep. He’s fat, he’s gross, he’s bitter, he’s a lush (look at the raccoon eyes), and anyone that supports him in his rants probably voted for George Bush. Every single film of his suggests this behaviour, and if you have any moral fiber in you BOYCOTT this creep and send him back to the second rate regional theatre he came from in Chicago. He stinks.

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