Duke Student President Vetoes Ruling Against College Republicans for Homophobic Harassment of Former Chairman


Duke Student Government Mike Lefevre this weekend vetoed a decision by the student senate to de-fund and de-charter the College Republicans at Duke University over the group's treatment of Justin Robinette, the former Chairman of the organization, who was forced out after fellow students found out he was gay, and subsequently subjected to harassment by vandals via anti-gay graffiti and threatening emails from members of the club.

The Duke Chronicle reports:

"Lefevre, a senior, vetoed the group’s defunding Friday afternoon and extended his veto Sunday night to block the potential de-chartering of the organization, which would have been determined by the Student Organization Finance Committee. Lefevre’s veto came after he received letters of resignation from DCR Chair Carter Boyle and Vice Chair Travis Rapp, both seniors. 'It didn’t make sense to veto one and not the other,' Lefevre said. 'Students involved in this mess will no longer be leading the organization…. It’s really unjust to the club if we punish them for something that happened last year, [when] the people who did that faced the repercussions.' DCR will hold an election in the next few weeks to select a new chair. No current members of the DCR executive board will be able to run for the position—a decision made by the College Republicans, Lefevre said. After meeting with SOFC Chair Max Tabachnik, Lefevre extended his veto to prevent the organization’s de-chartering. Tabachnik, a senior, proposed that SOFC govern the next College Republicans election. Lefevre noted that the club must comply with SOFC’s ruling."

According to the paper, "The Senate can overturn Lefevre’s veto with a two-thirds vote in its meeting Wednesday."


  1. says

    Lefevre should be recalled or removed. He should, in no way, be re-elected. He is obviously protecting a group of bigoted individuals – the organization’s members are ALL guilty of the unbelievable treatment of Justin Robinette NOT just the President and Vice President. Thus, they should lose their funding and chartering entirely. Hence, Lefevre should be ashamed of himself and is, himself, promoting gay discrimination by protecting the organization.

  2. daftpunkydavid says

    wait so the chairman and the vice prez resigned, right? and they were responsible for the robinette debacle last year, right? so if they resigned, is it a bad thing for the student president to act the way he did, i.e. veto actions that would have penalized the entire republican group? i’m sorry, i don’t get it…

  3. Will says


    If you read thecoimments under the original article you’l ee that it was more than just the President and Vice President and many in the club signed the petition forcing Robinete to step down because he was gay

  4. Dame Jane says

    Duke Junior High more like, holy God! Don’t go to Duke if you’re gay we’ve all learned.

    Justin, you should transfer, buddy! Nobody cared about your rights there

  5. Lex says

    Robinette’s cuter than the homophobic veto guy, or maybe he’s gay too who knows. Robinette’s a proven fighter too, so I don’t think some a-hole like this guy will stand in his way. Inyway, we should fall on the side of the attractive ones and not the ugly ones. I’m sick of the French…just sayin

  6. Gerald says

    LIKE I said before, screw Duke such an anti gay place, never knew someone who went there and liked it.

    O, Robinette should secede and make his own student government so the gays can join him. Secession is a tenet of Republicanism so Robinette would be serving both his interests–his party and his ****

  7. Yep says

    How much you want to make a bet that Lefevre is a republican and made a deal with the DCR and they did not call him out of the blue.. The organization’s members are ALL guilty of the unbelievable treatment of Justin Robinette NOT just the President and Vice President. After it happened they had to appear before the student senate to fight their case and they LOST. Now only AFTER the ruling the groups President and Vice-President resign right before Lefevre made his decision.

    They should lose their funding and chartering entirely


  8. G says

    Considering Duke has and inferiority complex and ridiculous amounts of Ivy-envy already, I’m surprised they are not taking a hard stand on this issue to try to be more gay-friendly. The University of Pennsylvania, in a college first, actually reached out ahead of time to any applicants for the Class of 2014 that explicitly indicated that they were gay to showcase the palacial LGBT center and how gay friendly Penn is.

    So, talented gay high school seniors: Look North, not South!

  9. tony x says

    Lefevre knows that making a name for himself by kissing up to the elite (Republicans) he can get ahead – they pay well for keeping people down.

    And yeah – closet case.

  10. JT says

    I love that lately the GOP hacks and their gay lapdogs have been trying to tout how the GOP, “Is moving into a more gay tolerant way of thinking”…
    Hmm..looks like the future wingnuts are still reading from the old books. Say hello to our GOP candidates for the 2024 elections.

  11. jk says

    For those of you who claim that Duke is horrible place for gay students, I recommend you take a look at the amazing and inspiring blog created by members of the undergraduate LGBT group on campus, Blue Devils United at http://www.bluedevilsunited.com/. As a recent graduate from the university, I can attest that while there are of course a number of bigots, Duke also fosters a safe and secure place for LGBT students to express themselves in a loving and supportive community, which has embraced and supported Justin through this entire mess.

    It is unfair to judge an entire institution based on one news story or the actions of a few people. Which is exactly the logic that Lefevre is using in his power as elected president to veto the senate’s decision. I’m not going to make a blanket statement based on Mike’s bias since I am unfamiliar with what has been done in the case since I graduated, but I think we all can agree that a certain amount of justice has been served to the main perpetrators of this ordeal, and hopefully the campus as a whole can move on and learn that intolerance of any kind is unacceptable.

  12. scott says

    maybe lefevre read jesse helm’s book “how to win friends and influence people”….he’s going to make a good carolina politician one day…maybe the student body should vote to remove all the stupid ignorant frat boys from Duke’s campus…oh wait, that would mean that lefevre would have to leave…

  13. ratbastard says

    I must say LeFevre is quite fashionably dressed.

    And what’s the scoop homophobic / homoerotic fraternities? Seriously…like most I was never a fraternity member. Too gay for my taste.

  14. Gabe R L says

    Funny how supposedly out-and-proud gay men show their self-hating homophobia by referring to any man who seems to disagree with them as being gay! Isn’t that what straight guys do all the time about men they don’t like for whatever petty reason?

  15. Gabe R L says

    Lefevre’s decision was made not as a homophobic gesture, but as support for the members of the group who had nothing to do with what happened to Robinette. Bunch of mean-spirited queens. He is simply trying to give the group a chance to start over from a terrible ordeal.

  16. wimsy says

    Conspiracy theory: Lefevre, the closet case, is suspected of conjugal attraction to Robinette, the conservative sissy (?!?). Both have French names, after all, and live well back from the edge politically. So the Closet ousts the Fag to cover the fact that they are sweatily exchanging bodily fluids under the first-floor stairwell in the Snyderman Building! Get a room!

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