1. Kevinintexas says

    Aside from not making sense – the terrorists would have aimed lower, obviously, unless it’s saying the towers should have shrunk? – this is offensive, exploitative, and SICK. And this close to the anniversary, are you fucking kidding me?

  2. Vince says

    While this is tasteless, I can’t help but think of all the Americans who exploit the events of 9/11 all the time. What’s all this anti-Muslim hatred floating around if not certain segments of the population attempting to exploit fear that stems from 9/11?

  3. Christian says

    There are about three thousand reasons that is not funny.

    We silly Americans…

    Maybe an American ad with Marianne posed seductively on the muzzle of a Nazi tank gun would open a few French eyes.

  4. jamesintoronto says

    I don’t think you can pin this on the French anymore than you can blame all Americans for temporarily re-naming french fries “freedom fries” after France’s refusal to back the Iraq invasion. This is one company trying to garner some attention and it is utterly tasteless

  5. moon_river says

    isn’t this the country that passed a law banning muslim women from wearing burqas and niqabs in public spaces?

  6. daftpunkydavid says

    wow… are you really so stupid as to assume that, because this one ad agency produced this one ad, french people all together deride or mock or would like to exploit the events of sept 11? well, in that case you ARE dumb americans. wow just wow.

    and also, beaverhausen, the plo flag in the lower left corner is the cover of courrier international with a heading quoting ha’aretz, an israeli newspaper, saying that ‘palestine will be [their] vietnam’. it’s no secret that europeans in general (as well as the rest of the world) are more sympathetic to the palestinians than americans are; but if your post is to imply some sort of admiration or support from the french for jihadist terrorism, then i don’t know what world you live in…

  7. A. Beaverhausen says

    @daftpunkydavid: It is what it is, shit-for-brains. I made a simple observation. So you think Palestine’s flag just randomly appeared on the ad from out of nowhere? No human being was involved in designing the ad…it just happened all by itself?

  8. Zlick says

    Perhaps if they had built less ugly towers?

    Anyway, even if the joke is not your style, it’s a joke. Lighten up. For those of you who think the work of an ad agency represents the views of a nationful of people, go back to sleep.

  9. daftpunkydavid says

    @beaverhausen: OF COURSE, it’s not random. that’s the point of having a magazine that generally deals with CURRENT events. it would not make much sense to have an ad or a cover that relate to events that are not happening right now.

    did you know that the 9th anniversary of the wtc attacks is around the corner? did you know that the palestinians and the israelis have just started their umpteenth peace talks? ok, then, when you put 2 and 2 together, you get this 9/11 ad for a magazine whose cover is the one with the plo flag…

    wow… just wow.

  10. JT says

    Wow…to all the Eurotrash on here blowing this off as a simple joke we are not getting…Ill be waiting with a grin for you’re next disaster.
    As far as my fellow US brethren…dont bother getting offended anymore…THEY ARE FRENCH…i mean..really…
    Its like the retarded kid trying to grade your term paper.
    When France becomes relevant in anything aside from wine and smoking, then we can take it seriously.

  11. A. Beaverhausen says

    @daftpunkydavid: I was giving them the benefit of the doubt that they were just inattentive and careless. Thank you for turning my observation-without-comment into a categorical acknowledgement that the ad’s secondary insult was completely intentional. I don’t know what you think you’ve achieved, though.

  12. DJSauvage says

    Come on, it’s been 10 years, wash that sand out of your vagina. gallows humor is part of the healing process.

  13. Laurie says

    uh, it’s been 9 years, not 10. Some of us know people who died that day. Justifying this “joke” is indefensible.

  14. Zlick says

    “Some of us know people who died that day?” Ok, granted, you and others in your same situation probably won’t laugh at this. Get a grip, though – because not everybody on earth knows someone who died on 9/11. Are you also against jokes about any act of war or violence, including those committed by the U.S. government, where people who know people who died might hear the punch line and be offended? And what’s the statute of limitations for black humor? 10 years? 20? 9.5?

  15. daftpunkydavid says

    @ beaverhausen: mmmh i don’t think you were giving them the benefit of the doubt. quite on the contrary, i think you were implying that there was some sort of good ole’ america-bashing from the french with a sprinkle of pro-palestinian propaganda.

    when i read your comments, the impression that i got of what you were trying to convey was: “look! they don’t like us and they don’t like israel either”, which is what spurred my response. please note that i don’t say that i myself like the ad. i just want to call out people who would infer that this ad is representative of french attitude towards what happened on 9/11 and, flowing from this, people who would want to make an amalgam between france and anti-us or anti-israel jihadi movements in the world.

    i understand it makes for quick, simple, catchy arguments, that potentially generate lots of traffic on a website, but there’s always more to the story. these things are not so simple. it’s not always a us-versus-them or good-versus-evil world. it’s just ridiculous how everything these days is dumbed down be it on tv, in newsweek or on blogs.

    rant over. for now. lol.

  16. wonderer says

    Sorry…but I love the French…Just because one firm decides to be tasteless does’t mean France or its people are that way….come on. USA doesn’t do anything tasteless? Like have a war for no reason….and EVERYONE here in america are soooo wonderful.

  17. wonderer says

    BTW…I know someone that died in the loma prieta earthquake yet Americans joke about that one all the time.

  18. walter says

    the french would be germans today if the dumb americans hadn’t pulled their chesnuts out of the fire twice in one century. time for permanent switch to freedom fries and drinking of wines from other parts of the world. the french think themaelves superior to everyone else but they also think frogs legs and snails is haute cuisine

  19. TANK says

    This is in shockingly poor taste. But that’s rather the point, isn’t it? A lot of antiamerican sentiment to make this a novel idea in france. Fuck the french…good cheese and wine and bread…and food in general…lousy people and philosophy…rotted people.

  20. Emmy says

    I’m sorry but this joke is incredibly poor taste. Also, I get the joke and it’s just not funny. Do you joke about the Holocaust? No, why? Because maybe it’s in poor taste? This cannot be defended, joke or not, it’s not funny. It’s common decency for Christ’s sake, you don’t joke about that stuff. Yeah, let’s joke about thousands of people being killed, yeah… that’s an awesome joke. Just fucking hilarious. My brother and his family were on the plane that hit the first tower so forgive me if I don’t find 9/11 humor very funny. Anyone who defends this, I hope you experience a tragedy like that and then maybe you’ll understand why it’s not so fucking funny. Get some Goddamn common decency. Go fuck yourselves.

  21. says

    I was one of the few people on Earth who did not get swept up in the post-9/11 brouhaha. I openly derided Dubya online even after 9/11, and people were telling me that I shouldn’t. I didn’t feel any pride in being American, especially during those terrible days. I’m not cold-hearted or anything. I was just angry that the media and America treated Dubya and his posse like they were the second coming of Jesus and the Apostles, when 3,000 people died in part because of them, and the whole thing could have been prevented. Part of me still thinks that 9/11 was in part orchestrated to make Dubya a virtual God after the first few months of his dunce-hood (er, presidency) saw his ratings in the tank.

  22. Zlick says

    As a matter of fact, I have joked about the Holocaust on several occasions. It’s a wonderful ability to separate humor from reality. So with all due respect, don’t waive your “I know somebody who died on 9/11″ stuff to this particular jew.

    Yes, I understand why you are personally offended. But neither your personal experience nor our shared American experience governs humor for the rest of humanity. Don’t like the joke? Don’t laugh.

  23. Emmy says

    Excuse me Zlick but I am not waving anything in anyone’s face but the fact that I’ve seen this and I get to relive that day all over, every Goddamn day, should show you that it’s not appropriate to joke about people dying. Good for you that you can laugh and make jokes about the Holocaust but forgive me if I get more than a little irritated when when that company show no regard for people who may still be mourning. All that I am asking is that people show a little decency toward their fellow man, especially when the anniversary is so near. The wounds never healed for those families because of all of the post 9/11 bullshit. It is still fresh and it still hurts. I didn’t find it funny and I didn’t laugh, but then again I don’t laugh at a whole lot anymore so maybe it was my mistake, maybe it is hilarious or maybe it was poor judgement and cruel. It would be nice if, for once, people would show some compassion or common decency. Those people were innocents and their lives were taken away because they got on a plane or just went to work. I’m not asking for a whole lot, I’m asking for people to have a little common sense. It is cruel, it’s just cruel.

  24. says

    EMMY, I’m sorry for your loss. In the immortal words of Bill Sherwood’s script, “I bet it’s a fiucking drag.”

    ZLICK: got menschlichkieit? I guess not.

  25. Kevinintexas says

    I’ve laughed at some pretty horrible jokes, but I certainly wouldn’t condescend to any Jew who didn’t find a Holocaust joke funny (for example). I don’t know why some feel it’s okay to come on here and talk down to Americans who are offended by this ad, as I am. Maybe Europeans, more removed from this event, can laugh, but surely you understand why most Americans would NOT find this hilarious? Plus it implies that it’s our fault for building the towers too tall and not the fault of the TERRORISTS who hijacked four planes and MURDERED 3000 people, which is just insulting, whatever you think of the attempted joke.

  26. Emmy says

    Thank you David R. and yes, it was a fucking drag. See Zlick, compassion, it’s not that hard. Plus, it’s a good quote and very much appreciated.

  27. wonderer says

    @WALTER….and we’d still be British if it wasn’t for the French. Escargot IS haute cuisine. And they would LOVE for us to take there country’s name off of our fast food.

    @TANK…most “americans” are lousy trash. Every culture has them…us more then anywhere. Go to a “Tea Party” or watch fox news.

  28. TANK says

    You’re pathetic, wonderer. You lack an authentic american presence. You are more concerned with defending the reputation of the french than with condemning this and all who find it a diversion. It’s weakness. This country (and this country is THE country, still) MADE the twentieth century happen. France is over, and has been a has been for a long, long time.

    Of course america has its douchebags. But france has a particular type. Filled with condescending bravado and pseudo intellectualism that makes DECENT PEOPLE turn away in disgust. European waste.

  29. James says

    Hello Tank! You sound like a crazy right winger right now, you know that right?

    TO EVERYONE: The whole joke is not saying “they’re dumb for bot having made the towers shorter”.

    9/11 was a tragedy, but no more than every tragedy happening in the world every other day. The real tragedy, is that it was turned into a great instrument of propaganda by the American government, the same government who had been arming up the Talibans for the past 15 years. That’s what the slogan is all about: If you know what’s going on, you know how things can turn.

  30. TANK says

    ha ha ha ha….the left will never win, unfortunately. They have great ideals, of which I subscribe to many. But people like james reveal its fundamental flaw. You can’t call patriotism right wing, and dismiss it as extremism. Most Americans care a great deal about the wellbeing of America…and the fringe of the left simply doesn’t. They revel in its flaws and failures (and not to make it a better country, really…but to undermine its geopolitical and economic hegemony, which they view as evil–and I’m not going to qualify this), and have made criticism of them a nat’l passtime. It’s an intellectual pursuit, and ultimately trivial. To equate patriotism and concern with united states’s wellbeing with right wing extremism is the radical left’s undoing…but it makes for good entertainment.

  31. ratbastard says

    I think that’s hilarious!

    European humour – Yanks just don’t get it, do they?

    POSTED BY: JAMES | SEP 7, 2010 3:25:41 PM


    Assuming you’re British (sorry English, Welsh, Scottish) or maybe Irish, Canadian or Australian…a big, fat fuck you is in order.

    Whenever an Englishman, Irishman, Canadian, Australian spits out the word ‘yank’ or ‘yanks’ look out…the shit is about to hit the fan.


    …..Well, it’s tasteless even genuinely insulting, but we’ve been mocking the French (due primarily to misguided, bigoted, and ignorant British influence) for a while so what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  32. ratbastard says

    Anybody who is really familiar with French people (and speak French themselves) know most of the stuff attributed to them regarding rudeness and anti-Americanism is bull shit. The average French person is perfectly pleasant and not anymore bigoted or rude than anyone else.

    As for anti-Americanism, you’ll find the worst levels exist in the English speaking world and I suspect that’s insecurity because the U.S. wears the pants in the relationship. When the British Empire was on top they were loathed also. Still are, actually, by many around the world.

  33. TANK says

    blah blah blah blah. We don’t need to defend the french. Why? It’s not like criticism matters to them, or us (the average anti-french american is a minority, and has no influence, and doesn’t even take him or herself “seriously” on that matter). I’m not anti-french, but anti-type…and there is a type amongst, at least, academics (I’m sure your average frenchman works for his daily bread, and is no more interesting than any other generic particular). For an informed perspective? Like this ad? Fuck you and everyone who wants to a nuanced view on this matter. I say FUCK THE FRENCH, as this was researched, and found to resonate–to find a market. The response shouldn’t be to UNDERSTAND, and make allowances. Where’s the fun in that?

  34. Nick says

    It is an ad. A colossally dumb and stupid ad. But how could anyone reasonably think it represents the view of 60 million people? Or have ready a whole reservoir of insults to throw at them?

  35. Sqqueak says

    You said it, James: they just don’t get it do they . . . actually there’re quite a lot of things they just don’t get :-)

  36. Beau63 says

    So very classy and predictable coming from the people we saved during WWII. When we needed help in the gulf wars, they ran and hid their heads in the sand! Maybe if the terrorists would have hit the Eiffel Tower, the French view of us “Dumb Americans,” would be different. Stupid ungrateful French ad! Nuf said!

  37. JakeLondon says

    Why are people blaming France? I don’t understand why this always seems to happen. One French company makes a tacky advert therefore I hate France and it’s entire population… What kind of logic is that? View things for what they are.

  38. JakeLondon says

    I’m sorry but seriously? SERIOUSLY? Fear of Anti-Americanism (The term anti-American is ridiculously McCarthy era / Orwellian by the way) has warped peoples brains. You assume everyone in France thinks every American is unintelligent. Just read that last sentence again to really grasp just how ridiculous your assumption is. Why do you think this? Because the American media dedicates hours of television to showing you how everyone in the world hates America (the reason for this hatred is obviously due to jealousy as America is the bestest country in the whole world.) A company created this advert not France.
    As for your ridiculous “we saved France!” war comments that is a tacky and disrespectful statement to the millions of men that fought and died years before America finally decided to get involved.

  39. Emmy says

    What’s done is done and honestly, while in poor taste, who really cares. I was incredibly bothered by this at first but as someone pointed out (sorry, I don’t feel like reading the posts again) tragedies happen everyday and there have been worse tragedies. It was awful but we can’t hang on to this, if we do we’ll never heal as a nation. And I gotta tell you, politicians use 9/11 for their own agenda and that makes it even harder for the families to move on. All this attention and the fact that people keep bringing it up makes it harder to move on. I think it’s time to let it go. let’s take the companies advice and anticipate and make sure this shit never happens again. What’s done is done and there’s nothing we can do about it. By the way, this one company does not represent the French as a whole so lets not get so pissed at the French as a whole. It wasn’t a funny joke, it was in poor taste but it is what it is.