Gay MN GOP Lawmaker Koering to Run as Write-In Independent


Gay Minnesota GOP state senator Paul Koering will seek re-election as an independent, write-in candidate after losing his primary, the Minnesota Independent reports:

"Koering told the St. Cloud Times over the weekend that he will run a write-in campaign for the state Senate seat he now holds. Koering lost to Paul Gazelka in the Republican primary after the National Organization for Marriage and the Minnesota Family Council made hay of Koering’s dinner date with a porn actor over the summer. Koering says an overwhelming response from voters in the district encouraged him to run. 'Wherever I went, people were telling me they were going to write my name in,' he told the St. Cloud Times. He said there was an 'overwhelming show of support from many friends and acquaintances.'"

Koering, who came out in 2005, supports Minnesota's ban on same-sex marriage and voted against a gay marriage bill in 2009.


  1. sparks says

    The worst kind of self-hater is the homosexual who wants to deny others their civil rights and freedom to have state-recognized partnerships which convey the same rights straight people enjoy.

    I just want to punch people like this in the face…

  2. Joe says

    Two things:

    1. Of all the gay porn stars to ruin your political career over, he chose Brandon Wilde?

    2. It must be really awkward being a gay republican in MN knowing his party wants to outlaw homosexual acts.

  3. Mike in the Tundra says

    Koering did not come out, he was outed. He thought if he went to a Minneapolis bar, no one would recognize him. Didn’t work.

  4. TampaZeke says

    So NOM says that they aren’t anti-gay just pro one man, one woman marriage but they campaign against a man who is anti marriage equality just because he’s gay.

    Koering and NOM are scumbags who deserve each other.

  5. ThomT says

    Everywhere he went people told him they were “going to write his name in” … well, isn’t that special. Where were all those people during the primary when it would have been so much easier to just vote for him? The guy is delusional – he’s not going to get sufficient write in votes to even cause impact the race one way or the other. Man-up Koering, you lost the primary get over it and move on – try something original like getting a REAL job, fulfill your porn star fantasies and forget about politics.