1. kodiak says

    I clicked on the link to the book. Lots of pics of empty rooms with hilarious captions about Travolta. “John waits here for fresh meat”
    “I’ve seen John’s big ass on this table many times.” Hilarious.

  2. Tone says

    What is shocking is that people still seem to think that John Travolta’s private life is anyone’s business but his.

  3. Disgusted Gay American says

    I agree with TONE..unless John Travolta is wrking against LGBT citizens – then he should be allowed to have his Privacy..its between him and his wife.

  4. kujhawker says

    Yes Disgusted it is not like John Travolta belongs to an orginazation that works against LGBT citizens.

    Oh wait Scientology.

  5. says

    John Travolta is a member of a cult that works against LGBT equality. He’s not only a member, he’s a rabid promoter of it. Expose the hypocrites. Ken Mehlman left nothing but hate and destruction in his wake, Charlie Crist is still doing it. No sympathy and no amnesty.

  6. wonderer says

    Hmmm. If you click on the books website he names a few others….Don’t know how I feel about this….I think he should have just sued the spa owner instead of a tell all book.

  7. reality bites says

    Uhm disgusted gay american………….as a member of the church of scientology , trovolta is working against us. The church’s platform from L Ron Hubbard himself is that homosexuality is a serious f’d up mental condition needing fixing and ta -da for thousands of $$$ the church of scientology can “cure” u of ur gayness. So yeah F trovolta and out the freak

  8. romeo says

    This is old news going back decades and well documented. Years ago he had to give testimony in a law suit involving a gay man suing the scientologists over their failed attempt to turn him straight. Travolta was apparently aiding and abetting the treatment back in those days. Didn’t work for him; doesn’t work for anybody. This is nasty publicity, but Travolta deserves it, and it’s long overdue. No respect for him at all.

  9. TampaZeke says

    Clever headline. Notice how it gives the impression that Travolta AND his wife are victims of those conniving GAY MEN?

    He’s not a gay man cheating with men or a bisexual man cheating with men or even a closeted man cheating with men. He’s regular ole John cheating with GAY men!

    Won’t gay men ever stop destroying these happy heterosexuals lives?

    Bad gays! Bad, bad gays!

  10. Hollywood, CA says

    Its’ not CHEATING if the wife knows about it. Wake up, she’s in on it too. This is abotu as shocking as Tom and Ricky, and so on… One of these days, Tom is going to have enough, out himself, and totally take down the Church. Watch.