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    “every single thing we want”??? We didn’t get a god damn think except a slap in the face. Biden is a sad, pathetic drunk, who willingly plays puppet to this administration. Yet even as a puppet, he still can’t keep from putting his foot in his mouth.

  2. Alex says

    YO geezer Biden: get something done and you stop whining. I’m gonna keep whining, and not voting or giving $ to Dems until I see results instead of lies from the WH. The Obama DOJ is now the most homophobic department of government, the WH give millions to anti gay marriage groups, no progress on any LGBT issues.

    Fuck you Joe Biden, “ahm goin home!”

  3. Mike says

    As my mom used to say “Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face”. That old saying summarizes the situation perfectly. I also wanted single payer or a public option. What we got was far from perfect, but at least it is something. If the republicans had their way, we’d have NOTHING. If we don’t vote and allow the lunatics to get power, to say we’d be digging a deeper hole would be an understatement. As someone here posted a few weeks ago: “The Barbarians are at the gate…and someone left the key in the front door…”

  4. Robie says

    The Administrations’ new tactic seems to be an unapologetic confession that they aren’t getting it done for their heavily courted and promised to bases, portraying themselves as imperfect, yet better than the other guys. The least worst choice of two bad choices is still a bad choice. Forgive my incessant whining, please, Mr. Vice President, but the inability to get results on issues that I care about will lose my vote. I will still vote, never giving up that right and responsibility. I simply won’t cast my vote for ANY candidate that doesn’t align with my values, be they Democrat, Republican, or of any other affiliation. Please, brothers and sisters, stop voting party lines! Think for yourselves, read, research and cast your precious vote for the person who will represent your best interests! Change doesn’t happen overnight, but always begins with a first step. I reject the status quo. Join me!

  5. says

    oh biden. einstein’s definition of insanity is repeating the same action over and over and expecting a different result. why should gays continue to vote for dems if they are not going to do anything for us? sure the other guy may be worse, but if we don’t pull out the rug from under you and teach you a lesson, it appears you won’t learn. so i’m willing to suffer through another republican admin until you get the message through your thick skull that your base actually matters. otherwise, i’d just be fucking insane!

  6. jason says

    Biden is a liar and a moron. Just weeks ago, he appeared on Rachel Maddow’s show promising that DADT would be repealed. Well, we all know what happened to that.

    We cannot allow the Democrats to keep getting away with lying to the GLBT community. All the way from Bill Clinton to Barack Obama, it’s been a litany of lies. LIes, lies, lies. Liars do not deserve our votes.

    In fact, Democrats have made things worse for us. Look at DADT and DOMA – both enacted by that so-called gay-friendly Democrat Bill Clinton. We’re going to hell in the Democratic hand-basket.

    You’ll never get my vote again, Mr Biden. And nor will any other Democrat.

  7. Tim W says

    I agree with many posters above and I will not be sitting out the election. I will be voting for third party candidates like the Green Party who will be true allies and not give lip service.

  8. Tim says

    When will the dems get it? It’s not whining because we didn’t get everything we want. It’s because the dems didn’t even TRY to do what they promised. We’re not whining because we weren’t able to get a public option. We’re whining because Obama didn’t even try. He bargained away the public option before the process even began. He promised the hospital associations it wouldn’t be in the final bill and then went on to claim in public that he still wanted it. But, he thwarted it at every step in the process.

    With DADT, Biden recently told Rachel Maddow that the White House agreed to the “compromise” in order to guarantee the votes needed for passage. Well, what happened Biden? Which senators lied to you about their vote? Or, was it you who lied to Maddow? Too bad O’Donnell didn’t bother to ask you to explain that. Rather convenient, don’t you think.

    I never expected dems to get everything they promised. I did expect them to try and to not lie about it.

    Progressives are always told we have to compromise to get anything done. And, I understand the need for compromise. But, why is it only progressives who have to compromise? When do the Blue Dogs contribute to the compromises? When is it their turn to compromise for the good of the party? Apparently NEVER. Well, let the dems try to win elections with the Blue Dogs alone and see how far they get.

    I don’t care if the republicans win this fall. The dems will certainly have at least 41 seats left in the senate. They can just act the same way the republicans have and stop everything in the senate. Do you trust them to do that? Or, if the republicans get control will they have the balls to do what dems won’t and get rid of the filibuster? Or, if the senate doesn’t work out, then Obama can veto all the nasty crap they come up with. Do you trust him to use his veto? No, the apologists for dems don’t really trust Obama to use the veto, do they? Well, too bad then. The dems and their apologists should have worked harder to try to keep their promises.

  9. says

    I agree that more needs to be and could have been done regarding gay issues, environment and health care. However, given the state of the electorate and the clear-cut choices (fuck this green party shit), to sit out this election cycle when a great deal is at stake lends credibility to Biden’s statement.

    You need to stop you’re whining. We didn’t get everything we wanted, but we got a lot. Staying at home on election day because you want to hold your breath until you get what you want is another vote cast for regression; something none of us want.

  10. Tim says

    If the dems want to motivate me to vote for them this fall, they have one more chance to prove they are on my side.

    Obama can come out and state in public that he will instruct his DOJ to not appeal the court decision that struck down DADT as unconstitutional. That will get rid of DADT which he promised to do. Biden claimed they were promised the votes to be able to do it, but that didn’t work out. This is the easiest way for it to get done.

    And, don’t try the excuse that the administration MUST defend all laws in court. First, that’s not true. Secondly, they already did defend the law in court and they LOST. There is never a requirement to appeal a court decision.

    While he’s at it Obama could also say that he won’t appeal the court decision in MA that declared DOMA unconstitutional. He “claims” that he wants to get rid of DOMA. Well, here’s his big chance.

  11. says

    the only people that support 3rd party voting tend to be repubs who themselves actually end up voting repub, they just blow smoke to try to get dems to toss away their votes to usher in the repub oligarch run theocracy

  12. says

    The Democratic party and the White House deserve the harsh criticism they are receiving. They have squandered their majority, and they suck at selling the things they have done. You know they’re in trouble when it’s left to MSNBC to have the spine they lack. I mean, if you can’t successfully and rightfully demonize Republican ideas, then you deserve to lose.

    But we’re not voting for the Democratic party this Nov, we’re voting for individual candidates, candidates we should–as voters–have some leverage with. Why are we so quick to throw in the towel instead of speaking directly to the people we can actually vote for or against? I’m disgusted with the Democratic party as a whole, but the Democrats who serve me in Congress have been loyal to my interests for years, and I have no qualms about voting for them. If you don’t like what your candidates are doing, make your voice heard. Obama isn’t on the ballot this Nov.

  13. jerry says

    Biden is right. Consider what the state of affairs would be had McCain/Palin won the 2008 election and consider what the state of affirs will be if the Reoubliccans take control of the house and/or senate in the mid-term and the white house in 2012.
    The republicans do not offer viable alternatives, they have turned civil discourse into shouting and screaming matches so no one can be heard and are constantly searching for and promoting ( sadly successful) divisive, fear-mongering wedge issues that have little, if anything, to do with the serious issues we face.
    They seek to continue their policies of dismantling the American middle class and pandering to the fears of the middle and working classes so that they vote agains their self-interest and in favor of the ultra-rich and ultra conservative.

  14. Christopher says

    “The Vice President definitely has a point: even if Democrats are upset, aren’t they disregarding their American duty if they choose to ignore the ballot box this November, thus leaving a vacuum for opposing parties? ”

    So, Towleroad is now an editorializing?

  15. RW says

    Over many years, scientists have slowly made progress with HIV/AIDS medicine which has allowed people to live longer. But since they haven’t CURED AIDS, that just isn’t good enough. Therefore, I refuse to take ANY medicine until they eradicate it completely!

    Yep, that sounds totally logical!

  16. nando6990 says

    True, we didn’t get all we wanted, and we shouldn’t give to the DNC but rather to candidates we know are pro-equality, but not going to vote or voting for non-Dems equals shooting ourselves in the foot.

    Once the GOP is back in power they’ll do all they can to freeze any advancement of our causes and roll back any progress we already made.

    I say, suck it up, vote Dem and then keep hammering them until we get results!

  17. says

    The fact that Obama and Biden clearly do not understand the apathy and anger from their base is a bad sign. They are so out of touch and apparently it’s what happens when you move into the White House.

  18. mcNnyc says

    The Democrats DESERVE to loose Congress…I wish the House would stay Democratic but the SENATE deserves to loose. Gutless and corporate bought hacks.
    And I’m a registered Democrat.
    I mean what do we have to fear?
    Obama still has veto power.
    Or do you think he’s too gutless to use it in the last two years before the election of 2012.

    This President has hid behind the 60 vote Senate as an excuse for everything now lets see what kind of a leader he really is and whether he deserves the nomination let alone a second term.

  19. SKOC211 says

    Bitch bitch bitch. Fine. Don’t vote for the Democrats. Apparently many of us have grown nostalgic for a Republican controlled Congress. Sure, let’s fight round two of the culture wars in the minority party. Throw in the likes of Sharron “Second Amendment Remedies” Angle, Rand “I don’t like the Civil Rights Act” Paul, and Christine “anti-masturbation witchcraft” O’Donnell and these next few years are going to be quite a tea party.

  20. Sami in Vancouver says

    The American homosexual has never had it so good.

    So, there is no legal gay marriage, or LGBTs can’t openly serve in the military!

    Shut up and support the Democrats, or face the consequences of a Tea Party Republican majority all across the land!

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