1. Gridlock says

    Democracy has been dead ever since corporations got “personhood” rights. It’s been a steady erosion since then.

    Now we have warrantless wiretapping with no judicial oversight, the executive claiming it can spy on you, torture you, ship you to some gulag and keep you there till the end of time with no access to legal counsel, presidential assassinations of US citizens abroad, massive environmental accidents with nobody held accountable, endless wars with their associated crimes never being brought to justice..

    All of this that The Republicans and Democrats have caused, continued, and promoted.

    The barbarians have been with us a very long time.

  2. Brains says

    No knowledge of the five major historic legislative bills the Democrats have passed…

    What do you expect; when you have a majority voting populace that is sub-literate at best!

  3. AUSTIEK says

    Sadly many Americans have forgotten that the United States was supposed to be Republic not a democracy and yes, there is a BIG difference between the two. Democracy is thriving unfortunately.

  4. MajorTom says

    Um… Austiek. The United States was supposed to be a democratic republic. The two are not mutually exclusive. It is a republic in that the people (ostensibly) retain control over the government, i.e., it is not a monarchy. It is a democratic republic because this control is exercised through free and open democratic elections of representatives. The problem is not that democracy is thriving. It is, to the contrary, foundering because so few eligible voters participate and because the electoral process is so tainted by the influence of corporate interests.

  5. says

    Lest anyone forget, Tim Kaine, tapped by Obama to lead the DEMOCRATIC Party, signed the Marshall-Newman amendment to the Virginia Constitition, which not only banned same sex marriage, it outlawed ANY kind of contractual agreement between same sex couples. It is one of the most horrible, nasty, bigoted anti-gay amendments to pass in any state. If Kaine wants to know why Democrats, especially gays, are staying home, he need only look in the mirror. He is yet another example of religiously inspired, anti-gay bigot who was put into his position by the equally bigoted Barack Obama. He is why the Democratic Party is no longer a viable choice for real liberals. Until the DNC dumps bigots like Kaine and Obama, they don’t deserve a dime of our money, much less our votes.

  6. says

    Yeah, Tim Kaine, we got work to do. Like getting homophobe republican-lite “democrats” like you out of the Democratic party and out of power. Of course no one is excited by this guy. ANY story on Towleroad about Tim Kaine should mention his opposition to LGBT rights. full stop.

  7. RED DEVIL says

    Well it’s going to be funny as shit Gay Lib when those Republican roast your ass next year because none of the dems that MAY lose. Will actually have NOTHING to lose in the end! And no BITCH Hillary isn’t coming to save you!


    GOProud and Log Cabin lives. You’ll now see things our way biznitches!

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