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Justin Gaston Shows Some Emotion


Model Justin Gaston, in a new shoot from Richard Pier Petit.


(via vision model mgmt)


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  1. Well, Mylie Cyrus' musical talent is non-existant (must be the genes from her mulleted, worthless sponge of a father) but GODDAMN SHE HAS GOOD TASTE IN MEN!

    Posted by: dommyluc | Sep 9, 2010 8:07:40 AM

  2. I'm glad he has the good taste not to wax himself into oblivion: the hint of fur looks good. The cross makes a nice accent piece, too.

    Posted by: DougChgo | Sep 9, 2010 8:14:17 AM

  3. Another boringly perfect prettyboy

    Posted by: Jim | Sep 9, 2010 8:16:47 AM

  4. Now THAT is hot!
    "boringly perfect"? Not at all. He has his own unique signature fur pattern.

    Posted by: KevinVT | Sep 9, 2010 8:33:48 AM

  5. Is it just me, or is his bellybutton abnormally a couple inches too high and too close to his chest?

    Posted by: DJ | Sep 9, 2010 8:41:16 AM

  6. I think that's just a whorl.

    Posted by: topher | Sep 9, 2010 8:57:02 AM

  7. guy is hot

    but yeah his bellybutton's a bit off :-/

    not like that makes a difference, but still

    Posted by: neverstops | Sep 9, 2010 9:12:16 AM

  8. No , that cannot be a belly button.....what would it be doing up at his rib cage ? But he is beautiful.

    Posted by: JackFknTwist | Sep 9, 2010 9:43:22 AM

  9. He is super hawt...hope we see more of him....and very mawsc too!!!!

    Posted by: alan brickman | Sep 9, 2010 10:06:34 AM

  10. @JACKFKNTWIST I dunno I keep looking at it and it definitely looks like a belly button lmao, he must have a short torso lmao. looks weird but otherwise he's hawt.

    Posted by: JJ | Sep 9, 2010 11:02:42 AM

  11. i've noticed that some men have wonky navels. in da vinci's "vitruvian man" the umbilicus is at 62% of height. however, this belly button-gone-astray accompanies a beautiful, fuzzy guy. so who's complaining? certainly not me.

    Posted by: nic | Sep 9, 2010 12:10:06 PM

  12. His body is bent forward, he's curved a bit. If he stood straight up, it would be located correctly.

    That said, even if it was next to his ear, I'd still be intrigued.

    How does this guy stand to hear Mylie's horrible buzzy speaking voice all the time? I'd shoot myself.

    Posted by: johnny | Sep 9, 2010 12:16:44 PM

  13. @JOHNNY, good gawd! she grates on the ears and the nerves, doesn't she? why is she famous? and her pimp of a dad... don't even get me started. you know, if a gay dad was blatantly pimping out his son or daughter like this waste of oxygen does, he would be under suspicion as a sex peddler. how is that fair?

    Posted by: nic | Sep 9, 2010 1:34:31 PM

  14. You guys want more? He has been on the hulu
    only series "If I Can Dream" for a few months now.

    Posted by: JJ | Sep 10, 2010 12:59:57 AM

  15. He's better looking when he's not wearing one of his I LOVE JESUS/HATE FAGS tee shirts.

    Posted by: Scot | Sep 10, 2010 2:55:01 AM

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