Male Harvard Undergrad Targeted in Anti-Gay Hate Crime

The Harvard Crimson reports that a male undergrad was the victim of an anti-gay hate crime on campus Sunday:

Harvard "The student was walking down Garden Street from the Quad when three unidentified men began pursuing him and whispering homophobic slurs such as 'fag' and 'queer.' After chasing him onto a side street, the suspects demanded the victim’s cell phone and wallet, which they threw on the ground before fleeing the area. The student, who was not harmed during the crime, described the three suspects as white or Hispanic and in their early 20s. Since the incident did not occur on Harvard property, it is being investigated by the Cambridge Police Department."

Harvard Queer Students and Allies Co-Chairs Marco Chan ’11 expressed concern over the crime, and said the group plans to address it on campus:

“This is an insulated incident as far as our campus goes, but not so isolated when we go beyond greater Boston and Massachusetts. The message it sends to new students is particularly distressing since it’s so early in the year…This is a space we all collectively have ownership over. This whole environment is shared, built, and created by all of us, and no person, no student, no identity of any background should feel any level of insecurity."

Writes our tipster: "I don't know the victim that well, but I know he's an out gay sophomore (19yo). Contrary to what the police/administration are saying, I know he was injured or at least roughed up around the face because I've seen him since. Harvard's queers are in complete denial and they'll sweep this under the rug soon enough – nothing allowed to puncture the gay yuppie ideal. As far as I'm concerned, the so called liberal heartland of Harvard doesn't exist."


  1. I'm Layla Miller I Know Stuff says


    After subjecting Walker to a series of degrading insults ( a regular occurrence during filming) and with Walker visibly in shock, Vaknin Cooly, nad with disturbingly sadistic insight, described the process to him:

    “Your body was flooded instantly with adrenalin and its relatives like norepinephrine… Now when these moments pervade the bloodstream, your brain reacts. It shuts down certain centers and activates others. This is called the stress reaction, or stress syndrome, actually. Then when the abused recedes, the adrenalin levels being to drop.”

    “As they drop, the entire system goes into mayhem. So what bullies usually do, they start and stop, start and stop. That achieves the maximal stress syndrome, and this is the great secret of bullying. Never overdo it. Small doses. The victim will do the rest.”

  2. ratbastard says

    Technically, an LTC isn’t illegal or banned in Massachusetts. You must apply to the police chief of whatever town you live in. In Boston and other urban areas they are very picky about who gets a LTC, mostly just businessmen/women who carry large amounts of valuables, cash, etc., 99% of universities outright ban carrying a firearm on campus and of course ditto most businesses on their property.

    As far as getting just a permit it’s not really difficult, basically you have to be clean and prove you took firearms training courses. Part of the issue with the City of Boston is the mayor is very gung-ho anti-gun. But metro Boston is made up of like a million separate cities / towns, each one geographically pretty small (Boston is only 48 sq miles in land area with 650,000 people, Cambridge which borders Boston [Harvard is 3.5 miles from downtown Boston] is only 6 sq miles with 105,000 people.) so there is no one set answer and it can be a lot easier in suburban towns. N.H., Vermont, and Maine are also very close to metro Boston (N.H. is 40 miles north of Boston) and that’s a hole different story as far as firearms and gun laws and availability.

    ….Cambridge is very urban, and although it doesn’t have a big violent crime rate (it’s not unusual for a year to go by with no homicides) it does have the stuff that goes on in urban areas and larcenies, assaults, etc., are not unusual. I know the place where this allegedly occurred and although it’s not normally dangerous or high crime, it does have a huge transient population. And Harvard Sq and Central Sq have issues with young homeless hanging out and roaming around causing trouble. Many homeless kids from around New England at some point end up in Cambridge and Boston. A lot of homeless just out of county jails around metro Boston also end up in Cambridge because the city is very lenient towards homeless and there are numerous easy access shelters that are better than the huge alternatives across the river in Boston.


    That fool of a tipster of yourn is dribbling vilifications out the corners of his crooked mouth! HBS has zero tolerance when it comes to all things anti-LGBT and I can assure you the issue was handled in a most decorous manner. These were probably idiots from the inner city who frequent our campus in search of mischief. They break into dorms and the like.

  4. HarvardStudent says

    This is hardly being swept under the rug. There was a community discussion last night, one tomorrow (Thursday), another for next week for first-years. All this is culminating in coordinated activities between the LGBT many other student groups on campus to address issues of security, violence, and inclusiveness.

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