News: Gay Bollywood, HIV, Tim Gunn, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck

 road Hear a song from the musical, Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark.

Bollywood  road Screenwriter of "Bollywood's Brokeback Mountain" proves that Indian Cinema isn't that much different than Hollywood: "I wanted a more established and senior actor. But when I approached some of them, they rejected it straight away, which is quite sad because if you offer these actors the role of a smuggler or a terrorist, they'll do it. But offer them the role of a gay man and they have apprehensions."

 road Megan Fox gets freaky.

 road Scruff: It's Grindr for the bears.

 road Barge leaks 100 tons of oil into the Nile river, but is stopped after causing further environmental damage.

 road HIV transmissions among gay men in France is "out of control": "Scientists from the French National Institute for Public Health Surveillance found that nearly half of the 7,000 people newly infected with HIV in the country in 2008 were gay men, and the incidence among homosexual men is 200 times higher than in the heterosexual population."Birds

 road One of only 199 copies of the 19th Century book "Birds of America" by John James Audubon set to be auctioned by Sotheby's in London for $6 million.

 road Tim Gunn is on why he's still not out to his mother: "I approach it this way, and please don’t think a huge of amount of discomfort didn’t permeate every molecule of my being as I was contemplating this whole thing. But I asked myself, ‘What do I gain from this and what does she gain?’ I certainly never talked about being interested in women or men with her."

 road Zac Efron is almost unrecognizable with his new beard and sunglasses.

 road Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin claim that it was a coincidence their rally of a few weeks ago fell on the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s deliverance of his "I Have a Dream Speech." The duo are holding another event tonight, on the 9th anniversary of 9/11. once again, they're claiming the date is a "coincidence."

 road Someone did decide to burn a Quran at Ground Zero today after all.

 road Glee actors in Simpsons form.


  1. Lexxvsl says

    About the HIV transmissions in France, perception is everything. Perception matters. So, as a setback, in those countries where gays are generally well integrated to the general population as they don’t consider themselves as part of any closed ghetto in particular, they take the same measures to protect themselves from the STD than the general population. While the campaigns become relaxed or give the wrong message, they just simply go with the majority, as we all come from and live in a heterosexual world.
    The worst possible message is the one that can make some group feel safer or not exposed. For instance, this statistics will bounce back as the heterosexual once again will feel that HIV is a gay thing.
    One of the strangest “mental pathology” so to speak that I’m usually told about is that there are gays that consider themselves as only having sex with “straight men” (when they should be saying bisexual men at least) and both part included (the gay that cheat himself into believing that lie and the bisexual that can not accept that is also having sex with a man) feel therefore safer when au contraire, is the worst possible approach. The worst possible approach is taking any path to avoid using protection, whatever the excuse is.

  2. Rick S. says

    I am trying to suss out what you are saying, Lexxvsl, but I am sorry; your wording is very muddled. Regardless; what I find most alarming with respect to the depressing news coming out of not only France, but all over industrialized nations in the matter of HIV infections among gay youth, is that we are, in fact, not alarmed. Young gays regard HIV with a shrug, infection rates soar, and the gay community shrugs. Yes, this is no longer 1986; the new anti-virals can keep one alive, so disease and death are no longer the issues, but is this the way we want to live our lives?

  3. TANK says

    The red cross’s blood policy isn’t bigoted. Until the gay community starts to reduce the seroconversion rate, I see no reason to lift the ban. Even random sampling screening lets certain donations fall under the radar.

    As to the secorconversion rate in france…that ain’t the way to have fun, son.

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