Polis, Progressive Caucus Push Pelosi on ENDA

    The Honorable Nancy Pelosi
    Speaker of the House
    US House of Representatives
    H 232, the Capitol
    Washington, D.C. 20515

    Dear Madam Speaker:

    Members of the Progressive Caucus thank you for unrelenting support for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community and for making American jobs a top priority for the 111th Congress. Now is a dire time for the American worker and we believe, H.R. 3017, the Employee Nondiscrimination Act is a vital piece in our economic recovery. With the support of the Democratic leadership and the demonstrated commitment of the Administration, we believe this Congress will finally shut the door on employee discrimination.

    For nearly 20 years progressive members of Congress have been fighting to end discrimination and create a fair and equitable workplace for the LGBT community. In a metaanalysis conducted by the Williams Institute, statistics revealed a persistent and unacceptable trend towards open harassment, unfair hiring practices, unwarranted firings and unequal pay. As a caucus concerned with open-minded and progressive views, we take exception to this blatant mistreatment.

    As our economy works to recover, now seems the right time to thrust the American workforce into the 21st century with legislation that addresses discriminatory workplace practices. Already struggling with an unemployment rate of over 9 percent, the American worker should not need to contend with an employer’s personal discomfort or bias against the sexual orientation or gender identity of an employee. States that have adopted anti-discrimination laws report higher employee satisfaction and company morale. Unfortunately, there are only 20 states and the District of Columbia with these policies in place and 12 that also encompass thetransgender community.

    Employment, promotions and retention should be based on merit and merit alone. For the individual this means a safe and productive work environment where there is a focus on results not a preoccupation with their choice in partner or gender identity. Employers, too, should set their sights on an egalitarian workplace that encourages a sense of community and teamwork. In fact, 94 percent of Fortune 100 companies have antidiscrimination policies protecting lesbian and gay employees and 60 percent protect transgender employees. The best companies hire, promote and retain the best talent, all of which is only made possible by creating a supportive and accepting environment.

    ENDA will put the LGBT community on an even footing with every other employee. Turning a blind eye to harassment and discrimination against the LGBT community has too long been a stain on our otherwise proud record of worker protection. It is imperative to shine a light on this issue and add yet another achievement to this exceptionally accomplished Congress.

    We look forward to working with you and to enact ENDA in the 111th Congress.


    Raul Grijalva, CPC Co-Chair


    Lynn Woolsey, CPC Co-Chair

    Jared Polis, CPC Member

Image via TalkNewsMedia's Flickr.


  1. Ken says

    Pelosi represents a Congressional district with possibly the largest gay population in the country, yet she does nothing for us. I’d love to have seen someone prominent in the SF gay community run against her either in the Dem primary or as an Independent, that might have gotten her to take us seriously. Unfortunately it is too late for this year and I think her run as Speaker will be over in a few months anyway.

  2. Shane says

    Do you know what you’re talking about?

    “have started what will hopefully be a chorus of Congressional opposition to ENDA with a letter urging Pelosi to enact ENDA.”

    They’re not acting as “congressional opposition to ENDA.” They’re urging Pelosi to ENACT ENDA.

    You need an editor.

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  4. says

    What can you wait on? For hundreds of more black transgender women to be denied jobs at McDonalds? Or for hundreds of more black lesbians and gay men to discharged under DADT, since we are targeted the most?

    Do you even know what you are talking about? The House and Senate are loudly saying they will NOT vote on gay rights in 2010. Do you think they will with numbers down and midterms? Or do you think they will in 2011 when Obama is running for re-election?

    It’s really disgusting how some of you blindly repeat these Obama talking points and could care less about the community. We’re screwed. smh

    Now, please tell us when do you think the Congress will vote on ENDA. 2010? Middterms. 2011 or 2012? Reelection. I’m not even going to guess after 2012, some of you can think Obama is a shoe-in, I don’t any more.

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