1. MikeInSanJose says

    I hate stories about hyping celebrities’ sobriety. Makes it all the worse if they fall…

    Right, Lindsay, Hoff, Busey? These are intensly personal struggles that aren’t helped by all the publicity.

    That being said, I’ve loved him over the years and he has my full support and best wishes for his success.

  2. Alex N says

    I just have to comment that it seems strange to me that when it is a man, we reference Oscar Wilde, but when it is a woman we revert to insults from plastic surgery to obsessive airbrushing. It’s a clear double standard!

  3. DNashty says

    That particular magazine is well known for massive photo alterations of their covers. This is the magazine that gave Andy Roddick biceps so huge that everyone could tell it was fake – tennis players like Roddick have long lean physiques, and the magazine gave him bodybuilder arms. It was ridiculous.

    Here, they almost certainly shrunk his waistline.

  4. critifur says

    I am not saying he is not attractive (because he is gorgeous) and yes he has great arms and nice chest, but seriously, the cover of a fitness magazine and not having decent enough abs that you have to so obviously suck it in. It doesn’t even look like he has a one pack let alone six. FAIL.

  5. Bosh says

    I don’t know. This doesn’t look at all different from that long-view paparazzi shot of him on the yacht this summer. Not sure it’s all suck or airbrush.

    And I’ve always thought he had shoulders I’d kill for. Very impressive.

    I had the pleasure of “meeting” him coming out of a SB restaurant once, a year ago. The man does NOT need airbrushing. My partner and his friend were pretty much staring open mouthed while I quietly died inside.

  6. Michael Armbrust says

    You fucking queens need to get a life! What are/do most of you look like at 46? Quit being such fucktards and admire him for what he is. He looks awesome.

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