1. says

    Hey- AG Cox- yes he has a right to free speech but his speech is reflecting poorly on your office. Free speech does not equate freedom from consequences.

    Also, why does this tool have so much hate for the gay community? Hmmm…

  2. David in Houston says

    Either this guy is a self-loathing closet-case, or he’s an ultra-extreme homophobic Christian… or both.

    I’m not sure what Mr. Shirvell thinks Mr. Armstrong’s evil gay agenda is going to do exactly? Convert all the straight people to the awesomeness of homosexuality? I mean, the wackjob is calling him a gay nazi. How do you rationally deal with people like that? For starters, the A.G. should force him to go through diversity training. If he refuses, fire him for cause.

  3. says

    Armstrong is not the University president. He’s president of the student government body. He’s a kid. That makes this even more absurd and nauseating… that the assistant AG of the state of Michigan would find it appropriate to go so far as to PICKET events where an undergraduate student is appearing.

    Michigan residents should be proud of Armstrong, and horrified at the behavior of their officials.

  4. tjc says

    Wow — this guy is an Asst AG???? He cites as “proof” of underage drinking an affirmative RSVP to a Facebook event — DO NOT LET THIS MAN NEAR A COURTROOM!

    “And heavens! The ho-mo-seckshul had [stage whisper] sex with OTHER MEN-folk! What ain’t even gay!”

    FIRE THIS MAN. He is a disgrace and if I knew someone that biased were working in _my_ government I would have ZERO faith in that office’s impartiality.

  5. Disgusted American says

    seriously – If this guy was any further in the closet…..he’s a real sweetie / chk his closets – you’re bound to find GAY Porn….anyone have anything on him>?

  6. CKNJ says

    AG Cox has a responsibility to fire that moron, he is a public servant! Armstrong is taking the high road (to his credit) but I would have been a lot less forgiving and sued the fuck out of any moron that called me a nazi… defamation anyone? And from someone in the AG’s office??? Jeez!

  7. DN says

    Skimming through the guy’s blog, I can’t help but notice how angry Shervill is and how happy Armstrong looks. Look at his pics – he’s always got a million-dollar grin on his face. Look at Shervill and you see the personification of sourpuss. Looks to me like Shervill has some serious anger issues, and as easy as it is to make fun him (I just did a second ago), he’s probably more deserving of pity than mockery.

  8. Mike C. says

    This is just completely BIZARRE. This guy is OBSESSED with Armstrong! He’s taking the most mild-mannered polite kid and trying desperately to turn him into some kind of monster; I can’t fathom how anyone would buy it. There must be some backstory, some personal history, as to why Shirvell is obsessed with him!

  9. tinman213503 says

    After watching the interview it’s clear this guy needs to go ahead and come out of the closet. What he’s doing is bullying and something should be done about him. Freedom of speech is one thing but what he’s saying is nothing more than hate.

  10. Markles says

    This may explain why Cox hasn’t fired Shirvell:

    “One should be reminded that “Top Cop” Cox, also a conservative Catholic, has certainly been active politically in pushing the ideology of the right wing while in office. He filed a brief in support of a motion to stay California’s marriage decision until voters have a say in the fall, and he actively worked to take benefits away from public employees who were receiving partner benefits for their same-sex partners.”

    – Michigan Messenger

  11. Morales says

    Andrew Shirvell is physically, emotionally, and morally repulsive. Targeting a student with cyber-bullying proves just how small he really is and Cox would do well by removing all contact with this man.

  12. Robert says

    A sad self loathing individual, whose own self-denial has him fixated on the one thing he wants most to be: A happy well adjusted gay man. I wonder if the AG realizes how unwell this guy is.

  13. says

    OMFG! The way this is treated as just a “cyber bullying” case is amazing. This folks is “cyber stalking.” How can anyone continue to be a public figure and hide behind the freedom of speech when you act like a ten year old and make unfounded statements about another person?

    At the very least, he should be terminated for conduct unbecoming of his public position. Any law firm in the US would have already canned this asswipe. Yes, they can. Indefensible!

  14. Kenny says

    @DN, Chris is always a happy guy. I met him last summer while in DC because he and my boyfriend were both interns with the Victory Fund. Chris always had a smile on his face and his infectious laugh drew people to him. When I found out he won this office, I wasn’t surprised in the least. As long as he stays true to who he is, Chris can ignore these idiotic rants and do the job he was elected to do.

  15. JTlvr says

    When Shirvell opens his mouth a handbag falls out. Gurl, please. Tell me there isn’t something CREEPY about a grown man writing a blog about attractive young college coed…

    This is cyberstalking, and it’s conduct unbecoming of a state assistant AG. He’s openly engaging in the kinds of activities he’s hired to prosecute. If the AG doesn’t do something, the state bar should reprimand him, in the least.

  16. JTlvr says

    I wonder what Shirvell’s story is… Is he married? Kids? Live alone, or with a “roommate”? Deeply involved his is local parish? Close to the parish priest? Is that a picture of his mom on his side table? Awww, bless.

    Come out already, gurl. It’s more fun.

  17. Jeff says

    That “blog” could be the definition of cyber-bullying. Calling a young college student “a viciously militant homosexual activist”, swastika added to pictures … Why this guy is allowed to remain an Asst AG is the question.

  18. Timzilla says

    BTW—Probably won’t do any good, but I just abuse reported him on Blogger for advocating hate. I read the definition they give and fits perfectly in my opinion.

  19. Jake says

    Did anyone else notice that Miss Shirvell has PINK trash bags in his trash bin in his kitchen! LOL


    Shirvell is just bitter because he’s ugly, closeted and not getting any cock.

  20. PDX Guy says

    Not much more to say about the very strong possibility that he is very repressed. I also wonder if he ran for a student government office and lost. Yes he does have free speech rights, but he is also an officer of the court so there is extra scrutiny if he is even potentially in violation of any laws

  21. Josh says

    I had no idea Facebook stalking could get this bad. What a douche this guy is. Clearly, if a college student happens to complain about the actions of a cop on Facebook, and that cop is black, the college student is a homo-fascist racist communist who hates America.

    This dude should be ashamed of himself. What a pathetic closet case.

  22. mboaz says

    This is totally bad news bears! He’s insane. It’s not about immaturity at all; he’s acting completely inappropriate by anyone’s standards yet alone a civil servant of the state. This is outrageous. He seems a threat to the integrity of the office and to this young man. Disgusting!

  23. says

    This kind of hurtful, juvenile idiocy is intolerable, all the more coming from a state Assistant Attorney General.

    Andrew Shirvell is an assistant AG in the appellate department of the Michigan AG’s office. His place of wo…rk is on the Fourth Floor of the G. Mennen Williams Building (525 W. Ottawa) in Lansing. His telephone no. at work is (517) 373-4875 and his fax no. is (517) 373-4916.

    Do please feel free to call or fax Andy, or even pay him a visit on his lunch hour. Perhaps if it were explained to him personally that bullying of this sort just isn’t cricket, he’d change his ways.

  24. jaymax says

    From the State Bar of Michigan’s website (public information):


    Andrew Leo Shirvell – P70472 (active and in good standing)

    Assistant Attorney General
    Michigan Attorney General’s Office
    PO Box 30217
    G Mennen Williams Bldg
    Lansing, MI 48909

    Phone: (517) 373-1110
    Fax: (517) 373-4916

  25. gwyneth cornrow says

    Gaylib: My thoughts exactly when I read this. There has to be some history between these two for Shirvel to be so obsessed with Armstrong. But, yeah, props to Armstrong for not stooping to his level and responding.

  26. ATLSteve says

    Someone should alert the police in Ann Arbor to be on the watch for this guy. Clearly he is unstable where this kid is concerned and I would hate to see a report in the near future where he physically attacked him.

    I’m sure the heat is being turned up major on him since this story is getting major internet press now.

  27. TANK says

    his guy’s a nutter…well beyond demonstrating your bona fides with the fringe teapartying radical right. He’ll be cracking up and going to the puzzle factory soon enough, but the fact that he’s still employed in his role as the AAG is a testament to how out of touch with reality and far right michigan really is. He’s a crank, and should be fired for professional misconduct, or conduct unbecoming.

  28. black says

    Andy Shirvell is an assistant AG in the appellate department of the Michigan AG’s office. His place of work is on the Fourth Floor of the G. Mennen Williams Building (525 W. Ottawa) in Lansing. His telephone no. at work is (517) 373-4875 and his fax no. is (517) 373-4916. Do please feel free to call or fax Andy, or even pay him a visit on his lunch hour. Perhaps if it were explained to him personally that bullying of this sort just isn’t cricket, he’d change his ways.

  29. MikeMick says

    Shirvell isn’t taking calls, (“Mr. Shirvell is not available right now) but a very nice receptionist sent me to his voice mail. I politely asked what the kid did to deserve this treatment, left my name and phone number. Bets on whether he returns my call? His voicemail greeting says “Have a blessed day.” That might be a nicer sentiment coming from someone else.

  30. mad1026 says

    Did Shirvell ask Mr Armstrong for a date and get turned down? And did he then decide to attack him publicly? AG Cox should be removed from office immediately. Shirvell should be brought before the state Bar Association and disbarred as soon as possible! How would anyone in Michigan get a fair trial with these assholes around? Mr Armstrong Is pure class for refusing to stoop to Shirvell and Cox’s subhuman level!

  31. James says

    Did any of you notice the rather bizarre look of Shirvall’s apartment. There were no pictures on the walls, the furniture was generic or dull, but a completely lifeless environment. In the background, there are a couple of pictures, which one is obviously an older woman alone (probably the mother) and a harder-to-see group shot. I assume these are siblings. But really? This guy has no life. If I were Armstrong, I’d immediately get a personal protection order. After that, I would hire a private investigator to make sure that this psycho goes away. He’s after Armstrong for something–a sick love, or a bizarre obsession. I just don’t want this to end with a murder-suicide. This guy, Sharville is clearly insane.

  32. Sean says

    Wow, this guy is crazy. It sounds like his obsession with someone who can be in a school political power, and out and proud, is jealousy coming through as hatred.

    I don’t think this guy will have a job next time elections come around and he can blame it soley on this…it’s quite immature.

    I laughed when he called it “adult scrutiny.” Adult scrutiny would be talking about his policies and not his facebook and stalking him.

  33. BGKev says

    I know everyone’s joking about the stalker being gay, but I’m more concerned that he really appears to be flat-out unhinged and the victim should be concerned for, and taking steps to secure, his physical safety. I don’t think it’s necessarily a good idea for people like us to be contacting the creep directly.

  34. AgBoiNV says

    Uhhhh, is it just me, or does Mr. Shriveled’s (sic) blog seem like the rantings of a disgruntled closet case who secretly years to have the adorable Chris hold him in a tender embrace?

    Self-loathing is often the most vehement of emotions and can bring on paranoia, such as that exhibited within his lunatic writings. I’m just putting it out there (slightly seriously)….. I mean, what else could explain such wildly obsessive behavior

  35. voet says

    I agree with Jim. People should call out Mike Cox, Michigan AG, on this. I sent him a letter earlier. I really think appealing to Shirvell is wasted energy. He is too obtuse to get it.

    Also, can someone with a law background explain something to me? Shirvell admits to the reporter that he does not have a factual basis for a number of his allegations. Isn’t that slander?

  36. 57 year old straight guy says

    This is nothing more than christian jihadist filth. It’s more pervasive than you can imagine. It has inflitrated the U.S. military at the highest levels and politics as well. While Mike Cox may say he doesn’t condone his blog, I can assure you that a wink wink nod nod mentality exists. Think I’m paranoid? Do a little research on the c street house in Washington D.C. Research Blackwater and Jesus killed Mohammed. Then tell me I’m paranoid.

  37. says

    #1. homosexuality is not a cult. However the catholic, (christian), church is, (by definition), is a cult.
    #2. This person, (I can not call him a MAN), is a civil servant. He should be fired at once!
    If you can’t be CIVIL to the PEOPLE you SERVE, get out!
    #3. It is sad to see the rage and hatred in this country. It’s insane. Remember the line,” …I did nothing, and then they came for me”.

  38. U of M alum says

    Someone asked if anyone had anything on him? I went to U of M at the same time Andrew Shirvell did. The student group I was with ended up in a fight with him. In the time of that fight he did the following: He showed up at the door of one of the members attempting to call him out in a fight. He repeatedly made homophobic comments to another member. He subjected me and other members to episodes of verbal assault. He actually spit on me while in a gathering of individuals for which he later plead no contest to a misdemeanor assault charge (due to terms of his plea it was kept off his record). During a meeting between our student group and his he attempted to physically attack a member of our group (he was restrained). Andrew Shirvell has had a long history of disturbing behavior. He has continued to target for harassment a member of that group for years after our time at U of M.

  39. Giff says

    @mad1026 – Totally agree! Shirvell found Armstrong online and asked him for a date, got shot down and is now trying to publically shame Armstrong.

    There is something more that happened here (previously relationship, something). Does he have no other life to go to so much effort to stalk/harass a random person (Armstrong).

  40. anon says

    Okay, the term “cyber bullying” is a media created idiom with no legal meaning. In context here it would mean something like libel or slander (depending on the actual vehicle) or almost certainly defamation. However, saying mean things about people is perfectly legal as posters here should appreciate. Originally, cyber bullying was used to relate to two cases of teens committing suicide after being encouraged too by people they communicated with online. The first conviction was overturned and the second case has not gone to court. Nothing like that has happened here.

  41. Harry says

    This reminds me of the line from the “Wizard of Oz”, “Come out, come out, where ever you are and meet the young lady who fell from a star”…… Andrew dear you’re a major closet case. Stop treating yourself so cruely and come towards the light.

  42. TampaZeke says

    Armstrong should make a VERY public deal with Shirvel. He should go to the news media and tell them that he will resign from his position if Shirvel agrees to take the new brain scan test that can measure and identify a person’s sexuality; and then make the results public.

    There’s not a chance in HELL that Shirvel would agree to do that. It would call him out, expose his homosexuality, shame him and shut him up all in one swoop!

  43. Sam says

    What a crack up!!!

    On Shirvell’s Facebook page he lists one of his interests as “Finding the Right Lady”. LOL

    Well, to be the “right” lady she’d better have a penis! He’s more of a poofer than my boyfriend and myself combined.

  44. rjgum says

    WOW – do I LOVE these nutcases – the ones who make absolutely no effort to cover their hate with sweet-sounding phrases (you know, ” love the sinner, hate the sin”); I have (WE have) one of our own here in Kansas – fred phelps and his westboro baptist church (GOD HATES FAGS _ GOD HATES AMERICA). For many years I have maintained that phelps is the best promotional tool that the gay liberation movement has because his type make bigotry so real and obvious and in your face – makes “non-involved bystanders” assess and confront their own feelings and beliefs. The Kansas State University area PFlag organization always sees its financial donations increase when fred and his “family” picket graduation activites each spring – I assume the Michigan folks will be able to capitalize on this nutcase – I hope he keeps it up and gains more notoriety! Support to Chris Armstrong – seems like a smart and brave man!!!

  45. Alex says

    WTF?? Where did this communist bastard find Chris Armstrong? Was he trolling the college web, choking the chicken and ran across him? He’s acting like an ex-boyfriend who’s had his heart broken and just can’t get over it. While anyone in their right mind knows Shirvell is a punk and Chris Armstrong is totally the bigger and better person in this love connection, shouldn’t he legally go after lil miss Andy for defamation, harassment, cyber bullying – ya know, all that stuff Mr. Cox and his office should be fighting against!?

  46. says

    Yep, looks like unrequited love to me. I can see why. The college boy is cute. The Asst. AG is not that old — clearly a baby lawyer, in more ways than one. I think a mental health evaluation is in order. Should be REAL easy.

  47. Shane says

    Wow!I watched Anderson Cooper’s interview with this bigoted prosecutor and I am so sick to know that he is paid by tax payers. I also noticed that he is a closeted gay who hates gay people. The way he talks is a given to me! You got busted sister! Your hateful behavior is repugnant!!! Can you imagine if you are on the opposite side of a trial in a court room and you happen to be gay? He will surely send you to rot in prison.

  48. No one says

    This is what I emailed to Michael Cox:

    Michael Cox, lets face it, you are a closet-case and are in love with Chris Armstrong. Maybe you should consider trying to date people your own age. Perhaps Chris Armstrong is not turned on by you, as being a low-class old fart crackpot freakazoid.

    You obsessed with Chris Armstrong because you yourself are a pedophile and want to have sex with him. You really should strongly consider committing suicide, and I recommend that you chose a painful death for yourself.

    Hopefully you will get prosecuted and put in a maximum security prison where you and your freakazoid followers belong. Once there, then you can live out your own fantasies as Bubba will make you his bitch, and then you can fantasize about making love to Chris Armstrong while you have a big black dick up your tight, toxic-waste laden, bible-thumping asshole – which is indicative of your existence as a bastard child of the devil. You are a disgrace and a cancer on the face of humanity. You are a waste of humanity and I urge you to strongly consider suicide. You will not be missed.

    Go to Hell,

  49. Todd Andrew says

    OMG! This Mr. Shirvell is an embarrassment. I cannot believe the attorney general of Michigan has not fired this lunatic. They need to get rid of him before he brings down the whole office. His appearance on CNN tonight was cringe-inducing to say the least

  50. rickster says

    since whe have slander and libel been protected speech? cox and this person are setting up a test case for the michigan family association and their ilk to sue against the anti gay hate crime law which the michigan family association just got tossed out of court over. they need a victim and shirvell is their martyr. i have complained about this to cox’s office and gotten no reply.

  51. Barbara says

    If you really want more information about Shirvell, check out the letter requesting an order of protection Chris Armstrong wrote. I find the details enclosed in this letter chilling. I live in the state and I’m pretty outraged that this fool is in the AG’s office. I might wait to write my letter to see if the judge grants Armstrong’s OOP.

    Finally, Shirvell has been barred from the University of Michigan campus for 1-2 weeks. Shirvell said he was planning to appeal this, but anyone reading that OOP should see ample reason why he is not a well individual and no one is safe in his presence.

  52. says

    Loved everyone’s comments. Having worked as an AAG for years, this Office would never accept employees making comments which incite and invite hatred and violence against a protected class. AAG’s have a duty to uphold the law as it relates to protected classes. Like gender, color or religion, sexual orientation. He is improper and way out of line in personally attacking someone because of their sexual orientation. He took an oath when he became an attorney and an AAG, an oath requiring that he avoid appearing improper and that he uphold the laws of the land. He is violating his oath and using his title and his Office to do so. While he may need counseling, he needs to removed from public office ASAP. If they do not fire him, then his boss needs to be reminded of the law and maybe he also needs to be removed by the Governor or the State’s legislative body. Civil Lawyer.

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