Sit-In ENDA Protest Underway at Pennsylvania Lawmaker’s Office


Activists with GetEQUAL have begun a sit-in protest at Rep. Chris Carney's (D-PA) office in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Zack Ford reports:

"In addition to a day-long phone swarm (details here), a sit-in is currently underway in Rep. Carney’s Williamsport Office. The secretary in the office is an out lesbian herself and has been sympathetic with the protesters. The police will only be called when the office closes today at 4:30. In the meantime, the protesters are chanting for equality and singing 'We Shall Not Be Moved' and 'We Shall Overcome' while calls from the phone swarm continue to pour in. Rep. Carney is currently on active duty at Langley Air Force base and will likely not respond today."