1. Tone says

    I wonder if the company is going to eat the cost of the slide deploy and related damage in exchange for him going quietly. For some reason he has a lot of public sympathy and perhaps Jet Blue feared negative optics if they outright terminated him.

  2. finkles2000 says

    I haven’t read the accompanying articles, and I probably won’t, but how are those “different accounts?” The first one is pretty vague. But again, I haven’t read the full articles . . .

  3. Brian says

    I wish this idiot would just go away, already. Aren’t there enough ‘celebutards’ in the world?

  4. Herenow says

    Andy, Idon’t know how else to contact you. I want to know if you know anything about the whereabouts and possible new work of Mark Weigle, the controversial and talented gay folk songster? I can find no new news about him and wonder what has happened to him.

    Thanks for your help.


  5. Tim says

    I never have heard what the actual final “facts” of this incident turned out to be.

    If the original story was true, then I am completely on his side.

    I’ve never understood why some passengers think that they are so important that they can’t stay seated until they are told it is safe to get up.

    That was the original version of events. A passenger got up too soon to retrieve a bag from the overhead bin. He told the passenger to sit back down. The passenger got irate and gave him a bunch of shit.

    That was the original story. If true, the passenger committed a crime and should have been arrested upon leaving the plane.

  6. Jimmy says

    Investigators found no support for Slater’s original story. After interviewing all of the passengers on the plane it was reported that none of them said they witnessed what Slater said had happened, nor could the alleged trouble-making passenger be identified. It appears that Slater simply went nuts. He was having a bad day in general, nothing specific to that flight

  7. Cory says

    Jimmy, it was proven that earlier in the flight the passenger had a suitcase that would not fit in the overhead compartment. When boarder slater tried to help them and the individual refused ton check their bag curbside and continued to shove it in. Most people didn’t witness this as it happened during boarding and the passenger was one of the few to board first. During the overhead issue the bag hit Slater on his head (you can see the cut and stitches in his pics after the incident). Later the passenger complained during the flight at the back of the plane just before they landed and that’s when he swore at Slater. So no most passengers if any saw it. That’s when Slater lost it. Right after landing

    Was he justified? Eh not to that dramatic extreme. However if he simply wanted to quite he should have done so without being so inappropriate. It has been stated his mother is passing away from cancer and he’s been emotionally disturbed from her illness. No excuses though. He needs to take responsibility for his actions, as does the passenger.

  8. George says

    Andy: You need to remove the ad for Meg Whitman. I don’t know how you do it but she certainly isn’t for any homosexual agenda.

  9. LiamB says

    Andy has stated several times in the past that he has no control over which ads show up on his page.

  10. Jerry6 says

    Who cares how he left the airline? Just so long as he is gone. I would not want someone like him working a flight I was on.

  11. Josh says

    Meg Whitman ads are coming up because a random computer program thinks that picture of Slater is actually a flattering picture of her.

  12. says

    A JetBlue flight attendant whose fame took off after his dramatic exit down an emergency chute is is no longer employed by the airline.

    JetBlue spokeswoman Jenny Dervin told CNN on Saturday that Steven Slater no longer works for the airline. She said that the separation occurred last week, but declined to elaborate how Slater and the company parted ways.

    Slater became a hero to some after an August incident when, authorities said, he grabbed some beer and triggered an inflatable emergency chute from a plane at a JFK Airport terminal in New York.

    As of Sunday, Slater had amassed more than 210,000 “fans” on a public Facebook page.