1. james Brown says

    Oh, this is such a case of classic hypocrisy! They could call this “Pastors with iPhones!” Next, his pics will appear on “RentBoy.Com”! I hope there is more public and media outcry about another case of anti-gay hypocrisy!

  2. arch says

    please tell me that this is not all a dream – I am enjoying this story too much – is that bad of me ?

    even better this is the gift that will keep on giving – how many more “spiritual sons” are there out there and they haven’t even obtained his bank accounts and travel records yet.

    there have also got to be more photos – digital photography has encouraged us all to document our lives much more these days – wait till the x rated ones appear.

    must say though he has good taste in motor vehicles – if I could afford it I would drive my boyfriend around in a bentley – oh sorry they were not boyfriends they were “spiritual sons” who were half his age…

  3. Rin says

    Okay, one more time…

    IF these dudes are gay, and it really seems like they are, and it is always, always these super crazy gay haters that are gay… is there some different approach to dealing with them?

    Obveee-us-leee, they have had gay sex. Don’t they realize that gay sex is what they want, ergo they are gay?

    It’s not just the religious dudes, either. I’ve met dudes that were gay hating, not religious, but superfreaks when it came to their down low experiences.

    Wait. Are they gay or just…sexually adventurous?

    I can get a headache over these guys. I just can’t imagine it. I’m a spiritual, Jesus believing person and it never made me hate gays. These people hate gays because they hate themselves.

    More and more I think RuPaul is right. It was not this bad in the 90’s and he said it is because of the hyper-masculine culture we have evolved into that hates any sign of weakness or perceived femininity in men. He said this is why lesbians aren’t picked on as badly as gay men because the real crime is not living up to what is perceived to be this uber masculine war oriented culture that came with the Bush administration.

  4. Bart says

    Ted Haggard needs to shut up. He’s only an authority on hypocrisy and deceit. Let God forgive him, the rest of us just want him to go away and live his life in public silence.

    And as far as Eddie Long. First off, great body, Eddie. Second, if you sent these shots to these young men, you are a magnificent douche. Third, it is sad to see a man who hates himself so much that he must lash out at everyone who is exactly like him only stands up as a man (or woman) and proudly accepts their sexuality as a part of their life.

    Those who protest too much are usually guilty of the what they protest.

  5. Dback says

    LOL, Alex, that was exactly my thought: “You know you’re in serious sauerkraut when Ted Haggard–TED HAGGARD!–is the one stepping up to defend you.” Maybe the two of them should go on a long “prayer retreat” weekend at a cabin in the mountains, a la Jack and Ennis?

  6. veg says

    Um…these photos aren’t embarrassing at all. They are not nudes. They look like an older man who is proud of the condition of his body. The photos here prove nothing.

    But (wait for it) the photos at Gospel Spreading News of Pastor Long’s penis are the real deal and far more scandalous. If you are a church queen, email me if you want the pics and I’ll hook you up. But I’m warning you: they’re HUGE and may not fit in your inbox.

    My lawd! Snickers really satisfies you.

  7. says

    @RIN : great, you’ve said something I can agree with. The uber masculine culture is being fostered in US high schools and it part of that culture to beat up on gays or anyone who nmight be artistic .

    Being defended by Haggard is surely the kiss of death . Ha Ha.
    Now these little body shots cannot be all that’s available…….he must have been a little more seductive…….
    Another self loathing, religious, Leviticus quoting, closet hypocrite that’s been caught.
    Let’s make a list:
    ………… me out here !

  8. Rin says


    I agree on the high school thing. In the 90’s being a musician was cooler than being a jock, and then somehow it seemed there was this resurgence of physicality (probably not the right word) as being correct.

    For example, Tom Brady, David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Reggie Bush, Lamar Odam…these people are back to being on the front of magazine covers. It’s all butch, butch, butch, and…no offense…but in gay men I see the more “feminine” gays being told to stand back, to “not be a stereotype” etc, as though being feminine is BAD.

    Even with women…look at the role models??? I feel like we went back thirty years where the only women that make the news are dumb bitch skanks like Lalohan or Taylor whatever her name is… well, if those are the only females that make the news I might think being a female is bad, too.

    Somethings changed and I don’t know what it is, and forgive me for sounding like my mother, but… it didn’t used to be this bad.

  9. Disgusted American says

    the Sad part about this too…there are over 25,000 people / sheeple that belong to his bigoted hateful church…they are stupid as the day is long, and blind to the fact that thier donations go to keep him in $2000 suits / a VERY nice home, and Lots of BLING! WOW- the stupidity is amazing!

  10. Vlad says

    This society has become increasingly militaristic. We are permanently at war. There is no end in sight. Of course we have moved backwards in terms of gender expectations.

  11. Troy says

    Pastor Long should be a time management consultant. We’re talking hours a day to build those guns, international trips with his congregational rent boys, and back in time for church on Sunday! Obviously, he IS a man of God because it would take a miracle every week for him to do all he has to do and prep a sermon, too.H

    Hold up. His name is really “Pastor Long” ? Or is that his porn name? That can’t be his real name, can it? Wait, is this some sort of media hoax?

  12. arch says

    the trial will be entertaining since one supposes that the evidence will be similar to that in the jackson and clinton cases – i.e. detailed descriptions of the private parts of alleged perpetrator,

    quite how the bishop’s flock will react to graphic descriptions of the size, shape and colouring of his (sch)long is anyone’s guess – mine is not well

  13. stephen says

    Of course he chose the most vulnerable men, but I hope one of them thought to safely store a cum towel for evidence at Linda Tripp’s house.

    Today we have 3 boys, but that’s a pretty big congregation… step right up, boys.

  14. Amanda says

    I thank Ted Haggard for staying with the media even though he was publicly crucified by them. He still tries to set things right and educate the public about what it means to be a Christian – it does not mean you are a perfect human being. Unfortunately the public lately doesn’t seem to get that Christians are sinners, too, and readily admit that. Not all Christians are self-righteous, and in fact spend a great amount of time admitting their wrongs.

  15. Hamp says

    At least Haggard didn’t coerce children into having sex with him. He’s definitely a step or two up from the child molester and rapist. He’s still a hypocritical twit but if I had to pick between the two, I’d have to go with Haggard.

  16. RC says

    Some months back, a mover and shaker in Colorado’s LBT “community” posted on his Facebook page how he looked up to Ted Haggard as his “hero”. The reasoning I’m given for statements like that is that if we in Colorado suck up to the religious right and Focus On The Family, that some day they might give us — absolutely nothing. I have noticed that when individuals suck up to the religious right they do line up goodies for their personal selves and the equality issues get tossed as not really being important. Probably why the locals send me email defending the fundies as being “misunderstood”, why Amendment 2 passed here and why Colorado is so anything but gay retro.

  17. TANK says

    I think angry black’s taking my name. In any event, the guy who’s doing it doesn’t know how to write. I don’t post that old people are attractive and that bigots are swell fellas, and religion’s good…and if I ever saw the punk who does but doesn’t get his own sn, I’d give him a smack.

  18. john conn says

    I pray that pastor Haggard gets this letter. dont know if this address is connected to him.
    I saw your special recently on television and am shocked at all the hate you are receiving! I want to tell you that my girlfriend an i are praying for you and your family. I am so glad to see the support your wife and children are giving you when you need it. God bless them and God bless you in your journey. In my opinion you are doing just what Jesus says to do in the Bible. “love your fellow man as you would love your Father”
    i am a recovering addict (work in progress) and am currently enrolled in drug and alcohol counceling school. I had a million dollar house and a dream life but gave it away to drugs. the last time i was incarcerated i made a promise to Jesus if I didn’t go to prison I would do what I can to help others fighting the horror of addiction. My life has been full of unbelievable miracles and God got me an attorney to get me off on probation when 3 other attorneys told me I had no hope. I was facing a sentance for a crime I did not commit. But a man testified in court that I hit him with my car so he ended up gettin 20 thousand settlement from my insurance. Anyway my point is I am so proud of you pastor and your continuing desire to help people without judgement in your eyes at all. You and your wife touched my heart on your program and I could clearly see the love you both have in your hearts along with the passion to help Gods children in these hard times. I also saw the frustration and pain you are going through and like you I have been condemed by my friends of many years once they discovered I am an addict. When i had lots of money I had many friends. ha ha. Now I am struggling with heart disease after surviving 4 heart attacks and broke finacially but not spiritually thanks to the awesome love of Jesus!! His word never fails and only He is there when we are at our lowest most difficult time.
    I hope my words reach you that you are appreciated when you hear the words from the people that call themselves Christians but still use their words to condem you. I would like to meet you and yours someday once I get back on my feet and shake your hand. I hope you continue to be strong because ther are too many children suffering from addiction and they need people like you and your wife. Praise the Lord.

    Lewis John Conn

    John Conn

  19. says

    “Bishop Eddie Long, the intensely anti-gay Atlanta pastor who paid off four young men after they accused him of sexual misconduct, might have thought his money would make it all disappear, but Jamal Parris and Spencer LeGrande are ready to speak out. The two broke their silence in a just-released interview in which they say the money has not been worth their inability to sleep at night. Follow the jump to hear what Jamal and Spencer have to say about their relationship with Eddie Long.

    The duo spoke with the Atlanta Journal Consitution:

    “”The truth should’ve set [us] free,”” said Parris. “”I thought I could cover the pain up. I thought I could move, start over and everything would go away. I was terribly wrong. I’m living a lifestyle meant to crash.””

    The money is irrelevant, LeGrande said. “”I’m going to tell the world – money does not buy happiness,”” said LeGrande. “”When you sleep at night, the problems are still there. The money stuff, who cares about the number. I feel like burning [the money].””

    Parris says he attempted suicide following the incident, in which the four young men say Bishop Eddie Long offered them cash, cars and gifts in exchange for sex, and “”used scripture to rationalize the intimacy.”” ”

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