Towleroad Guide to the Tube #728

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE: Nevada GOP candidate Sharron Angle, on whether the U.S. might be faced with a "revolutionary situation".

MONEY TREE: What would you do?

MGM GRAND: The Las Vegas casino's captive mascot goes on strike.

BABY CARROTS: The world's sexiest vegetable? More here.

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  1. Bart says

    I’m beginning to believe that Sharron Angle is bipolar and goes on and off medication. She seems to never recall saying anything, then backtracks and seem astounded at her own comments, and then when she has to admit she said something tries to explain herself out of it by saying she sort of meant something else or she was talking to a group of people and was speaking their language (God help us if she ever speaks to the NAACP or an immigration group.) I’m stumped as to how this woman got in the position she is in as a candidate, she always seems so far over her head and on the verge of implosion. Every time I’ve viewed her she looks like a upper middle class housewife who can’t get through her day without having a few glasses of chardonay.

  2. Paul R says

    On the Money Tree: seems utterly predictable to me. Most people walk around cities in protective shields of thought and don’t engage with their surroundings. Oh, and money is green and fades into leaves, so it’s hard to see. Maybe it would have had a different outcome in the winter or in a foreign country with colorful currency. Some people also likely thought it was a trap of some type, or possibly illegal. Maybe if she had used bigger bills the responses would have been more eager.

    If I saw a money tree I’d probably assume it was fake money and/or some type of promotion. The damn company that makes Mafia Wars just put down a bunch of money on several sidewalks near me, but it was fake and they actually used stickers that were difficult and costly for the city of San Francisco to remove. So now the city is making them pay cleanup and punitive costs—exactly what they were hoping for, a bunch of free publicity. Annoying.

    A few years ago I lived on a street where someone was always throwing piles of fake money. I suspect he or she was watching from a window or something and enjoyed seeing reactions, as they looked like $100 bills at a distance. It got old fast!