1. Andalusian Dog says

    What is he even talking about? He looks too young to be rambling already…

    P.S. I have never had the sincere pleasure of being exposed to the Osmonds before the additional ciip you posted below the interview: is there a verb that combines “vomit” with “laugh”? Vough, maybe? Because I just did that.

  2. alexInBoston says

    yes the long flowing “woman-like” do’s and the Pastel silk like pants with the bouncing silk scarves scream BUTCH!!! No i want to wear the baby blue pants, no you’ll wear the orange ones and like it!!!

  3. Steve says

    I just thought of that scene in the movie “In and Out” where Kevin Kline is trying to learn how to dance “macho” to a tape….how ridiculous is that?

    Fear makes people do stupid things.

  4. elg says

    I have NEVER watched an Osmond Brother’s performance all the way thru to the end and I still haven’t. I stopped watching the above video at 1:34 minutes.

    Based on the 1:34 minutes I did watch, I have an idea why the Osmonds never could compete with the Jackson Five.

  5. Dave says

    Alan often posts anti-gay comments on his FB page. One time I put one of his comments on the “8 The Mormon Proposition” page & hundreds of people were insulted & left comments for Alan! He really is a vile, hateful person. On his latest rant he was asking his “fans” to help him in is attempt to get Judge Walker impeached.

  6. says

    Sickening. This kind of comment is absolutely revolting in its ignorance. I see I’m going to regret having liked Osmonds music as a teenager. I’ll never be able to listen to “One Bad Apple” again without feeling nauseated.

  7. B says

    What a corpulent sack of shit. As far as I’m concerned he is personally responsible for Marie Osmonds son jumping to his death. The sooner his corpse is rotting in the ground the better.

  8. says

    I haven’t paid attention to the Osmond’s for ages! I used to ‘be’ one of those screamin’ mimi’s you heard in anyone of their concert footages. My aunt [who was the same age as me] and I would go to one any time they came close to our town and I would go home bruised to hell and gone cause my aunt was what we lovingly refer to in our family as a ‘whacker’. “Oh my g-d did you see that???” *whack, whack* upside my arm.

    I think about those times today and cringe out of embarrassment… that’s why I laugh at all the generations after and think how they too one day will be embarrassed…


    Btw… Alan is not the eldest… Virl and Tom are, they took care of the business end of things…. both being deaf, they didn’t sing with the others.

  9. Soren456 says

    Butched them right up, Chuck did.

    While doing other research in The Rolling Stone, I came across an article, from the time, about the Osmonds. It noted that mama Olive Osmond examined every official photo of the group, and nixed any that even hinted at a bulge in one of her boys’ pants.

    Wonder what Chuck thought of that.

    And BTW, I hate those dogs that look like Alan.

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