1. Nat says

    As much as that guido is a douchebag, he did not throw the first hit. The woman threw the first hit then the older man went further. Now, I of course do not know exactly what happened; however, these adults were acting like kids. The older two should have left and approached security to have them talk to the man rather than yelling back and forth. I mean, depending on what was said, the guido might have said some fighting words but still, physical violence is physical violence and the older man’s subsequent actions of falling down could have hurt others in the rows below them. Overall, it was just a bad display of humanity and adulthood.

    And for those wondering, I personally avoid heated confrontations like that because it always leads nowhere.

  2. Lee says

    So they get in an argument about something stupid I imagine, and the “lady” slaps the guy. Then grandpa comes over and lunges at the guy. They tumble over. Yound guy gets up and lady atttacks him again. So security tackles and remove the young guy. Seems like the couple were the ones that should have been ejected for the physical violence. If he was drunk and a jerk, they should have just told one of the event managers.

  3. Wes says

    I have no idea what the young man said, he was obviously being a major dick, but he didn’t lay a finger on them. I don’t think they should have made it physical.

  4. says

    What a nagging bitch……..the young man even tried to sit down but she keeps up her yelling and nagging…..then the old fat guy moves in to have his moment as great defender……dope !
    She struck him first …..and must be charged in criminal court.
    Then I say sue that bitch and the fat guy for damages for assault !

  5. Ken says

    I’m going to have to side with the guido. He took the woman’s slap the way a gentleman should – and if grandpa wants to attack someone a quarter of his age – he deserves an ass-kicking.

  6. secretagentman says

    News said they were all taken away in handcuffs to a precinct in Queens, but no charges laid, just banned from the stadium for a period of time, not disclosed.
    Also, did you see Djokovic in the red shorts? HAWT

  7. says

    With the line about cursing, I thought surely he was a Serb. They curse a LOT, but mostly in Serbian. However, the body language is completely US.

  8. says

    Hope grandpa is ok. And even though the young guy didn’t throw the first punches. The guy clearly needs a good beating. Everything about him reeked of douchebag. I’m sure if had been brought up with some decency he would of taken there request (and I’m sure what the majority around him was thinking) to keep it down like a gentleman – not the vile disrespectful animal I saw before me. I think the reaction by the majority of the audience around them gives enough relative truth over the incident. “Get him outta here”

  9. Terrence says

    Ken, how is it that a gentleman should take an assault by a woman? That’s a lot of 1950’s crap! Gentlemen don’t hit ladies because ladies don’t hit gentlemen. I really get sick of hearing people say that “gentlemen” are supposed to allow women to assault them with nothing more in return but a castrated smile.

    The woman and her father should have been arrested for assault. There are proper ways of dealing with a person who is verbally obnoxious and abusive. Physical assault is not one of them.

    Of course when there is a fight between a person with a penis and one with a vagina the person with the penis will always be the one arrested regardless of any facts.

  10. Bobby says

    No excuse for hitting. If I were the younger guy, I’d press charges for assault.

    They should have sat down and ignored the smart mouthed asshole.

    The old man got what he deserved, falling over the seats.

  11. John says

    I have no idea what is the issue was but the young guy has a very strong case vs the older man and the women- especially since it was recorded. Although the crowd was against the younger guy, both the woman and the older man throw the first slap/punch. He was just defending himself and has very right to do so even against a woman. Even he looks like a douchbag, the right way to resolve is was for the older man or woman to get security. If this case goes to court, the older man and woman are fucked. He was just an asshole and that’s not against the law but hitting is. So in the end, the bigger asses are the couple.

  12. Wes says

    Joseph, people could have been taking the older man and the woman’s side for a number of reasons. I think a lot of people are inclined to see an altercation and sympathize with an old man and his daughter over some young loudmouth. But that doesn’t mean they’d necessarily be right. The lady could easily have been saying really nasty things to him before and after she slapped him. He did the right thing by sitting down, then the old man came over to play the hero. They should have just walked away, or told security if they felt he was disruptive. What we see in this video is three people with lots of pride and little sense.

  13. jerry says

    Too often today obnoxious behavior that interferes with others enjoyment of an event is meekly tolerated and those in the vicinity just suffer in silence and have the event ruined for them.

  14. Christopher says


    I think the guy is kinda hot, too. And Andy—the police didn’t say if he was Serbian? Have you watched your own video? He is most definitely from New York City, born and bred.

  15. Wes says

    I agree Jerry, thats when you complain to management. You don’t just assault people unless you truly feel its defense against a physical threat.

  16. Wes says

    You know what pisses me off? The old man attacks the young guy after he’s already sat down, drags them both down and then a heap of people start jumping on the young guy.

    Seriously, never piss off fat old white people. The mob will not side with you, and if the old man falls while HE is attacking YOU, you will be instantly blamed and its fair game to get jumped by any ‘concerned samaritan’.

  17. Curtis says

    Sorry, but cursing at a sporting event is not grounds for physically assaulting someone, which is what the woman did followed by a direct assault by the Grandpa. Guido may have a foul mouth (ironic that people are up in arms when you can hear the people filming one of the video also cursing while condemning the Guido, but the woman and the Grandpa escalated the argument.

  18. Stuart says

    Any of you fools that side with the younger guy is lame.

    “From a “legal standpoint” – great!

    I don’t know the whole story, but it was obvious by the guy’s body language that he continued to egg them on, swear, incite and be a complete dumbass.

    Complete spinelessness – there are times you stand up for what you believe and that’s what it seems the older guy did.

    If you think the older guy gets in fistfights or physical confrontations everyday – think about it again. Seeing that was enough for me to side with the woman and older man – as most in the stands did.

  19. Ian says

    I began watching this automatically assuming it was the kids fault, but the videos clearly show the woman and old man escalating things.

    @Dave “New York Sucks”? Rrright you have no douchbags in YOUR town? Oh wait there is at least one.

  20. Wes says

    Stuart, again, have management deal with him. At that point you are just defending your pride to an obvious douchebag, which is silly.

  21. Wes says

    Oh and Stuart, you don’t know the old man and his daughter. They could be teabaggers for all you know. Why should we “think again” at the possibility that they are just as assy as the young man? Because of age?

  22. Ken says

    Terence, I agree with you that noone should hit. What I meant about being a gentleman was using your brain. If you hit a woman you not only are going to jail you’re also going to look like a bitch. It’s not fair, but it’s true.

  23. echovic says

    The racism in the “– whether he was Serbian the authorities did not say —” is revolting. If they didn’t say, why bring up the possibility? How is that relevant? Oh, because it couldn’t possibly an American who got into a fight? Ha!

    Also, like so many commentators, the fat lady and grandpa were the ones to pull punches, and thank god there’s plenty of video evidence to help him press charges.

  24. Christopher says


    I slso think there is racism in the implication that the young man is Serbian (he is clearly American, and whether or not he has Serbian ancestry is completely irrelevant.) The commenters who label him a “guido” are no better.

    This is New York, fellas. This is how we roll. We argue, we gesticulate, we get in each others faces. If you’ve never been here and don’t like it, don’t come.

  25. Dan says

    I would have to say that while the young guy was rude, the women made the first physical contact. After that the young guy tried to just end it, but the women would not, and then when he sat down it was the old guy that attack. If anyone was thrown out it should have been the old guy and and his daughter, they were the ones that made the first physical contacts.

  26. says

    The couple should have been removed from the game. She threw the first punch (slap) and the younger guy had every right to nail her ass to the ground as well as the older guy who charged in. I’m ticked at the idiots around the group who jumped the younger guy. Despite his “body language” he had every right to defend himself verbally. She had NO right to slap the guy and had that been me, I would have punched her lights out then and there.

    Anyone who thinks the older couple is in the right are stupid and foolish. NO ONE has the right to lay a hand on another person, much less slap them no matter what is being said verbally.

  27. Jeff says

    Echovic, et al…Andy could have served the post better, had he included more from the original article.

    from the NYTimes (Djokovic’s statement makes all the difference.)

    “It was far away from the court; we couldn’t really see what was going on,” Djokovic said. “I hope it was no Serbian up there.”

    Up there, in fact, was a male fan – whether he was Serbian the authorities did not say — who was cursing and acting obnoxiously, according to the police. Two spectators who were sitting nearby, a woman in her 40s and her septuagenarian father, confronted the man, who apparently did not appreciate their feedback, the police said.

  28. Nat says


    How do you know that the woman and older man are from New York? People travel from all over the US and world to see the US Open.

    Also, I could care less about his race. I called him a guido cuz he’s kinda hot and I have a guilty pleasure enjoying guidos lol.

    And I do not like New York… cuz ya’ll argue, ya’ll gesticulate, and ya’ll get in each others’ faces for stupid reasons. Don’t worry, I won’t come.

  29. Christopher says


    I never imagined those fat tourists to be from New York. The young guy clearly is, and I was referring to him.

  30. Lexxvsl says

    Yeap. Some of you are right. Violence is violence and never ever has to be in place. That being said, there is a huge generational gap that make some young fellows misunderstand what was considered appropriate in other times, when a slap in the face for a rude behavior from a jerk was all but due. You only have to watch some white and black movie to check it out if you have historical curiosity. Old fellows grew in that logic. And furthermore, and the old guy trying to kick the jerk ass was also was considered due, even if in disadvantage. On those times cursing and insulting could be as hurtful as physical violence. Yet another difference is that on those times people could ad honorem act as impromptu police when the judged that something was very out of place, a very small town mentality if you wish.
    Personally I think that the oldies should learn it better, but the jerk should be banned from public places until he learns how to behave. You are not alone in front of your tv in your living room fellow. Yet again, nothing justifies getting physical.

  31. Cory says

    So how did it end?

    …and yeah, I don’t know what it is, but the young guy was kind of hot. It’s that “Wat ya lookin’ at?” Brooklyn act, he can curse at me and tell me to get on my knees any day. lol

  32. Zlick says

    I find the differences in generational culture and local culture very interesting in this case. I agree that, for an older generation, a slap in the face from a lady is something a gentleman accepted stoically, and a male relative was duty-bound to physically defend a lady’s honor that was being insulted by a lout. I’m NOT saying this is appropriate in modern times, or even in past times. Just that it was a cultural norm – and still might be among some people.

    From what I recall of living in New York for too many years, boisterous talk, wild gesticulation and in-your-face argument were cultural norms for many people, as was settling scores yourself without getting any authorities involved.

    Fun to see it all play out on camera.

  33. HawaiiBill says

    I agree with the bulk of the posters here that the woman and father escalated a dumb situation to violence. The guy has a good case against them regardless of what was said.

    My one disagreement is that it didn’t look like the crowd “jumped” the younger guy. I didn’t see any punches thrown, it just looked like they pulled them apart and restrained him from retaliating against someone who had attacked him. And he was making any moves to retaliate. The father deserved what he got for attacking the guy (no matter how obnoxious he was). His age doesn’t excuse his behavior.

  34. moon_river says

    Can we please talk about the bigger tragedy of the US Open? Nadal wearing all black this tournament obscuring the view of those beautiful buns!

  35. MarkDC says

    I blame The Gays.

    See how Gay Marriage has turned these otherwise lovely heterosexuals against each other?

  36. nikko says

    The crowd should’ve gotten a slap in the face for their laughing and mocking at such a hostile situation instead of helping to resolve the conflict. Disgusting.

  37. john says

    I just think that Tennis is a very violent sport where hundreds of people, probably Serbians, die every year from just watching…it’s sad, someone needs to have a telethon about this. Stop the Tennis!!

  38. Miel says

    “Of course when there is a fight between a person with a penis and one with a vagina the person with the penis will always be the one arrested regardless of any facts” – What the hell are you talking about, all three of them were arrested for the brawl. You know women read this blog as well. Yes, what the old man and woman did was wrong, in the legal sense, but I’m glad they tried to kick his ass lol. From experience in having to deal with abrasive asshole customers working at a movie theater I can tell that that young guy deserved to be slapped. I’m sure the arguement started over something stupid and I’m SURE that the young jerk took it the wrong way, right way and got into a completely defensive attitude. You can not resolve a problem with a person if they have that attitude right from the start.

    Also I’m sure the jerk probably said something sexist/sexual towards the woman, evoking the slap as a response. Woman don’t slap men for no good reason. And after all the times I was working and some asshole told me to suck his dick,or called me a bitch/cunt/whore just because I happened to be ‘making his life hard for him’ I applauded the woman and the old man. Bravo for them.

    Some people just need to get their asses kicked because the only way to get through to them is through violence, because that’s the only thing they understand.

  39. TANK says

    He’s a douche, but he didn’t resort to physical violence. They’re lucky they messed with a punk…someone else, and they woulda been found dead in their car later on.

  40. says

    The NY Times obviously isn’t being objective here. They said:

    “Two spectators who were sitting nearby, a woman in her 40s and her septuagenarian father, confronted the man, who apparently did not appreciate their feedback, the police said.”

    They slant the story to sympathize with the older couple when they call physical assault “feedback”.

    I hope the guy (obviously a New Yorker if you listen to him) sues and teaches that couple a listen. Or gives them a little “feedback” of his own. Like others have said, there is no place for violence in society. Anyone who submits or resorts to it is apparently limited by their stupidity.

    And, oh yeah, he’s definitely hot.

  41. kflo says

    Stop sticking up for this dick. I hate douchebags who sit at games and get drunk and curse and yell like everyone wants to hear what they think. They’re the most obnoxious thing ever

  42. jaragon says

    The guy comes across as an obnoxious jerk- the woman should have called security if she had a problem instead of hitting him.

  43. swellster says

    The way to handle obnoxious jerks at a game/sporting event is to talk to security. This woman escalated the situation and resorted to physical violence. I would have slapped the piss put of her if she hit me. (equality is equality) Her father further escalated the violence. There is more than enough video evidence to clear the young punk and convict the vigilantes.

    I was surprised by the general crowd reaction. The young guy didn’t retaliate when she hit him, he actually sat down. What was he supposed to do when the old man attacked him? He wasn’t even overly aggressive, just sort of pushed the old guy away.

  44. Christopher says

    and…TANK finally wakes up from his bender long enough to use a gay slur and threaten violence. This thread is officially over.

  45. MrRoboto says

    I understand those who are saying the woman and her father should have called for security, but I’m taking it on faith from the voices in the crowd that clearly indicate that security didn’t magically show up until it escalated into violence. How do we know that security wasn’t already called? At about 2:03 in the first video, somebody clearly says to security, “You should have been here a while ago.” Everyone in that crowd seems to be indicating where the trouble point was.

    I agree totally that woman and her father should not have escalated the incident to violence, but I understand their frustration. Bad behavior is tolerated in public events. I went a movie several weeks ago where a group of thugs talked behind me throughout the movie. We told them repeatedly to stop talking, we got security (who did not speak to them once). Once security was called, we were threatened with a beat-down. We informed security about this, but they still did nothing. They kept saying that the thugs wouldn’t repeat the bad behavior while they were in the theater. No shit! What a shock. In the end, I had to actually demand a refund, none was offered. We missed the majority of the movie, my friend who’d paid a babysitter to take care of her kids was out the money for that that night, and when we asked theater security to escort us to our cars (after having been threatened with the “beat-down”), we were told they didn’t have sufficient staff to do that.

    I know it’s not the same thing, but in this case, these people probably paid a bundle (who are we to know that they didn’t pay travel costs, lodging, ticket prices, etc) to go to a major sporting event, something that cannot be repeated or just seen at another screening tomorrow. Yet many here are calling on the thug who instigated the problem to sue them for reaching their breaking point, and raving over how hot the thug is.


  46. says

    You make some good points MrRoboto, but I still think there were other measures the couple (and you) could have taken BEFORE resorting to violence.

    Like asking for a seat change.

  47. Lou says

    Lawsuit against Flushing Meadows and the tennis organizers in 3..2..1…

    And I hope they pay through the nose.

    The old people attack the young guy and everyone jumps on HIM? Including other spectators? What the fuck?!

  48. TANK says

    So douche is a gay slur? Oh, I guess punk is a gay slur….as most people mean it to be, right? Nah…go back to the seventies, old.

    And where did I threaten violence?

  49. MrRoboto says

    Rodney, I don’t disagree with you one bit. In my case, we did ask for other measures, and none were offered. In my case, it was a sold out screening, and others were just as angry as I was at the people for talking. I was the only one angry enough to ask security to do something about it though.

    In this case, I don’t know what happened before this, but at the 20-some second point of the first video, people in the same row are asking, “Where is security?” Security is mentioned several times, and yet they don’t appear until more than a minute and a half later, with someone saying, “You should have been here a while ago.” Yes, maybe these people could have asked for another seat, but maybe not. And the reaction of the entire crowd around them makes it pretty clear that it wasn’t just this woman and her father who were riled up by this thug’s antics. How ’bout we stop tolerating thuggish, disruptive behavior and start demanding that security deal with it firmly?

    And that means that I agree with you that security should have handled it. From what little these videos show, it sure looks like they didn’t.

  50. Terrence says

    MIEL, so I guess you would support men slapping women who verbally insult them, verbally degrade then or say rude things to them?


    If that were the case there would be a shit load of slapped women every day. Something tells me that you would consider THAT an unacceptable assault.

    Sorry , sugar, your vagina defense is so 1950’s.

  51. ratbastard says

    I’ll bet my bottom dollar he’s eastern European or Balkan background, possibly even Israeli. Classic rude, aggressive, attitude.

    And yeah, he is a hot, but I’d probably end up breaking his fucking nose if I met him.

  52. ratbastard says

    ‘Joseph Pedeville, 27, who is apparently such a hardcore gambler that he places big bets on early-round tennis matches like the one between third seed Novak Djokovic and Philipp Petzschner.’


    ‘Pedeville, who lives with his girlfriend on East 26th Street,’


    A former high school pal said Pedeville never backs down.
    “That was the kind of guy he was — he does have a history of a temper,”


    Pedeville neighbor Peter Scheider…took out a restraining order in May 2009 after he alleged that Pedeville scratched his car and broke a window.
    “This guy’s an insane nut,” Scheider said.


    I would have lost my bottom dollar. Apologies to Eastern Europeans, Serbs, Israelis everywhere

  53. aelive says

    what does the guy’s ethnicity have anything to do with anything??? a blog about tolerance should be a bit more open minded.

    oh and by the way his name is Joseph Pedeville (an American)

  54. Andrew says

    I dont know who started it,but whatever it is,the lady and the old man deserve some kind of punishment too.

    By the way,I cant believe the people all went after the young guy and not after those two aggressors.And what’s up with that guy shouting,”get him out of here!”? How uncivilized bastardish he is!