1. Blake says

    I’ve resigned myself to seeing Palin on the TV and computer screen for as long as Mama Grizzly is around. But can we please stay Bristol-free on Towleroad? Please?

  2. tom a says

    Why is this on towleroad and NOT the performance by bisexual star Margaret Cho? Since when does Bristol have anything to do with ‘gay tendencies?’

  3. Gregoire says

    Just because she got fucked by Levi Johnston and lots of gays want to get fucked by Levi Johnston does not mean Bristol Palin is some sort of object of interest to us.

  4. Marco says

    I’m really sorry to see that Towleroad decided to feature this story. I’m aghast at how much press the Palins receive. I didn’t think this would be yet another place to serve their “careers”.

  5. the happy Misanthrope says

    She should have done the dance of “spreading her legs wide open”.

    What a train wreck of a performance.

    Margaret Cho was much better.

  6. Vlad says

    I’m completely with the “why are you posting this?” crowd. I love the nature-related posts, the cute animal videos, and the music news so I don’t think the site should be 100% serious gay news, but this is just garbage. There are countless sources for gays who can’t get enough vapid celebrity “news.” Some of us are trying to keep as much of this junk out of our lives as possible.

  7. Iko says

    That was a really impressive performance! The way she said she was an advocate against teen pregnancy with a straight face was phenomenal!

  8. trey says

    this is totally irrelevant, if not kind of saddening. towerload, why not post something of margaret cho?

  9. jaragon says

    Mark is adorable ( too bad he is dancing with this no talent) and shouldn’t this show really be called dancing with the desperate fame whores

  10. says


    *mumbles that she would have rather seen Cho dance and goes off to find vid of that instead*

    Are we supposed to be rooting for Mark or her? He was the one doing all the work.

    Okay, I admit, I’ve never watched the show, ‘cept when y’all blogged about what’s-her-face with the 8 kids.

    Good lord I really have no clue what’s going on in the entertainment world… LOL

  11. Jay says

    Is there any truth to the rumor that the Bristol Palin/Levi Johnston reality show never got off the ground because neither of them has a personality?