1. Terrance says


    …to be young, rich, athletic, ridiculously-rich and good-looking. Life’s just not fair sometimes….

  2. Matt26 says

    He is so hot, good looking, handsome, his body is perfect, his face too. I feel – well, I enjoy this feeling by myself…
    I like the idea: what would you have done? Well, I would have hidden his jeans as well.

  3. Mark says

    I like to extend a challenge to Towleroad: Could we possibly goa month without hearing about Cristiano Ronaldo? Maybe you could start a Cristiano Ronaldo exclusive blog somewhere?

  4. Jeremy says


    Because he reaches into your life and forces you to click on this article and read it.

    Everything posted here is for our perusal, it’s not as if readers are forced to look at anything, much less everything.


  5. Matt26 says

    Jeremy, well put!
    And Mark, I really really enjoy looking at his pics and videos here. So thanks for putting there here.
    Some things I don’t like to watch here, I won’t look at them. But CR is one to look at for men.

  6. Linda says

    I don’t feel as if this is an irrelevant addition for the sake of mancandy. Soccer is THE most popular sport in the world. It is also one of the most homophobic.
    CR has on more than one occassion voiced his advocacy of gay marriage. He is also at the moment the most famous footballer on the planet. Regardless of looks, the combination of these two factors alone would make him Towelroad news-worthy.
    The mancandy is just a joyous spurt of whipped cream on that cake.

  7. Dave says

    Keep the Cristiano Ronaldo comming!

    Am I the only one who’s wondering if Mark Tank’s literate and closeted alter ego?

  8. John says

    There was a recent article in which a woman who claims she slept with him said he was ridiculously huge.

    It sure doesn’t look like she was telling the truth! I’m sure she was a paid beard!