1. James Marigold says

    It’s a great gesture and I like the beginning bit, but then Dan and his partner come across as a bit too smug and in love with themselves and their pretty little lives. Yeah, it got better for YOU! But not everyone has accepting families who embrace them AND their boyfriends and are wealthy enough to adopt kids.

  2. Phil Listrom says

    James, I’m sorry but, you sound like you are still in high school. I don’t have an accepting family but have found one of my own in my friends and I am not wealthy but I am fortunate in that I am raising my daughter on my own. I hope you find your happiness some day.

  3. BobN says

    “Yeah, it got better for YOU! But not everyone has accepting families who embrace them AND their boyfriends and are wealthy enough to adopt kids.”

    I know plenty of gay people who are not accepted by their families, don’t get to take their partners home, and don’t have children. They still have happy lives, especially compared to the hell that high school is for many gay kids.

    The point is IT GETS BETTER.

  4. Sargon Bighorn says

    i wonder how many high school kids will listen to middle aged gay men? Will the kids really pay attention? Both men look great. They don’t smoke nicotine, they work out and respect their bodies, and they stay active with gay citizens. Bravo. I just don’t think the kids will pay much attention to men old enough to be their dads. Just sayin.

  5. Peter says

    Yeah, I can’t quite put my finger on it, but Dan comes across a little bit too happy with himself and his precious husband. Instead of giving hope to teens, he seems to be celebrating himself as usual.

  6. Kayla says

    Is Savage trying to increase gay teen suicide, telling young people that they’re gonna be like him is like giving them a loaded gun and telling them to pull the trigger! God, I repeat, this man disgusts me!!

  7. Paul R says

    Dan is always a bit smug but he’s also usually right. High school kids might not listen to just any middle aged man, but Dan is a nationally known sex columnist read by millions of people, as well as the go-to gay for CNN and tons of other networks, in addition to his speaking tours and many other public appearances. If they seem happy I don’t see how that’s a bad message to send kids. (Actually junior high was far worse for me than high school, but that’s irrelevant. My advice to unhappy gay youth would be to skip grades, escape high school ASAP, and go to college somewhere gay friendly.)

    I’ve always wondered what Terry looks like.

  8. says


    What a lot of nasty, negative, cunty remarks on this thread. Typical. Someone tries to do something POSITIVE for the queer community and dumbasses shit all over it because they don’t like the messenger. And, it DOES GET BETTER! (and, if it doesn’t, then you’re doing something wrong.) Teenagers have zero power. Turning 18 and graduating from high school gives EVERY LGBT teen the power to change their lives by going to college, getting a job, moving to a new and more tolerant place; doing SOMETHING to leave that old life behind.
    Or, they can stay where they are, continue their harassed lives and grow up to be a bunch of bitter bitches that comment on websites and shit over everything they don’t like.

  9. Kayla says

    @ strangeways, I not a bitter bitch, and actually just left my teenage years, being 20yrs old (soon to be 21 in November). But Dan’s disgusting column in response to the prop 8 vote, means he will always be hated by myself. It’s become my personal indulgence to despise Dan Savage, otherwise, I’m a very happy, pleasant and rather fun human being! I reserve all my rage for one man, and his name is Savage!!

  10. Chance says

    I don’t post much and this may be a bit off topic but what about the negative comments that the “pretty” gay guys say about gay men who may be overweight or just “average?” I’ve heard it myself and to be quite honest, it was hurtful.

  11. Dan says

    OK… If this is the only video they post, then ya – it’s smarmy and a little bit self-congratulatory. But it’s a channel, see, so I’m guessing there’s is just the first of many identical videos to be posted.

    Suddenly the whole thing seems a little more acceptable. Good, even.

    I will admit, however, that there should be a mandatory age at which peroxide is banned from a man’s hair care routine.

  12. Halcyon says

    Kayla, no one cares about whatever petty grievances you cooked up inside your head.

    The man’s trying to prevent gay kids from killing themselves – can this take precedence over your personal indulgences?

  13. says

    So, let me get this straight, Kayla…you didn’t like Dan’s stance on Prop 8, (and as far as I’m aware Dan was AGAINST Prop 8, so I’m not sure what the hell you are referring to…) and you hate him with a passion and you’re going to berate him for now doing something very positive and healthy for the community, ie helping queer teenagers so they don’t commit suicide? Is that about it?

    That’s ludicrous. That’s fine you personally don’t like the man, and I will say that Dan FREQUENTLY says shit that makes me want to climb the wall, but he does 99% of that to get a response out of people so they pay attention to what he is saying.

    If this projects helps ONE gay kid to NOT kill themselves, then it’s a worthy project for that alone.

  14. Giff says

    If you listen to his podcast you would realize that he recently had teens call in contemplating suicide and Dan had to tell them “It get’s better.” Teen suicide is a serious subject and you all should first appreciate the work that is being done to combat this issue.

    What a bunch of nasty, sitting onyourass preachers we have on here who are hiding behind hateful words on their computer. Let me ask, what have you done today to get the word out to stop teen suicide?

    He is speaking to LGBTQI teens who might otherwise not hear what he has to say. Get over your preconceived feelings of him and celebrate that word continues to get out to these at-risk kids who feel like they have nothing to live for.

    I applaud him

  15. Jimbo says

    @ Michael Strangeways: Looks like you just don’t like anything negative said about Savage. Which is fine. But everyone is entitled to their opinion. Many of the posts commended his gesture, but also noted that he was a self-serving smug jackass. There’s nothing wrong with that. No need to call those posters names and accuse them of being bitter bitches and cunts. Which reminds me: YOU should watch your language.

  16. nodnarb says

    Some of you must either be retarded or don’t understand how viral media works… or in Kayla’s case, you simply have a personal ax to grind. And quite frankly, you’re not even old enough to drink, yet already carrying that big of a grudge? LOL. Get a grip, Mary.

    The point of Dan and his boyfriend making their own video is to encourage many others to do the same. It doesn’t matter if their story resonates with gay teens… hopefully someone’s, anyone’s, will.

    Bravo to Dan for getting it started.

  17. Kayla says

    @Strangeways, umm… you don’t have to care!
    @ Giff, I work at my University hotline, helping suicidal teenagers every weekend, so I do my bit. I also have been in many protests for equal rights!! Dan Savage is a disgusting human being whose visage makes me want to retch!! I pray for those children, they must feel like terror hostages!!

  18. Kayla says

    @mikey, um.. please get a grip, what would make you think that I’m homophobic?? I’m certainly not in the least bit homophobic, you really need to acquire reading comprehension then you can get back to me. Because I hate one homosexual man, doesn’t mean I hate all homosexuals!! I’m pro gay marriage, and am actually quite disappointed since I used my first voting opportunity to vote for Obama and he’s not done a thing. And of course they just screwed up the DADT repeal, even though most of the country’s for it!! why would you say I’m homophobic? that hurts my feelings!

  19. Tone says

    Why are so many being such assholes about this effort? At least Dan is *doing* something. Reality is that life is often hard for us in our teen years, we might as well own that until we can change things long-term.

    Dan is right it DOES get better. At least he’s conveying an honest message rather than sickly sweet platitudes. If you can’t do the same, at least write a goddamn cheque to the LGBT charity of your choice once in a while.

  20. Jimbo says

    @ Kayla: Don’t even bother with idiots who call you names. I’m proud of your attitude and the good work that you do. They’re obviously Savage groupies! They deserve what they get.

  21. Kayla says

    Let me explain to all of those incapable of reading and comprehending! I did not say I hated Dan Savage because of his stance against prop 8, which I also was against. I despise him for the bitter, hateful column he wrote in response to it’s passing!! It was ludicrous and pathetic, if you haven’t read it please search it out online and get a good gander at it! I suppose, he was emotional in the immediate aftermath and wrote viscerally, but he never apologized or explained the hatefulness of that column, therefore I will never forgive him until he does. Also his sex column sucks!!

  22. Trouble says


    Kayla and Jimbo are trolls, and trolls tend to shit were they eat and sleep. It generally makes a mess. So here’s an idea:

    Don’t feed the trolls!

    Just ignore and they eventually go away.

    Kudos to Dan and his partner. Very well done, I’ve already posted on my high school aged relative’s facebook pages, knowing they will post on their friends pages. Why? Becuase they all love and read Dan Savage voraciously.

  23. Benjamin says

    Over the two hours it’s taken for this epic bitchfest to take place, a whole host of LGBT teenagers have seriously contemplated taking their own lives, or perhaps even attempted suicide.

    Instead of bitching about Dan Savage — a man who couldn’t care less about your snarky comments on Towleroad — you could be using your time to volunteer for a gay youth phoneline.

    Get some perspective. Or, at the very least, get a grip.

  24. Kayla says

    I’m not a troll, and why would anyone shit where they eat and sleep?? that makes absolutely no sense, but I do have to go away now, because I’m going out. Dan Savage is a completely disgusting, sickly looking human being! Au revoir!

  25. Ryan says

    “I’m not a troll, and why would anyone shit where they eat and sleep?? that makes absolutely no sense, but I do have to go away now, because I’m going out. Dan Savage is a completely disgusting, sickly looking human being! Au revoir!”

    Posted by: Kayla | Sep 21, 2010 8:53:46 PM

    Thank God, it finally went back to the caves to rub it’s ‘preciousssss’ ring.

    But coming back to relevant human beings, I’m grateful for Dan and his husband for doing this! Every little bit helps.

  26. castaway says

    “When you are going through hell, keep going,” said somebody famous (???). Great and timely message, Dan & Terry, when all we hear is how many gay teen suicides this week or that week.

    Re: such negativity here…. Arghhhhh :(

  27. Q says

    Love the message. Hate the smug, racist queen behind the message.

    And for all of you who are defending Savage, riddle me this: if Isaiah Washington had done this, would you be all supportive and defensive? Hell no. At best you would begrudgingly give him a nod while ripping him to shreds in the same breath. So spare me the self-righteous “bitter queen” speech. This asshole race-baited during Prop-8 and has yet to apologize for it, just as Kayla said. But I guess when you’re skinny, white and rich, all is forgiven. Typical.

  28. TANK says

    Oh shit…I should qualify this stuff…I’m not defending savage, yall! I would never do that, as I don’t find him all that bright…but I sure as hell don’t think he’s the triple k threat that many of you would otherwise have us believe.

  29. Q says

    “do you fuckin’ moonbats ever tire of hearing the echo of your own complaints?

    OMG, tell me Tank did not just make the most ironic comment of the year! hahahaha!

  30. Tony says

    lol I don’t find him smug at all. His job is an ADVISE COLUMNIST. So if he didn’t sound absolute or certain in his opinions he wouldn’t have that job very long. All I see is a happy confident guy who wants to help people and voice his opinion. Listen if you want to listen, don’t if you don’t. I’m hoping to find the love he and his partner have. They’re a real team.

  31. TANK says

    Yeah…because I’m a moonbat, right? If, by pushing a button, I could kill all of the moonbats and wingnuts, and everything else remain the same, how would you bet as to my choice?

  32. David says

    Kayla & James Marigold:
    I’m not a big Dan Savage either . . . but the IDEA of this youtube channel is brilliant . . . and the common threads between their HS bullying experiences and mine made me cry. If the HS me had been able to see this video, I would have been ecstatic.
    So, seriously, and with all due respect: GO FUCK YOURSELVES!!!

  33. dizzy spins says

    I can see how some people think Dan is smug and overexposed. But how is he a “disgusting human being”? Ive read his column weekly for well over a decade, and even if I don’t agree with his advice in a given week, I can respect his overall approach–which is respectful, sex-positive and user-friendly. And he’s well-spoken on LGBT issues when I see him on CNN. All talking heads are a little in love with themselves. But I’m genuinely confused where the absolute hatred is coming from? Please elaborate.

  34. Q says

    David, I am truly sorry that you were bullied and that this brought back bad memories for you. IF you read my comment, you would have seen that I said that I LOVE the message (I was bullied too), but hate the MESSENGER. He does not get a pass on his racist remarks simply because he did a good deed and you had a good cry. Have you ever stopped to think of the damage he has done to the gay “community” by writing his ugly words? People believed his lies even after they were proven to be falsehoods. And he still offers no apology to this day? Well fuck him. And you.

  35. BobN says

    I look forward to Kayla’s video submission wherein she explains that, not only does it get better as you get older, but you even have the freedom to develop irrational hatreds.

  36. Paul R says

    I’ll admit that I hadn’t even watched this video when I first posted (damn work), but anyone who criticizes it after watching is a jerk. Yes, they may seem smug. But did it ever occur to you that giving hope to potentially suicidal kids—talking about travel, acceptance, evading your assface peers, etc.—isn’t a bad thing?

    Not to mention, not everyone is hyper-intelligent. Perhaps they kept it a bit simple on purpose, given the intended audience. Depressed 15 year olds in rural areas need simple messages.

  37. veg says

    Dan Savage is a fucking racist bigot who needs to be raped with a sink plunger like Linda Blair was by that pack of rapid girls in the penitentiary shower room in that movie called BORN INNOCENT and his lover needs his hair re-bleached with Sally Hansen Creme until his goddamn scalp peels off.

    So there, queer community!

    Let’s be mothafuckin vicious!


  38. MarkDC says

    Great video and great project. Thank you Dan & Terry.


    What the fuck is up with the douchetard negativity? Some people endure the bad stuff, learn from it and move forward. And some people become bitter and ruined.

    Dumbass fucktards.

  39. Chuck says

    Apalled at the petty negativity.
    Give Terry and Dan credit for tackling a tough
    Issue rather than attacking.

    Try to do something positive rather than acting
    Jealous ..

  40. MarkDC says

    The negative comments are embarrassing.

    Stop pretending this video is meant for adults, not teenagers. Consider the target audience.

    Gay teenagers who are depressed, bullied and possibly suicidal need positive messages that are purposely honest and hopeful about what the future holds. THAT’S THE WHOLE POINT.

    If that angers you tough shit. IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU.

    Would you complain as vehemently about After School Specials and PSAs???


  41. Joe says

    Yes, Dan Savage race baits and he should in no way be forgiven for the amount of BS he said post-prop 8.

    But how can you dislike him for this? I mean, this is something that as a teenager I would have loved. There are a ton of great sources out there, but to have one that is directly aimed at showing Gay teens that things do get better, that they can find happiness and that they deserve to, and that all of their feelings that they are having will reside is so important. The fact that teens can access this anonymously will make it really useful as well.

    However, I should say that his partner’s hair looks TERRIBLE. Not just the color but the cut as well. What was he thinking? Who would do that to someone?

  42. says

    re: Kayla

    Oh dear. YOUR prayers. Those are the special kind….and I can beat you all the money in the world that Dan and his partner (and even his kids!!!!) are sleeping soundly dreaming of Kayla’s kind and generous prayers.

    Fuck off and die.

  43. James UK says

    I’m English, so of course I have absolutely no idea who either of these people are.

    I think, if lots more videos go up with a variety of people from a wide variety of different backgrounds, then this you tube channel is a great idea. So an A for the concept and a C for the execution.

    These two do come across as rather bourgeois. I would have said middle class, but that means something different in England than it does in the US. Very metropolitan gym bunny, all teeth and skin care, if you know what I mean. It’s a look, granted, but it doesn’t speak to everyone.

    I think what I’m uncomfortable about is the suggestion that kids should have the message that they just have to suck it up, keep their heads down and wait 4 years, which message frankly stinks. I would have liked some better suggestion as to how kids can better deal with bullying.

  44. Rowan says

    Er who cares a what they look like? How odd?

    Should they look just like you?

    Isn’t the whole point to start off a viral of people talking about how their lives improved after getting bullied?


    The whole thing and wonderful thing about vitals is that you can bet someone will come with some right now solutions and others re lobbying. Gay bullying won’t end until govt intervenes..and gays are more socialbly acceptable but with all that religious hate? What can you say but wait 4 more years???

  45. Rin says

    Wow, I can’t even believe some of these comments.

    1) on Dan and his partner being “old queens”…thanks a lot. They’re “old”??? So anyone over 30 is old and should be put out to pasture or something?
    2) on Dan’s Prop 8 column … Kayla, I’m sure if someone caught me right after that or after Bush won I would have been just as depressed and nasty.
    3) How is it ever bad to show kids that you can be happy someday…and…yes, even smug which equals REALLY happy?
    4) To the guy that talked about intra-community bullying…

    I took a break from my job (too depressing in public health) to teach high school at a private school for one year. What I found was that kids are assholes. My personal opinion is that they should be kept home between 13 and 18 and then let out again because they 98% hideous, 2% compassionate.

    The kid that got picked on the most wasn’t the gay kid but the “fat girl” because she was overweight. Even the gay kid (and this was a Christian school) picked on her.

    When I was in high school it was the gay kids and the fat girls that got picked on by the boy jocks, but only the fat girls that got picked on by girls, too.

    One of the stereotypes of gay men is that you’re all good looking and well-dressed (I’d love to have that one!) so I can only imagine what it is like to be gay AND overweight.

  46. Erik says

    This is great, and I hope it encourages other couples and non-couples, parents and non-parents, and a whole variety of different kinds of gay people to post similar videos telling their stories.

    I think the actual truth is that it CAN get better. Doesn’t mean it WILL get better, or that it automatically DOES. But just the hope that it CAN is very powerful.

    I hope the negativite comments here get reeled in, because it’s not helping. Dan and his partner are starting something good here, and they never said anyone’s life has to look like theirs does. Instead of responding negatively, please encourage a wide diversity of stories that support younger people and offer hope.

  47. ratbastard says

    The problem with a lot of highly exposed gay men and women (the ones that the media always goes to as representative of gays) is they aren’t really representative of the typical, average gay person. They tend to be either Ken doll gym rats living in L.A. or NYC (Atl if black), effete (the dudes), or overly macho. They also tend to be very politically ghettoized, like they’re reading from the same tired script (I’ve been around long enough to call it tired; I’ve been hearing the same shit spoken as the gospel truth for decades). This might shock Mr. Savage but there are many gay or bi kids who would have a hard time relating him and people like him. These kids crave to see prominent gay and bi men and women who break the stereotypical mold, and unfortunately the media tend to gravitate towards the opposite because they’re ‘colorful’.

  48. says

    You don’t have to be a Dan Savage groupie to think that these bullshit ad hominem attacks are lame and counterproductive. All these people on here calling him “smug” and a “jackass” should be ashamed of themselves. Reminds me of bigots calling people “uppity”. Maybe he seems smug because he knows he’s right. Maybe he’s holding his experience out as an example because he’s managed to carve a successful and happy life for himself and might have some insights into helping other people do the same if that’s a goal for them.

    Dan’s right. Things DO get better. That’s an important message of hope to kids in school who have never known anything different.

  49. Jim says

    I hope the project evolves and includes gays and lesbians at all stages of adulthood who aren’t necessarily in a “marriage.” My Catholic HS was great. I was called a fag, rarely, by a couple of girls in the class but my straight guy friends were, I think, oblivious. The most depressing time of my life was grad school. I had a circle of gay friends but they were all paired up, good looking, had good taste, etc. I swear I still haven’t worked through the sadness, exclusion, and inferiority I felt then – and that was decades ago.

  50. Rin says



    People suck. Don’t ever let anyone else’s opinion upset you too much. We are all self-absorbed. Those assholes around you think about you ONLY when you’re in front of them. The rest of the time they’re thinking about what to make for dinner or what to wear tomorrow so their opinion on your life has no merit and counts for shit.

    I used to allow other people to matter to me until I realized just how little I thought about anyone throughout the course of my day. Other than my kids I barely think about people until they are in front of me, I certainly don’t spend my day thinking: Jeez, Andy could lose a few pounds…

    I wish I could let every kid in the world understand that, and I wish that they did realize that “it gets better”.

    Bravo Dan. Bravo.

  51. MarkDC says

    “Smug”? Really?

    They’re not smug. They’re happy and relieved to have made it relatively unscathed…and to be alive.

    Growing up Gay produces a profound Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder in all Gay men. Look around Official Gay Culture to see the consequences (i.e. faggots acting out with substances, sex, perfection obsession, etc.).

    IF, and I emphasize IF, men like Terry & Dan are “smug”, as some here say, THEY HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BE.

    Think about the gauntlet every Gay man must endure to make it to adulthood. Think about how damaged those who make it are.

    Gay identity today is really nothing more than fighting post-traumatic-stress-disorder. Dan’s video project is a tool to prevent that from happening in Gay teenagers growing up today.

    Do you get it?

  52. Dave says

    I think this is a great idea… I tried to off my nasty queer teenage self in the late 70s and only incompetence saved me. Seeing something like this video might have helped me be a little braver and tough it out. To those saying they look smug can just F right off you are not the intended audience, as this lovely couple is making their point to kids that THINGS GET BETTER, that your their lives will be fabulous if they can just hold on a bit longer, and Terry and Dan do it really well. Make your own videos if you think you can do better!

  53. mcNnyc says

    Brilliant project Dan and Terry !

    Pathetic ignorant hater comments here once again excercising their “right” to post….AND exhibiting their own issues without regards to others or doing something positive for a serious and worthy project.

  54. Leo says

    The always camera ready Dan Savage has established himself as the Jesse Jackson or the Al Sharpton or Gloria Allred of the gay community. Unfortunately, when you seek media attention and put yourself out there in this fashion, the less credible you become. I listen to him less and less and find the real voices of the gay community in those who are under the radar doing, rather than performing.

  55. Q says

    “2) on Dan’s Prop 8 column … Kayla, I’m sure if someone caught me right after that or after Bush won I would have been just as depressed and nasty.”

    Rin, you have GOT to be shitting me with that pretzel logic. So anger allows you to be racist? If it was just anger, then why didn’t he apologize when he calmed down or when he found out that the hatred he was spewing was false garbage? Isaiah Washington, a fucking ACTOR for chrissakes, got crucified for insulting one gay man in a private argument. Yet Savage, an influential columnist, publicly insults an entire race of people in his column, simultaneously creating a deeper rift in the gay “community” and we should get over it? Why is that? The queens on this site follow the same gotdamn pattern everyday: they cherry-pick who they demonize and who gets a pass and color almost always loses.

    All of that is not meant to diminish Savage’s project. It is a wonderful thing that he is doing and I hope that it is very successful in saving young lives. But that does NOT offset his past racist bullshit.

  56. mad1026 says

    Kayla: Are you confusing Dan Savage with Michael Savage? Dan Savage didn’t write a negative column on Prop 8. Michael Savage, on the other hand, is a homophobic far-right winger.

  57. Atheist says

    Wow. I thought this would get a universal thumbs up as it has on youtube. I’m shocked (and sorry) to see how many ppl seem to hate Dan Savage. Whatever else he may have done or said, he seems like a compassionate guy to me who is genuinely trying to help and encourage. Good on him.

  58. scrufff says

    bravo dan and terry for starting up this project! the messages that it gets better is spot on and if it helps one teen from killing themselves, well its a job well done.

    as for all those you dislike dan, abd think he’s smug, racist etc, yawn. dan is one of the gay communities must articulate, passionate representatives we have in the tv media world. I’ve seen him go toe to toe with right wing assholes who seem to think that if the yell and shout enough they can drown out the gay opposition. well dan is not one who is shouted down to submission. and if he has to yell back, talk over to get his point across, he still will do it in an intelligently and concise manner.

    dan savage is one of my personal hero. he’s out there fighting the good fight with dignity, grace, aplomb and most importantly humor. dan keep up the excellent work.

    PS: as a very long time fan of your column (i was reading the column when it was still call “hey faggot”) and many books, it was nice to finally see your boyfriend Terry and son dj. thanks for letting us peek into your private life.

  59. nodnarb says

    “Isaiah Washington, a fucking ACTOR for chrissakes, got crucified for insulting one gay man in a private argument.”

    LOL! Talk about pretzel logic and cherry picking what you choose to believe.

    a) It wasn’t just one time.
    b) It wasn’t in private. It was on the set in front of his coworkers.
    c) The second time was on television.
    d) Everyone likes to forget he was also strangling a man!

  60. Q says

    Nodnarb, maybe you should get YOUR facts straight:

    a) It WAS just one time, during the argument.
    b) It was a private argument, regardless if others heard it or not. He wasn’t fighting the whole cast. It was private until it was reported to the news, and then it became “public.”
    c)He did not call TR Knight an f-word on television. What he did was deny calling him the f-word. That is not the same thing.
    d)Reports said that he grabbed him by the throat. That does not necessarily mean that he was being “strangled,” (definition: air being cut off) as any martial arts teacher can tell you.

    and E) Whether you question his sincerity or not, he DID apologize. Dan Savage still has not.

  61. Griff (not GIFF) says

    To those who critique Savage for being too smug and self-righteous… MAKE YOUR OWN DAMN VIDEO! No seriously- make your own video; It’s a Youtube Channel, where anyone can add their own video in support of queer youth. Think you can do better? Here’s your chance- so either pony up, or STFU.

  62. MarkDC says

    This is NOT about Dan Savage.

    This is NOT about how much you love or hate Dan Savage.


    This is about young vulnerable Gay kids who need help.

    So make a god damn video or SHUT THE FUCK UP.

    Jesus motherfucking god damn christ. Being Gay today is like being a fucking Scientologist. Heaven forbid we all don’t think and act alike or the Cult Police will get you.

    Funny how Orthodox Gay Politics end up fucking over innocent kids.

    Ironic how Official Gay Culture is the biggest impediment to expressing sexual orientation naturally.

  63. nodnarb says

    You’re completely deluded, Q. But it’s clear you have a personal vendetta, and unreasonable self-righteous people like you will never be persuaded.

    I suppose you think Michael Vick and Eddie Long have been unfairly crucified too.

  64. Q says

    And how am I “deluded”, Nodnarb? Because the truth makes you uncomfortable? Instead of calling me names, why don’t you check the facts? And hon, I judge people by their crime, not their color. Can you say the same?

  65. Q says

    And that’s it, Nodnarb? My facts are not facts? OK, I can see that you are floundering so I am going to take Tank’s advice on this one and leave you be. Good day.

  66. nodnarb says

    Not floundering at all. As I said earlier, it’s fruitless to argue with biased people. And honestly, anyone who’d admit to taking Tank’s advice is clearly delusional.

    I’ll tell you what though… you walk over to one of your coworkers, grab him by the throat, and call him a “faggot” out loud in front of all your colleagues. Then try to convince your boss that it was a “private conversation” that did not involve strangling. You let us know how that goes.

    I imagine you’ll have plenty of free time.

  67. robert says

    seriously, why do all of you hate on the guy? granted i’ve known about him for about 4 days but seriously why all the hate? And don’t give me “smug asshole”, give me actual reasons.

  68. says

    I challenge anyone that disagrees with Dan and his partner to post their own video. This isn’t a moment to be bitch about what you did or didn’t like. They’re doing something about a very tragic and worrysome situation. Grow a pair of balls and do something about other than bitch and moan

  69. says

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