1. LD says

    How old are these individuals? Taio Cruz’s “break you heart”? Seriously?

    I’m all about venting your frustration, but a “remix” version of past speeches set to a pop song about heartbreak misses the point by a mile. In no way does this video advance the conversation on GLBTQ rights.

    Girl Talk and the entire remix-movement would be ashamed of this video.

  2. Rowan says

    Do the tea party do this to the Republicans? Or is it only the democrats who are bright and far sighted enough to cause war in their won battlefield, so therefore theree is less cohesion and would lead to loosing…again?

    Divide and conquer eh?

  3. says

    Justice, I have recently found out that several straight family members who don’t know any better have been supporting them through donations thinking they were helping me. I told them they’d be better off giving the money to orgs that help gay youth. I suspect I’m not alone in having people who are my allies giving to them without knowing the truth, so get the word out.

  4. ravewulf says

    Frankly my position is somewhere in between HRC and GetEQUAL’s stances. If they were to cooperate and take the good parts of both, disgarding the bad, that would be much better.

  5. TANK says

    No it wouldn’t. We’d be right where we are. Cooperation between the beltway insiders and GE would, if anything, dilute GE’s message delivery. Of course, there are criticisms of the effectiveness of GE from many gays (usually older and useless), but what has the HRC’s cozy relationship with the establishment achieved?

  6. JimSur212 says

    The Republicans are the ones blocking repeal of DADT. Obama has not abandoned us anymore than he has abandoned the global warming issue by the Republicans blocking Cap & Trade. We Democrats have to be careful about attacking our own. There is a joke that the only difference between a liberal and a conservative is that conservatives will attack liberals 100% of the time, but liberals will only attack liberals 50% of the time. Or as Lyndon Johnson once said, “The difference between a liberal and a cannibal is that a cannibal won’t eat its own.” We should take all of this anger and direct it toward electing Democratic Senators in November.

  7. Dan Fotou says

    Um, Veg, we already have – did you not see Tuesday’s lost vote for repeal of DADT and all our previous lost votes? I’d say it’s time to GetEQUAL and hold our elected officials responsible, especially those who proclaim to be our friends but continue to work against us. So, you go on, GETLost and I’ll continue working to GetEQUAL. Enjoy your second class citizenship while the rest of us fight for our rights to prevent the next 4 decades of the same old, politics as usual. Freedom ain’t free, honey, sometimes you gotta upset the status quo.

  8. says

    “but liberals will only attack liberals 50% of the time.”

    You mean like people like you who are attacking members of their own community for holding Obama accountable? Everything you said could be applied to those in the gay community attacking their own and remaining loyal to a political organization that has repeatedly lied to, dodged and stonewalled our community for decades. maybe you should take your own advice.

  9. Henry Holland says

    “Do the tea party do this to the Republicans?”

    Yes, they do! In case you haven’t noticed, the Tea Party has taken down Republicans they consider insufficiently committed to whatever the hell the TPers are for. See: the wonderfully loony Christine O’Donnell recently took out *nine-term* Rep. Senator Mike Castle in DE for just one example.

    “Divide and conquer eh?”

    Yes, trying to get party unity for Democrats is like trying to herd a bunch of feral cats, but still. I wish the Dems had even 1/10th of the Repubs smashmouth political style, where party leaders bluntly tell their underlings “Vote this way or you’re dead to us, we’ll make SURE you lose the next election by spreading rumors about you and that goat you had sex with”. Oh no, it’s “Let’s talk some more (ZZZZZZZZZ) and see if we can work out a compromise that pleases neither of us”.

    You know why a lot of straight men I’ve met won’t vote for Democrats? Because they think they’re pussies, that they won’t fight for what they believe in. Yes, there’s some misogyny and homophobia involved, but definitely not always. Who can blame them? We’ve had 30 years of the Democrats acting like abused spouses, the slightest bit of Republican push-back and they cave, all the while saying “Sorry, sorry we made you mad, sure we’ll strip that bit of legislation out if you’ll just stop running negative radio ads on the Limbaugh show!”.

  10. anthony says

    Where are you going to go GAYLIB? How are you going to hold Obama and others accountable? Refuse to vote? Refuse to fund their campaigns? Take to the streets (remember how well the Equality March last October worked?) All this anger at HRC and the “establishment” is justifiable, and maybe in theory turning your back on every elected official or powerful organization that has ever worked on our behalf seems like the right idea. But my question, as it has always been, is WHAT WILL THAT CHANGE? More republicans will be elected. So not only will I not have my rights, but we’ll let the most fiscally irresponsible morons take over our economic policies, deregulate the fuck out of every major industry, and wage wars that cost our country thousands of its citizens and trillions of dollars. No thanks. You think once we “hold their feet to the fire” they won’t think us expendable? Democrats get elected without us all the time, and if we give up on them, they’ll only be too happy to give up on us. And that’s not self-loathing, that’s just politics. It’s mean and dirty.

    Oh and by the way, HRC has youth organizations too, including Generation Equality and the Coming Out Project. Just so you don’t keep spewing misinformation.

  11. Andalusian Dog says

    Rock, meet hard place. If we refuse to support the Democrats, we get Republicans or, worse, Tea Party morons. The Democrats know this. If all queer people voted for a third party, it would only allow the right to take control again, and worse it would never be known that the mass abandonment by gays of the Democratic party led to their defeat in this hypothetical situation. We (LGBT community) are not organized enough politically to make such a statement, and pollsters don’t ask about whether your sexual orientation impacts your political decision.

    Unless we were to start our own party…unless we were to all agree that our sexual identity is also our political identity…

    But there are many LGBT people out there who just want to pass, to blend in. Either because it is easier, or because they are scared or both.

    So, yes. Rock, meet hard place.

  12. Top_Ks says

    In Kansas works to elect equality minded candidates. We send out questionnaires and objectively rate the responses. We then compile an endorsement list and work actively to get those persons elected or re-elected. We also have our own full time lobbyist at the Kansas State House. We are making progress in a very red state.

  13. AndrewW says

    More S T U P I D from GetEQUAL.

    This is just an attempt to raise money because they’ve already spent their $700,000 gift. They need donations to maintain their $100,000 salaries. It is a huge waste of money and counterproductive. Give money to local groups that actually do something helpful.

    It’s also a great contribution to the upcoming “mid-term massacre.”

    These childish clowns think Obama or Pelosi or Frank has some kind of “magic wand” they refuse to use. It is juvenile thinking. We don’t have enough support in the US Senate and we never have – pissing on our allies – even if they are not the best of “friends,”doesn’t help anyone… well except the Republicans.

    They should ask Republican to fund their silly organization.

  14. BobN says

    What exactly has GetEqual accomplished? They pressured the Dems into proposing a wishy-washy bill. It passed the House. Months later, with incessant complaining about the very people they expected to support us, drawing all the attention away from jackasses like McCain, they got a big, fat failure.

    And they have the gall to blame the organizations that created none of this.

    Dozens of protests in the congressional offices of OUR ALLIES. Don’t sit on Pelosi’s floor, SIT ON BOEHNER’s.

  15. Brains says

    Ladies and gentlemen, a war is never won with dissension in the ranks. Start stirring this up and the battle will be lost come November, by voter apathy!

    Anybody who thinks that the Republicans will be better than the Democrats, has been smoking dope!

  16. justiceontherocks says

    1) Obama is not our ally. 2) HRC has NEVER accomplished anything. Except throwing cocktail parties to congratulate themselves. They are an albatross, a complete waste of valuable political advocacy space.

  17. AndrewW says

    GetEQUAL hasn’t accomplished anything except pissing of Democrats. Maybe they are not as effective as we want them to be, but we don’t have enough support in the US Senate – that doesn’t change because we try to humiliate or embarrass people. These misfits are willfully ignorant.

    The LGBT Media is getting it:

    GetEQUAL Gets Stupid, Again:

  18. FunMe says

    I wonder how many Obama administration officials post here?

    Hmm… we know the OBAMACRATS are here, and provide great comic relief.

    The others, republiCONs, HRC, and other kool-aid followers, are SO TRANSPARENT.

    What do they all hope to accomplish? They are as blind as most of DC, because all they accomplish here are GREAT LAUGHS!

    Keep the LOLs coming!

    And again, I say: GO GET EQUAL!

  19. TANK says

    HUMILIATION and the threat of it continuing is a great way to enforce DISCIPLINE within the lgbt activist community. One of the greatest weaknesses of our advocates is that there is too much tolerance for a divesity of opinions on how best to promote our interests and get the legislation passed. And those big egos and bigger mouths capitalize on that tolerance, and have hijacked the movement for their own shabby agendas, self promotion, and in some cases, enrichment. This greatly disrupts unilateral cooperation, and provides a fractured effete image. Best way to eliminate that is by cracking the whip, and threatening big mouths and big egos. End the tyranny of the minority of the minority.

  20. JBMiami says

    Rowan. Do you know what you’re talking about, in the slightest???

    “Do the tea party do this to the Republicans? Or is it only the democrats who are bright and far sighted enough to cause war in their won battlefield, so therefore theree is less cohesion and would lead to loosing…again?”

    1. Yes, the tea party does “this” to Republicans. It’s made up of independents, democrats and republicans.
    2. Their “won battlefield”??!! If you’re referring to Log Cabin Republicans’ victory in the courts against Obama’s DOJ, to rule DADT unconstitutional, yes, it’s won, by gay republicans against Democrats. Thank THE GAY REPUBLICANS who are constantly being bashed by idiots.
    3. “Lose again”? It’s about time Gays held the Democratic party accountable, and they deserve to lose forever for their lies.

    Posted by: Rowan | Sep 23, 2010 11:54:40 AM

  21. says

    Whatever you think, you better go vote for SOMEBODY this fall. If you don’t, you have thrown away your say in what happens.

    In the primaries, Hillary lost a couple of races by 7 or 9. That shows you how much your vote matters.

    I am a Democrat. My party is WAY better than the other side on our issues. I (and this may be rare) live in a state where the Democratic party has anti LGBT discrimination language in it’s party platform and only one Dem voted against us having Domestic Partnership in Nevada.

    This coming election, out of 63 Republicans who won their primaries, only 3 will pledge that they will not try to repeal Domestic Partnership if elected. Sharron Angle takes money and endorsements from groups who have openly called for the execution of Gays.

    I’ll stay with the DEMS.

    I do want the President to immediately issue a stop loss order! My support for him in 2012 will absolutely depend on how he does on our issues for the next two years. Keep in mind, he has done more in our favor over his short time in office than all the Presidents before him combined.

    Is that good enough? Not as long as I’m a second class citizen. BUT, do I want to depress the vote and put Republicans who hate us in office to teach the Democrats a “lesson”?

    Hells no!

    As far as Get Equal is concerned….GO GET EQUAL! Keep up the pressure!

    BUT, add a political element. Inform LGBT voters who they should be supporting and fighting. Do not just suppress our vote, encourage it.

  22. TANK says

    “It’s made up of independents, democrats and republicans.”

    Just like it’s made up of gays, asians, blacks, hispanics, and women, right? LOL! The teaparty’s code for social conservatism, aka, REPUBLICUNTS. And there’s proof…eighty per cent or ninety per cent actively identifies as republican.

  23. BG says

    im so fucking sick of “getEqual” and their childish games and attention grabbing stunts. They want things instantly. Of course we’re all mad and want this to happen NOW but stomping our feet and crossing our arms and having hissy fits ain’t helpin. Start protesting those REPUBLICANS that BLOCKED the DADT repeal this week!!!!!!!!!

  24. BG says

    @FunMe: I think it’s CUTE that you think the Obama administration sits on this site and posts comments. Get a life.

  25. mark says

    My favorite part is where Joe Solmonese says “step on it” in that whispery voice.

    That’s politics! Take no prisoners! The head bobble is great too.

    Right up there with candidate Obama saying that LGBT issues are at the top of his list “because it’s the right thing to do”.

    Then there is Rea shaking her head “no” while saying we should hold our gay leaders responsible. Watch the body language Rea!

  26. Mark says

    I vote for stripping DADT out of the Defense Bill. And on the day that Defense Bill passes – every gay man and woman serving in the military starts proceedings to leave the service and refuse to work.

    Impractical…but fully effective. Bring ’em to their knees.

    Oh…McCain can go fuck himself. He’s gone from hero to hitler in no time flat.