1. Miche Rutledge says

    I love to go out and watch tornados here in Kansas. That doesn’t look at all like a tornado in the Brooklyn video. It’s just a wall of rain sweeping through.

    There might have been one somewhere in Brooklyn, but I’m pretty sure that wasn’t it.

    Still, a pretty cool storm.

  2. Gangloff says

    What bad storm ? I’ve seen Indiana rain showers worse than that ! Love to watch a good storm from a sheltered front porch.

  3. Andalusian Dog says

    I’ve seen real tornadoes before in the midwest. This was a real(ly) small tornado. I was in it. Trust me.

  4. Mike in the Tundra says

    That probably would send Minnesotans to their basements, but we’re use to them. That actually looked like a straight line wind storm in the first video, but the second one, well maybe.

  5. Miche Rutledge says

    The reports of it sound more like a microburst than a tornado. There didn’t seem to be any rotation in the clouds in the video. Of course, the video doesn’t show the entire storm.

    I’m looking forward to reading what the final judgment of the weather service is. They are really picky on what qualifies as a tornado in the Midwest.

  6. Aidan MT4 says

    I expect tornadoes in the Midwest, but in Brooklyn? Even a mini one? Locally freakish weather, not constantly but increasingly, is one of the signs of climate change. Look at the firestorms in Russia, the floods in China and Pakistan, even the walruses that have migrated off the ice floes to dry land–all news from the last few weeks. And the global warming doubters and the lunatic teabaggers are about to retake Congress.

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  8. Wil says

    I prefer this video, filmed by some totally teen bro douchebag trustafarians who have never seen a real tornado. RIP NYC, what’s happened to this town?

  9. ratbastard says

    Intense localized storm. Not unusual. We had some similar shit here in Boston this evening and it’s raining right now.

    Anyone familiar with living or working in a highrise building has I’m sure seen spectacular weather patterns. I’ve seen every type of wild weather fronts from my floor to ceiling office windows on the 38th floor of a Boston building. It’s spectacular to see electric storms, snow, strong winds, even the sunsets over the Charles River and Cambridge to the west, or huge fog banks rolling in off the ocean to the east, are all spectacular.

  10. elg says

    I’ve never been in a tornado but I’ve seen them on TV. That hardly looked like the tornados I’ve seen on TV.

  11. Jim says

    We had two storms this past week in eastern Nebraska including Omaha. One had hail (missed the city) with tennis ball size hail. The hail destroyed crops in the field, broke windows on cars and homes, and demolished siding and roofs. Lasted for about 40 minutes.

  12. conradremington says

    Oh please, that was nothing. I’m from Missouri, we see storms like that all the time…and much worse.

  13. Andy says

    None of these videos capture the real scary parts of the storm except for maybe the annoying video with the people screaming “holy shit” in which the tree rips apart. It was indeed intense and roofs were ripped off of houses near me. Some people might say it was “nothing” but it most certainly was “something” to the woman who died and to the people who had their houses and cars destroyed. The national weather service is still deciding whether or not it was a tornado so clearly it was CLOSE to a tornado at least. I understand I don’t live in Kansas and that weather is harsher there but that is the point. I live in Brooklyn where this weather isn’t expected and thus, it was scary. Why must everyone have a fight about who lives in a part of the country with the worst weather all the time? I don’t care if your state is colder, hotter, windier, or more prone to a hurricane than mine.

  14. JTlvr says

    There is one video of a funnel cloud rotating over Perth Amboy, NJ. But here in Manhtattan there wasn’t that telltale freight train noise (I’m a Southerner and have been through enough tornadoes and hurricanes).

  15. AERES says

    Looks like a stronger than average “late afternoon thunderstorm” to me – which here in DC happen all the time!

    Suck it up NYC!

  16. Big Gay Top_Ks says

    Just another day in Kansas. Our warning sirens would have been going off and weather radios would be instructing us to take shelter in a basement or interior room away from windows. Of course, we all go outside on the porch to look instead. There’s a twister coming Aunt EM Aunt EM!

  17. CoMo'mo says

    Has Pat Robertson made any profound remarks about this? It can’t have been a real tornado: as a midwesterner, I know that those usually attack selectively, taking out mobile home parks. Except, of course, for the occasional small town.

  18. defjam82 says

    We get it, people from the Midwest, your storms are bigger than this one. But that’s not really the point. The point is that NYC does not normally get storms like this, hence the reaction. Sheesh.

    Regardless of who wins the who-has-bigger-storms debate, one thing that can be agreed upon: it was sad to see so many beautiful, majestic trees that have been in Brooklyn since the 19th century get demolished.

    But no one’s saying we’re not going to get over it.

  19. Brooklyn Born says

    y’all some real ignorant asses .. what part of we don’t get fuckin tornados in NYC don’t you get??? we ain’t in the middle of west bubble fuck like some of you ass backward shit kickers … so .. kindly go fuck yourselves for not realizing this isn’t weather we are use to in NY …