1. says

    Terrible. This is just going to feed homophobic slander that gays only care about their own hyper-sexualization. Does anyone in the LGBT community even realize DADT repeal is being voted on THIS TUESDAY? Pick up your phone!

  2. Matthew says

    fair enough point about whats more important right now, but there is nothing about the realities of a 33 hour kiss that seems hyper-sexualized to me. its cute, but also probably a little uncomfortable and stinky =)

  3. Matt26 says

    Nice record to break. But I am old fashioned guy and prefer little bit shorter kisses with much more passion.

  4. Joe says

    @Alex, this obviously isn’t about hyper-sexualization.

    They are trying to get a GAY kiss into the world record books. The more things like this are in books, reported about, and seen the more it normalizes two men kissing and being together. They are, in a fun way, subtly breaking down hetero norms by forcing an image of Gayness to be in the public and mainstream.

    Yes, DADT is very important and people should be making phonecalls to key senators. But, this event is important to in terms of visibility and mainstream acceptance.

  5. Lexxvsl says

    Totally agree with JOE. Moreover, you better get used to see normalized gay youths unashamed of trying and doing what straights do, whether they win it or not.
    I don’t know if these kids are gonna set the record, but I applaud them for trying.

  6. WayneMPLS says

    Man, I have been watching this for awhile. I saw them putting ice packs on each other’s necks. To think of the stamina you would need. I wonder if they will cry when they are finished. I wonder if they know what this means to those who hide who they are. When I found this posting @ 26 hours they were already my heroes.

  7. RP says

    I think most world records are stupid, but hey, I’d support them if it means showing how us gays are just like everyone else. Seriously though, go, go, go! Woooooooo…

  8. richard s says

    Wouldn’t they also be breaking a gay record? longest time two gay guys kissed with out at least one of them getting off!

  9. Tyler says

    This is awesome. I’m glad to see these guys being public with their displays of affection. It’s a kind of activism, and I’m glad to see their proud and brave enough to take on this goal. Good for them!

  10. peterparker says

    This is absolutely BRILLIANT!!! Congratulations to both of them and thanks to all of their friends who are helping.

  11. veg says

    I wish a hot biker girl would like my pussy for 32 hours.

    (Whoops…I promised myself I wouldn’t mention lesbian sex in a predominately gay male forum…sorry brothers.)

  12. Amber says

    This is just amazing. I didn’t know it was happening today. I’ve put it on my twitter feed.

    *sigh* I just told my mom about it, her reaction was “whoop dedo, how gross.” She wasn’t kidding.

    Nice to have supportive queers on the net, since I only know a few in RL.

  13. Sancho says

    I’m impressed – this stunt manages to hit exhibitionism (“look at us kissing on your computer!”) and narcissism (“we consider your watching us kiss totally worth your time and attention and bandwidth”) in equal quantities. As a world record, this is right up there with “most hot dogs eaten in 10 minutes” and “world’s largest ball of string” in terms of meaning anything. Let’s face it, it’s not exactly climbing K2 or winning the most Pulitzer Prizes.

  14. says


    Amber, one assume per ur post ur yngish. If u live near a metropolitan area , most US cities have gay and lesbian community centers which the majority of those have gay youth groups that u could join to meet more gay people.

    I myself pre graduating high school joined a local gay youth group hosted by the local gay community center and i swear by them as a great thing though sadly underfunded by the larger community

  15. Keith says

    Congratulations and Kudos. . .we’re rooting for you out here in California! Keep up the love, and we’ll look forward to seeing your picture in the Guiness Book of World Records.

  16. Royy says

    Does anyone else think this is idiotic? Kind of like that lady who faked a hate crime to make that lame movie “Fag Bug”

  17. Brian says

    Matty is a personal friend, a very talented actor and writer and a very sweet guy. I am so very proud of him.

  18. says

    just u royy

    look in the mirror and ask urself when u became a curmudgeonly 90yr old with a shriveled up soul and loss of romance

  19. Royy says

    I’ll check that mirror out, mstrozfckslv, in 70 years as you requested. For now though, how do we address your current sad state of infatuation with stupid parlor tricks carried out by those who are young and virile and who you only dream of associating with?

  20. Dback says

    How awesome!! Nice to see folks becoming famous for doing something kind/affectionate instead of acting like the entitled, back-stabbing bitchy jerks too often seen on reality TV (yes, “The A-List” I’m looking at some of yours). Congrats to Matty and Bobby–you’ve done yourself (and the gay community) proud. :)

  21. says


    “parlor tricks’

    Ok. lets accept ur framing of it as that

    Sometimes “parlor tricks” can be useful to eductae the larger public. Houdini used parlor tricks to educate people against spiritualism/frauds so why cant this “parlor trick” be used to educate the masses about gayness

    Quick someone get Royy a rose and give him a kiss to reignite the romantic side of his heart